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EOS is ready to make the next leg up and in doing so, should make MASSIVE profits for many owners of this coin. The chart below shows an a,b,c,d,e set of waves from which price breached above! That completed wave 1 and now a bull flag is about done, if not already, as wave 2 and that means waves 3,4 and 5 should bring EOS to $22.63. Expect prices to go near vertical again!

The EOS/BTC is just as amazingly bullish! The handle formation of the Cup & Handle is complete or will be at any moment. I believe this will coincide with the finishing of wave 2 and since wave 3 often moves very violently up...expect MASSIVE PROFITS!!

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Okay, so EOS has been in a triangle since awhile, like Litecoin and a few others - the triangle has been tested - you can see several resistance lines (green, orange) which will soon converge with the blue upper border of the triangle... that's nice.
I think there will be another slight dip or two below the $9 line, before it starts to climb.
An ideal opportunity to get in - just my opinion.

The only reason it didn't shoot before was the sudden magnetic Bitcoin boom these last two days, so that some more volume is now needed - but that can come rushing in any moment, the likelihood increasing with every passing minute.
@haejin sees EOS at $20 and above within the next days, and he has an accuracy rate of 97%...

→ Binance, Bitfinex, Hitbtc, Kraken and some minor exchanges

@jojof great insight, especially the effect of BTC surge delaying altcoin growth and thus altering short term chart analysis.
Also I think you're right that trading money is going to be returning to altcoins. Yesterday it was BTC, today LTC and ETH, tomorrow hopefully it'll be back in our little coins...
Or maybe it flows back into BTC, maybe higher cap altcoins, or maybe Dogecoin will go to $25,000.

Well, EOS would have exploded already if it wasn't just five people owning any - just look at the low volume compared to a month ago.
Let's face it, people here are either in Bitcoin, Steeem, BTS or something else... but only ONE thing else, and these are the favorites.
By chance I remembered and looked at ICN today (Iconomi) and it has gone straight up by 100% but not even @haejin has so far noticed it even exists. Just an example, wasted.
So, there's just the five people trying to push EOS upwards, and that takes time.
We're right now trying to break the $11 resistance, it's a sure thing - and I guess we'll be done around Easter if we keep going at this pace ;))

Isn't everything ?

It's still dumping every time it gains, sadly. When is EOS going to wake up? Let's go...

That's just the resistance lines - if you look at Bitcoin, it's just the same - testing $17000 at the moment, up-down, up-down, up-down, to eventually break through.
I think people are too confused right now, buy this, it's gonna shoot, buy that, it will be orgasmic - they have spread everything they have too thinly, hoping that everything will go up.
So it will, but definitely not as fast as one would like.

Yeah. but EOS is throwing away 30% gains repeatedly. It's like 19 days in a row of downtrend now on the EOS/ETH ratio..

If you look at the EOS/ETH ratio, you have to coinsider that ETH has caught people's attention as an alternative to Bitcoin - this will stop at about $1000 and there will be a longer consolidation phase, like when it was stuck at $300 for awhile. These tings are exactly what people like haejin cannot foresee as they refuse to look at anything but waves, this is what makes the time factor.
When ETH stalls, the people who know about EOS will push it some more, but then, their number is limited - this is the problem with small coins. You see a similar relation with Lumens and Bitcoin.
On one hand, they depend on the big one to be well, on the other, they shoot when the big one stumbles. Thus, the prolonged triangles that haejin is now calling fractals. EOS is now out of one, the question is simply when it will gain enough momentum.
If you look at the ETH ratio mostly, that will automatically change when Ethereum starts to slow, which will attract more ETH holders... as EOS is an ETH derivative, holding both at the same time may be wise, but not make a lot of sense ;)

You're offering some excellent counterpoints here to contrast the pure TA that @haejin offers,
And, technically, these calls are intended to help educate folks on how to read charts themselves. But, in reality, for a lot of folks we're looking for leads because this market is potentially a goldmine but very few of us here have ever done this.Many many people are fresh off the train without a map, some money in our pocket, hoping we find honest advice and don't get ripped off.

The goldrush analogy is pretty accurate.

And you might be right that there just isn't enough money in the market atm to move all these smaller coins simultaneously. I suspect that will be changing as more people figure out how to get onto coinbase, transfer funds onto an exchange, etc.
It might be a few months before things really heat up from new retail investment.

We'll have to see. Keep us posted on your own predictions.

Only one place to go now...UP!


Slumbering Dragon

I thought the same thing with bts yesterday but then BTC happened and eveything went down lol.

Now that's a nice looking chart. Looks very similar to one haejin recently showed for another crypto XDN.

I've been Haejing my bets for about two months, now. He is one hell of a coach.

I really enjoy the charts that you post @solisrex. You are a fine pupil.

MAAAASIVE PROPHETS!!! I like buying EOS/BTS pair...more BTS since you know it's going $300+ :)

Ha ha ha! BTS to $300? Only in my wildest dreams!

Yes, EOS also has a pattern of a retest of a break out. And now after the successful retest (yellow line and green circle) is just starting to break above upper down trending line, so right here, right now odds are on your side to capture some of a potential up-move

Bull flag!

yep, I agree and like this "successful retest".

We're talking about retesting a break out of a downtrend line inside a triangle that we tried to break out of two days ago, and failed, fr lack of volume - is that so ? Wow...

... as haejin said, its a flag there.... and I want to see what happen with the volume during this weekend (is Great Magician Kings Day... haha)... Do you feel the wind?

It's certainly about time the dead calm was over ;)
The chart is starting to look better, too.

everything is about time and space, isn´t?
the time to act and the place to go...
and as you said, keep an eye in BTC and its market

I'm all in favor of an EOS moon shot! I just hope Exodus wallet will handle the registration for me!

Follow him in @StockTwits tht's so important !!

Ou sont les français?!! :)

Hello, la communauté francophone évolue sous le hashtag #fr où nous avons aussi quelques très bons analystes :)

"Sorry! This page doesn't exist." - if i click on your link

WTG EOS! Let's keep this train going strong!

One of my long-term coin to hold EOS. Thank you for the update @haejin!

Let’s hope this prediction is correct. EOS and bitshares are definitely buy and hold cryptos and are ones for the future offering next crypto generation technology and having real use cases

Everything is just going out of control and I'm okay with it.

Can you say 1,2,3,4,5??!!
Look at the followers!!!
Screen Shot 2018-01-06 at 11.10.11 AM.png

Save this for later use, when there's a sixth digit of "6" next to the 5

valuations be damned!

Could you please do an update on Omisego?

Actually is one of the coins i'm following and has amazing potential :)

Orgasmic eh? ;)

uff.... "too much orgasmic"

Thanks for the analysis. Thank you, that there is someone like you. EOS becomes legendary 😊👍🏻

Grave il est trop bon

Should I buy EOS or wait for Bitcoin to pass $20k? (As of now) thanks to anyone who replies!

This is avery good question. Upvoted and hope to see a decent response soon.

I appreciate your reply! I hope to see a response too

And EOS is exploding since this article went live!
Manifest Destiny!

I tihnk having 10k followers can certainly change the market a little. I can't blame haejin for that but I have no doubt sometimes things get pumped after haejin posts a chart since there are so many followers now.

Agreed, especially with these smaller coins. I don't think of it as negative. Being a minor influencer of chart movement comes with the territory. We can simply include in our analysis the assumption that there will likely be an uptick in an altcoin's chart the first hour after @haejin publishes.

항상 수고하시네요
분석하시랴 업뎃하시랴
이쁘장하고 일 잘하는 여비서라도 한분 두셔야 할듯
Kyber Network 란 이더리움 기반 토컨을 얼마전 알게 되었는데 장기투자로는 어딘지? 그래프는 어떤지 한번 시간나면 봐주실수 있을 런지요.
역시 네살 두살 사내아이 아빠임에도 불구하고 코인공부 하느라 놀아주지를 못해 두어달 육아에 좀 신경쓰려합니다.

I went all in on EOS when it was at $1. Thanks to its growth, i'm now able to put a nice amount in multiple coins. EOS to the mooooon!

Does anyone know why the price of EOS is 10,60$ in CoinMarketCap but in Binance it worths 9$?

Coinmarketcap is a summary of the general price on the market. If you click on "markets" it will show you the prices on each

From your lips to God's ears... siting on "some" EOS for a few months.

Any update on RISE?

oh no sweet eos please stay small and low for just a little bit longer while my eth are dumping into the token sale

No! It's been dropping for 2 weeks. Correction time is over. It's moon mission time. :)

Agree..i need more cash for it.

EOS it's a great project has everything to grow up.

I think this is a good long term hodl coin!

what platforms do you recommend?

Thanks for another TA, Haejin! EOS to the moon!

very accurate determinations @haejin

Charts looks so beautiful

Looks good. Might have to convert my LTC to EOS for a few days. :)

I hope EOS goes up! : )
Thanks for your analysis!

EOS is a good investment. It is going make blockchains accessible to all.

I'm long EOS so I'm happy to see this TA from haejin. But my target has EOS much higher.

Really hoping EOS goes to the moon! Ez money!

Ok, where we are now?

Sweet, I'm waiting for you at $300.

With the latest Exodus release (1.48.0), you can now easily register EOS.

Your blog is very helpful.I like your every post.And your correction is almost good.I also trying to Upvote and resteem your post.Upvote and resteem done.

Upvote and follow! I love EOS and Ive seen crazy predictions upwards of $800 per coin I think thats a bit crazy but I'm def a believer!

I feel like Everytime this coin takes off it crashes right back to where it started lol but I will hold it long. So far doesn't look like it's breaking out anywhere.

I think I may dump my TRX position to move in on this.

Thank you

If you are right, and I hope you are, I am going to give you a nice gift as my appreciation. Fingers Crossed!!! :)

Great to see you cover this! I've been following the EOS team for some time now and the pipeline for Dawn 3.0 which will re-introduce horizontal scaling of single chains and infinite scaling via secure inter-blockchain communication. I think it will blow Ethereum & others out of the waters by then and break amazing limits.

Not upvoted, because

  1. Almost exact same post from 3 days ago, same graphs
  2. Wrong tag, tag should be eos

I have been reading your blog for some quite time now and it is very helpful.

Hey @haejin thanks for all the hardwork you put into helping all of us. We greatly appreciate it. Your literally changing lives with your recommendation and Technical analysis.

Can you markup EMBERCOIN and PACCOIN please... Thank you!

The sky will orgasm if this happens.

Haejin it does not make sense a bit, EOS USD target value 2 and a bit x higher than now, BTC target value 4x from now. Can someone explain? :o

What software are you using for the elliot waves?

free with email registration

꼭 실현되길 기원합니다.

Really great!

Very thank u hj

Gonna buy EOS and don't forget clif high mentioned this coin in his soaring twenties report. Gonna be massive and made by the steem Dev, follow the bright minds and let cash flow in.

Hello, Zclassic is going through some hype now due to the upcoming Bitcoin Private fork, could you please do an Update on ZCL? It is currently on Bittrex, thank you

Looks like the bull run will continue. Thanks for the analysis.

EOS price is looking awesome today!

EOS looks like it is forming a new handle.

Hodl EOS. It will moon soon after the main net is launched.

EOS buy orders on Binance today, the depth chart shows mega buying and f all selling :-)

Chart looks so pretty! Thank you!

thanks for the update. I love EOS I have been buying since the ICO started all the way down to $0.50 if anyone is signing up with kucoin please use my referral link https://www.kucoin.com/#/?r=1wgHw

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