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Feather Coin (FTC) is quite amazing! The Cup fractals are a twofer! Two of anything bullish is that much better as you can see how the price has reacted. I've labeled the impulse waves up and five waves have completed. Elliott Waves states that after five waves, there is a requisite a,b,c correction. I've drawn out a likely a,b,c,d,e triangle which is what BTC, Verge, LTC, etc are currently carving out. This means that a very deep retrace through a,b,c waves might not be required.

Here is the FTC/BTC pair. Talk about taking it to the excessive! FOUR fractals of the Cup formation. Look at the first blue box containing two cup fractals. Price exploded soon after the second was complete. The second blue box contains the latter two cups and the second one is about complete, if not already. I wonder what price might do? Hmm.

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Chart of not, I'm not such a big fan of this one.

First and Up!


i wish the market would be up haha ;D


Agreed, defiantly it is the key.

I have some but maybe I should buy more

Could you please analyse Gulden (NLG)?

It's up 15% on this red day. Very interesting.

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Followed you back thanks


I look forward to sharing and earning steem together👍

Nice one!! I just love when the analysis so nicely coincides with the real world happenings. This coin was sleeping: http://forum.feathercoin.com/topic/9468/return-to-feathercoin-and-future-development


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Grrrr, I am not Marry...
Joking, it reminds me the movie of Anne from a Green Gable and her Anne with an e LOL

Cheers to you and crypto!!

This is a truly fantastic coin! I think your charting skills are excellent and you have an ability to simplify the information to the public. Very good job.👍

Feather coin has been around since 2013. NeoScrypt Algorithm, Current Gen ASIC resistance, 336 million coins total, circulating supply 188,041,320 FTC. 44 cents or 3300 satoshi right now.

Interesting stats. :)

Thanks Haejin, interesting one.

Hi, I made a post on the BTCP fork. If you want to know more about it, go check it out on my blog, you are in for some easy 5x gains here :)

Thanks as always for the analyses. I'm finally making time to check out the Elliot Wave tutorials. I don't know that I necessarily want to become a trader, but I'd like to understand what you're saying a little better than I do.

Thank you.

whole market is red


The red market is a simple and normal sell off and profit taking cycle. You will see a full recovery and new highs being attained by most coins. This is a very exciting time in crypto 👍


When a market is red then you have more good chance to make more good money in that market by accumulating more and more bags.

Just you need to understand how to make profit in bearish market and bullish market.
In Bearish do not forget to buy low and undervalued coins and save for for few days or weeks and you are done with massive profits.

sorry to be anal be you put wedight instead of weight in the title

Small cap crypto picks that could +1000% very soon:

  1. Airswap
  2. Lamden --> Huge potential (new)
  3. Loopring
  4. Elf
  5. Lux
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What analysis methods are you applying to forecast those gains? Or is it just a random list?

The titles to these blogs are hilarious!

Double twofer haha

I've been accumulating FTC for awhile now. I totally agree, I think this one is a sleeping giant!

Great content as always! I created Steem account just to comment! Keep it up!

Should include where we can buy/trade these coins!


Why dont´t you look it up on coinmarketcap.com yourself like everybody else!? Do you expect @haejin to do all your work for you?


I'm more than independent enough, I was just making a friendly observation. We're all striving for thorough content here, I just had noticed there wasn't mention where it was trading on is all.

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I appreciate your post and analysis as it pertains to feather coin

@haejin what can you say about Pacquiaocoin?

I like your technical analysis. I just followed you from what I seen on other post earlier.