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The 4 hour chart shows ETH to be moving up because the ascending right triangle is complete and price is already breaking out above the upper blue line. This is BULLISH! The minimum price travel is expected to be $1,029; most likely much higher!

The ETH/BTC remains is 0.1563 BTC or higher!

Please consider reviewing these Tutorials on:
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Laddering and Buy/Sell Setups.
Laddering Example with EOS
Tutorial on the use of Fibonacci & Elliott Waves
These Technical Analysis Books: Elliott Wave Priniciple & Technical Analysis of Stock Trends are highly recommended
@haejin's Trading Nuggets
Essay: Is Technical Analysis a Quantum Event?

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Ahhh beautiful. Now u have a whale upvoting you!

I know he will appreciate that very much Knircky...he has given the community so much great wisdom and TA...cheers

I hope that whale wont impact us in a negative way .

What i have seen in my last six months of crypto trading that ethereum has followed dash. So the next destination of ethereum is 1100 and then it will settle around 1300 before making another jump to 2000 mark. This december has been so lucrative. Simoly cant keep myself out of trading.

Correct my friend Holliday profits!!

What isn't moving up??? It's all going up!

If ETH reaches last ETHBTC high, it would mean that eth might be worth $2,500.

Is it me, or there is REALLY a trend to digitalize everything, like in SF movies (programming anyone?) where there's no cash just international "credits" or "units".

Plebs.. BEWARE !

I think thats their plan ! Get everyone excited about crypto and then remove cash

Steemit - thankyou U5dtq1a8QL4tDnQqpXQ7CXBYXRz46tm.gif glad to hear ETH is going higher!

EOS will make Ethereum look like a rented mule.

why the "!".. some technical analysis can't beat the adoption market.. or can it ? so confusing.. how can it be that eth is less than dash ? must be close to it!

Come on man... price is different to market cap

0.15 and we in business! Thanks for all your work! HIT THAT UPVOTE BUTTON!!!

I was used to a 0.1 - 0.15 ratio back in the early summer. Let's get back to where we started and shoot for a little higher, shall we? ;)

Looks like it just finished an ABC correction on the bit coin chart. I learned about that correction on this awesome book you recommended me.

Thank you for recommending me this Elliott Wave Principle book. I can buy it through their website with bit coin!

Guess what I'm about to order on Amazon...

Hmm... Sold my ETH one month ago and bought some EOS. I think it was good move.

Yes, it was a good move!

XEM will go higher than ETH

Care to explain? Or it's just a hunch?

6500%+ increases this year alone and the news really only focuses on bitcoin..

great post thanks for sharing

$3. 09 :) This is awesome <3

LTC too! The 5th wave has begun!

Why there are so many .GOVs interesting in creating their own cryptos?

...And one to rule them all

what about bch ?

BitBay is taking off now, where do you see it going up to?


Could you please do an update on Omisego?

Here is a list of the new coins being added to Coinbase in 2018 Dash - Ripple - Monero

Buy these coins, Coinbase noobs will pump this.

Glad to see Haejin making some decent money from upvotes. Please make sure you upvotes for him 😀😁

Yayyy.. I’m a total crypto noob bought my one ETH at 660, 5 days ago. Today it went over 800. Pretty cool. Come see me @greenroom !!!!

I sold most of my Ethereum for Bitcoin , when Ethereum was around 400 and Btc was 16,000. I've made a bunch of money with the Bitcoin but oof I could've doubled if I held on to it.

Technologically speaking, ethereum can support a whole ecosystem of applications.. bitcoin has a single use case (that being a store of value). The surge in ethereum is well deserved and I believe ethereum in particular should be valued much higher than it is now considering the values pegged to coins that don't even have a working product or development pipeline.

I agree that Ethereum has a better application, and certainly is more functional, but Bitcoin is being pumped because of the mainstream news coverage and people believing there hundred bucks will become enough to retire on in 2 months. Personally, I like litecoin as currency and NEM for applications.

Haha, pretty much. Also a huge factor is bitcoin is the first cryptocurrency people can buy through a fiat gateway like coinbase. Because of this, I'm interested to know which coin Coinbase will be listing next. Hope to be able to ride that pump up.

I mean you can also buy Ethereum on Coinbase, but I do agree thats why I bought Monero because thats what I think it will be.

....and you can write down 15 more examples for that. "Scogold, you never loose when taking profit!"

In Crypto you could always make more, but right now almost nobody is losing money on crypto.

Great thing to invest.

Hey Haejin, congrats on the nice payouts you are getting with some of your posts! SO WELL-DESERVED!!!

Please update on ETH! I think the short target is changed in BTC money. Thanks for your work!

What about steem ?

i like this ! Hope it moves to your target..

@haejin can we please get an update on civic network (cvc)?

OMG update please

Can you do an analysis on QTUM? Thanks!

Please some should teach me how to read this chart

You can view the tutorials. The links are below below the pictures, they are extremely helpful. They are very helpful. You can also watch his videos on bitcoin, he explains how he does the technical analysis.

I've drank the bitcoin kool aide. I buy not to speculate with bitcoin but to conduct transactions with.

Nice, moved back funds into ETH! Curious, any thoughts on OMG? It looks like its forming its 5thw wave, thoughts? Got the Elliott wave book. Pretty deep!

I do agree about fifth wave of OMG.

for me as an investor in the etherium, it's just great news, while opening a bottle of champagne) I'm cheering with the achievement of a new height ... everything is just beginning

thanks a really helpful info

Crazzzzy movement today!

ETH is the obvious 2nd choice to Bitcoin now that its over 18k consistently. Many people will be choosing Etherium and 1k will happen very quickly. I'm with the charts, buy ETH and enjoy the rise.

Please do SBD/USDdaily analysis my friend.


GDAX is getting spammed with micro sale orders. Clear that the price wants to rise faster but something is keeping it down.

Thank you very much, you are a leading star in this crypto-galaxy @Haejin. Massive thanks!

CAN someone please help me with an exit plan? is 1000$ roughly the top? been holding since 300 and not sure where to take profits

ETH is going to take off-especially with the ETH initiative with some major companies. Long term hold for sure.

I think it will go significantly higher with Wall Street money pouring in January 1

Got in around when It was just passing $700 and currently adding more with my profits. Glad to see you getting double the views and 10 times the rewards. You deserve for all your talent and hard work.

I've been following you since August 11 and proud to see you grow. Wish you massive profits!

90% of true on this

Interesting! I have much to learn. Thanks for this post.

Good News for those who bought it

Wish I would of bought more. What's the timeline on > 1K based on chart analysis?

I think it's too late bro (16h16 on the chart), but thanks ! ;)

what do you think about Ripple (XRP)?

In crepto-currency trading business, anything can happen, this was how bitcoin started. Good post. I gollow and upvote you, vote me too.

Keep up the good work

Yay Good Price!!

When will the ETH price drop to $600? Probably never? Is it long gone?

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Alternate bitcoins like both ethereum and litecoin seems good increase ratio nowadays. Hope it would be worth investing on both the cryptocurrencies.

Wow, I think it will be over $1000 in the short term .

@haejin did say so a while back.

Well, if you get tired of crypto reading, learn about the Hezbollah/cocaine/Obama connection.

Lucky DAy Bro

Thx bro!! i m investing all my money to eth

nice! i got myself some in the dip and its bin nothing but profit!

I wish youuuu masssive profits. God bless you.

does anyone know where would be a good place to take profits on etherium?

Here is a list of the new coins being added to Coinbase in 2018 Dash - Ripple - Monero

#Binance the best cryptocurrency trading platform. Binance takes 0.1% , if you hold the #BNB tokens in your account and pay the fees with #BNB instead of #BTC you get a whopping 50% discount, making it 0.05% fees per transaction.

What about #XVG Move Haejin?
Please can you suggest in reply to this Comment?

Verge is going to Mars, just be patient...

I heard the rumor about it going to the moon, but I guess we'll have to wait and see.

With english not being my native language, but I think you quote haejin wrong: "Continuous ALL time NEW HIGHS...DEAD AHEAD!!" is the last sentence of his last post about it.
In my opinion the 4 hour charge is now showing Verge is into a right triangle waiting to burst out again. Might be still a 40% profit to score. But please, I'm not an expert (yet) like Haejin!

He had told about 498 Satoshi but it did not went at that price

I am sure it is not done yet it will move to 400 plus sats soon i have a smell of this move on bittrex 500+ btc buying orders all the time means something big

I don't believe hefziba meant "done" as in XVG's move, but "done" as in the TA was assessed twice in the last couple days; I believe it can double at any moment- it's forming a symmetrical triangle.

Indeed I meant the TA was done, hence the links. Thank you @plakeer for clarifying that on my behalf.

Sorry, I understood that wrong too.

just be wait

Verge reached 477 sat on binance and 1000+ sat on southechange. Check my last post on Arbitrage.

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