GEO Coin Expected to Bottom At Any Moment!

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GEO coin is putting in the final touches of a bottom. As usual, in these situations, I very welcome the sudden air pocket type of spike downs that wash out all the weak hands. That's why I have a few buy rungs at reidiculous low levels as an attempt to fish for those low level bites!

The below chart is quite well labeled and was contributed by T. Chittenden, a talented Elliottician! The micro degree wves and subwaves show an impending bottom.

This chart shows the Elliott Wave projection at a higher degree of trend. Wave 5 targets $51.36 or higher!

Here is the GEO/BTC and the pattern is quite similar which is bullish! Elliott Waves place the target at around 0.00370 BTC!!

Legal Disclaimer: This is only my opinion, make of it what you wish. What does this mean? It means it's not advice nor recommendation to either buy or sell anything! It's only meant for use as informative or entertainment purposes.

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GeoCoin is very profitable to mine so that is an extra ompf to this setup

Can you please share some info on what it takes to get started mining this one? Thanks!

looks like a good ground opportunity. thanks.

Lol I thought you said a month ago GEO was going to moon. Might get a bit embarrassing if it goes down much more.

I would like to see it hit wave 3!

Thanks a lot for sharing @haejin. Your knowledge of crypto currencies is awesome.Your posts are always educative and inspiring.

@adedoyinwealth Yeah right, but did you make any profit on them the last 10 days? The long term might be oké but what about the short term. Just keep an eye on BTC. When it goes down 97% goes down with it.

Many of the coins Haejin has predicted to go up into 3rd waves have come down below the supposed 1st wave start point and invalidated his counts

A portfolio based on his buy suggestions in the last 3 weeks would have lost 50% of value as of today

But the kaboom? It's amazing what happens when you don't have an insanely bullish market to support the claims of wealth.
Anyone doing anything besides following BTC bouncing several times off the same trend lines and buying and selling accordingly or at least selling out a few days ago after the FUD about Korea and waiting for a proper buy in is clueless.

So you are saying GeoCoin is very profitable to mine? :D @haejin

Muchas gracias por la información

I am just surprised to see your profile and saw your earning that is amazing keep hard working best luck , I upvote all your post and esteemed them on my profile you can check it here
All users are requested to upvote my post I will do same for you

Nice to know about bitcoin. keep posting!

Please follow me back then. Thank you @haejin

Thanks for the heads up and great TA as usual. I look forward to reading more of your posts, they are always helpful. All the best. Dan

@dan21050 Helpfull? Where is the stone you've been sleeping under the last few days?
Do the math: Tron (TRX) went down from 1800 Satoshi to 500 Satoshi and is still on place 14.
What does that tell you about the value of the other coins?

For this moment, only take an eye on BTC and get the hell out of the other coins. Exchange them for USDT waiting for better times. (USDT is a 1 on 1 coin with the US Dollar)
Under a Stone.jpg

Fabulous post bro keep it up

@ajmalaftab Please, please, please. WAKE THE FUCK UP!
Wake the Fuck Up.jpg

thats such a great increase from 43 dollars to 53 dollars
geocoin which is being very profitable will bring the growth of it so blooming
thanks for the post @haejin
cryptocurrency all the way

thanks, happy today

The graph looks exactly as XVG

I think Verge has morphed into a flag, just need it to come back inside the flag:

Alternate for the $ chart says we are only at c, but inside the flag:

Thanks for the update man, more power to your elbow. @haejin

any tips on how to and where to mine GEO coin?

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what about twitter notifications

are you still losing Money on his advices?

I bought that coin at 18$ last week and watched it slowly slide down to 7$ LOL. Haven't sold any. I hope it goes to the moon, I want my revenge on this shitcoin haha.

Stupid move. Should have sold on 12$ and buy back when it is around 2$
If you're on the stockmarket you have to learn to take loses too because that's also in the game.
Your last good change was to make use of the recently created @haejin bubble.
You can still sel it on 6.5$ and buy back 3 times more for the same money. Mark my words!

Create some rules and stick to them. If a coin goes down 20% and it's not due to a BTC dip I sell. It's saved me several times.

I think, regarding the hate, you should post one coin which is going up and one coin which is going down for a while, as they do, hence people will learn more and haters too.

@pablob I never posted hate. I only did my best to open up everybody's eyes...........

down so much on verge not sure what to do

Same thing here. I sold some Verge yesterday but I still hold more than I should have. How much longer do you expect this bear market to continue? Anyone?


I don't want to confuse you, but did you guys all know about this? The old geo coin is no longer available after January. (On Bittrex) I also have bounght geo coin expecting similar event like NXT. Well.. I think we should decide to sell or hold GEO before Jan.

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The entire market is crashing!

It has been crashing for a week, where were you ?

Time to buy!

@gothika47 NO WAIT WAIT WAIT WAIT There's enough time to buy when things starting to go up again. At this moment the hole market is BEARISH FOR THE LAST 12 to 15 DAYS!
Exchange everything you have into USDT or USD and wait like an assasin for better times and hit back as hard as you can.

I appreciate your honest opinion and so far you have been correct about bitcoin going down and some alts crashing (Verge for example). Do you have a rough estimate of how much more the bitcoin will fall within the next few days/weeks? So far 13K has been a solid support - do you think it is going lower?Thanks

@superbowldave Oh kid, wake up..........................this is just the beginning. You haven't seen anything yet!

I want to know time to finish large 5 waves?