FunFair (FUN) Coin Has Potential to Generate Profits

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FunFair (FUN/BTC) has placed a classic impulse of five waves up. Elliott Waves states that after five waves, there is a requisite retracement. Thus far, pattern and Waves have further developed so that the red abcde waves could signal the completion of a long correction. IF the E wave has one more lower low to put in, that would provide the needed proximity to the Apex.

The Fibonacci chart shows that the 0.78 level intersects the wave E level. Would this probably mean a bit further weakness in Bitcoin? Well, yes, since the minor correction has been ongoing. All corrections end and so shall this and it usually ends in a breakout. But first, let's finish the correction.

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Any news on possible uses for FunFair, other than white-papers?

Bitcoin would need to be more stable for FUN to explode

Haejin is Raping the reward pool at 2.133% of the reward fund!

As well, Haejin's predictions are so bad that using a mock portfolio determines just how much money you lose following his stupid advice here

What @Haejin tells his followers...

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Hasn't his predictions been right though?

That is from a mock portfolio (i.e. they didn't actually spend the money but they set this up to see what would happen had they spent the money) and as you can see, the total account value is -$810 meaning that the value of the portfolio has gone down since its inception by $800... This portfolio was made by selecting the currencies that haejin said would go up...

You tell me

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Man. You know your stuff. Your analysis is spot on bro

That would be very funny. Please do not put a donkey on it as Haejin. There are people here who think Hajin is a donkey.

Excellent !! analysis
Thank you for sharing

good job

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if you think @haejin is giving up enough to the community with just his TA charts please consider this from his Legal DIsclaimer: "'s not advice nor recommendation to either buy or sell anything! It's only meant for use as informative or entertainment purposes."


Nice analysis air.

FUN is on my buy list. Am even more eager now hearing it may soon moon.

thanks for sharing! i will start following your exciting posts! Checkout my posts as well

I have some good post too. Hope you stop & visit too.

awesome thanks for sharing :)

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I noticed you are very good at analyzing this issue, indeed, I see the news in the daily newspaper bitcoin slightly weaker than usual.
Thank for sharing @haejin

Do you think we will ever see #Haejin in the newspapers? Maybe for tax invasion? IDK he seems to not want to give me tax adivce opn what to do with my bitcoins.

Nice Analysis.

Waiting for that break up guysss. Cant wait.

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Thank you Haejin, I decided to move all of my FUN holdings back to my hardware wallet and forget about it for a while. Hopefully it will rise back to its ATH sometime this Summer.

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