ETHEREUM (ETH): Can Both ETH/USD & ETH/BTC be Bullish?

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On February 20th, the below chart was posted in the update where if a correction was coming, it'll likely be an abc and the targets of $858 or $786 were given.

Since then, price decline to $784 before bouncing and has now resumed the correction. The upper blue trend line remains as resistance.

Current price moves have been labeled with subwaves and the ZigZag (5,3,5) motion is in place. Could it be almost complete? IF the last remaining wave 4 and 5 signal completion, then perhaps a reversal could be likely.

The overall longer term bullish outlook is shown as an impulse that should take ETH to an all time high around late Summer to early Fall time frame.

Here is the ETH/BTC which is clearly within a broadening pattern. When price is at the lower trend line, I've called this the Jaws of Wealth. IF the blue A,B,C and D are complete; then the final E wave can be expected. This move would be an abc and likely a zigzag move that could raise prices towards the 0.263 BTC price zone. Overall, both the ETH/USD and ETH/BTC pairs are bullish. While usually the /USD pair leads; these two are near same which reflects strong demand for ETH.

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Great analysis Haejin, always happy to see your EW count. I feel the next bull trend is near.

Like it when you also chart vs BTC.


Yea, I totally agree on you with this one.

Good. Post brother very nise my like your post is very do max ever very [email protected]@@

Binance being hacked was a very big blow to the price of BTC. No price prediction or TA is going to foresee that one... Sad day for crypto.

  ·  last year (edited)

I don't think the Binance exchange itself was hacked - a few individual account APIs may have been compromised.

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CoinPrice (USD)📉 24h📉 7d

Ethereum, why?!?!? =(

It looks as a great time to get in BTC. there is a chance for 10% to 15% profit if buy at around $9500 to $10k

Hi Haejin i wouldn't worry about explaining yourself you are doing what we all wish we could do we are living in a free world and you can do what you want that's your business and i pat you on your back for such a great effort and following and reward pool if it aint you it would be someone else these people that bring you down have no life and nothing better to do they are just jealous of your earnings .These people will never change there ways and will be always jealous of anyone doing good. Stay strong and dont waste your time reading any negative posts cheers Deni Guerrera

Price just broke $800, may go down to as low as $600.

Going to $650...


I wish it was not...


Every coin has its seasons.

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Helpful post

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Mega bullish. To the moon.......oh wait.....

Mega bullish uncool post...
Just unsmart post...I don't like this post..Thats a crucial ..

Both BTC & ETH seems to have better future value..all crypto holders needs to be patient before investing.


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This seems like a problematic issue yet you need to understand that you will WIN in the long term process. So, do not worry and HODL!

  ·  last year (edited)

vs BTC is super interesting right now. So many unpredictable outside factors with significant manipulation influence on the BTC side adding noise to the signals.

Banance hacked off, causing a lot of damage. Be careful!

Did you notice the current market fully in red? Does this have any impact on some or all of your analysis?

Very helpful post,thank you.

everything is falling :(

it will be bullish but its a guarantee it will not surpass btc.. lol :D

Very nice post dear I like this but the bitcoin is greater then

although i don't know much about btc and the rest but am learning, thanks for this post it helpful


You cannot possibly learn anything from this bullshit :D


Perhaps @haejin you should add another line to your disclaimer..."If you like and see value in TA, enjoy the above tools in your decision process; If you think TA has no value, feel free to go elsewhere and spread some sunshine to other blogs". LOL... I was a stockbroker for 37 years and always included TA in my due diligence. The more information, the better the decision making process. Just as fundamental analysis is not a certainty, neither is Technical Analysis. Both are tools for investors. Great job on your analysis and posts BTW.

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There maybe a chance for that. Let's see in the next days.

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"The Jaw's of wealth"... sorry but thats being stolen!! Thats a keeper.

Another great analysis on the market @haejin never dissapoints

Thank you for the long term perspective!


Hey @knircky I saw that mistaken transfer to @hebrew. I have a hunch you might be able to reach someone who knows them at the SteemSpeak Discord channel:

Ethereum has been something to watch over the past year....I guess the same can be said with all the other cryptos this year as well! Besides Litcoin, Ethereum is something that I have recently begun some interest in both within the markets and with mining. I have mined Bitcoin for quite some time, and over the past few months I have been trying out some Ethereum mining with some old GPUs. As with all the other 'big name' cryptos, I think that Ethereum is going to have a healthy future. If you got 'em, HOLD 'EM!

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