EOS: IMMINENT EXPLOSION!! Revised Target $22.63!!

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EOS is almost done with its consolidation. The correction is a very basic a,b,c,d,e pattern and it's about to EXPLODE at any moment! The target is $22.63 or HIGHER!

Now, check out how beautiful this chart is! Observe the magnificent Cup & Handle! It's classic, vintage bull pattern that can't be denied its time and strength! The handle formation is nearly complete and that means price should soon tag 0.00208 BTC!!

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What can be said about you that hasnt been already said. I am starting to fish on my own, it is such a beautiful feeling to be caught up in the FOMO..... then AWARENESS sets in.

So, i take all my marking OFF, ZOOM OUT, draw some lines, see a jaw of wealth pattern and i knowo that if i buy in now on the left wall of the jaw, i will be disappointed in the morning when people have taken profits and it has fallen to the other wall.

Buy more, more shares, more profits, more coaching. BOOM.

Would upload picture but Bernie and gang has killed my account.

Thank you.

EOS is 1/3 my trading portfolio. Well, now it's more. :)

Don't worry about ol' Bernie, here's a 100% upvote.

EOS 📈and that’s nice of you to respond that way with your upvote...upvoted you both😃

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He can be sooo convincing... I've been staring at dash and litecoin for too many days, they're both undervalued - but nobody cares. Yeah, EOS it is this time, also I've even started to hodle (!) a small amount of Ripple. Fathom that.
Current year syndrome...

LTC has dropped in BTC too...

It's just a matter of patience with most coins, I think business hasn't yet caught up after last year's turmoil - only stabilized so far. Litecoin takes a lot of patience but so does bitcoin itself.

I have some followers so I’m just making sure they see YOU!!🎣

The Haejin Effect

Whenever @haejin mentions a coin that exists on only few exchanges you immediately see the effect, specially if it exists only on one, you can literally buy and sell half an hour later if you want a quickie

Who doesn't love a quickie! ;)

It comes and goes quickly!

It depends..

That is why you have to make your own TA with @haejin as your guiding principles. Then you can "fish" for your self!

I'm way ahead of you mate:

Made this on Dec 20th


  ·  2 years ago (edited)

But so far, it's tanking. No volume. It didn't even really break out.
Reminds me a lot of dash and litecoin, a half-hearted try.
That puny ten dollar resistance line is invincible for EOS...
Another day, another boarding card. C'mon EOS. Dafuq ?

haha yeah. BTC came in and spoiled all the fun ;)

well done!

Dang indeed, just bought :-/

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whack ass @baejin

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

just mute the minions, eventually they will only hear their own echo

Whack as fuck @baejin

How many accounts you got ?

dude still lives in his mother's basement. Who has that much time on their hands.....?

EOS pump FAILED. The whales are too strong, even Haejin can't go against them.

@baejin. Do you have a chart for that? What's the wave 5 target? Will that be you being kicked to the face before a correction?

Can you do an update on ETP (Metaverse) please? Thank you

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Ahahahha!!! Good one!

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Have you seen the similarity to the ETH pre-pump? https://twitter.com/rektkid_/status/948573213902168065

Is haejin accurate ?


Everything about how accurate he is in predicting !

Eos will go up at any time, its going to blow up in 2018 a lot more.

Recently just went up 25%

I brought EOS @ $9.11, now I am planning to HODL because EOS Tsunami coming and I am planning to ride on the waves. I wonder if I'll make a profit or not?

These altcoin explosions are insane...like printing money...doesn't feel legal!

Please let us know when time for a reversal..."ladder out time"...

This move would be lovely for me - I've been waiting for EOS to finish consolidating :)

Thanks for the analysis on EOS. This is what I do when I make profit with Haeji's predictions.

EOS is a top 5 coin, i hope to see it there soon.

I'm ready for EOS liftoff!

it's gonna take off. Why are people so impatient? lol

Can you check Electroneum please ?

Way to go @haejin :D

Still waiting for growth... it seems to be in a long hold atm.. :(

I am in EOS and ETHOS

ethos looks cool project...was going to get in a $1. You win some and you lose some..lol

I got in right before it started taking off. I am really into it.

Cool concept, and much needed. The longer im in crypto the more i realise you need to be 100% behind your money, not jsut buying cause someone said it going to boom. There is nothing wrong with that if your plan is to invest them gains into something else.

I like it. After this many ICOs on Ethereum, the Ethereum blockchain might become clogged for certain periods of time. After EOS has taken off, there WILL be Dapps that will switch to EOS.

Some people here are expecting this to moon the second Haejin mentions it and call bunk if one day later it doesn't skyrocket. It doesn't work that way people! Haejin's calls are almost always accurate and some take longer to manifest. So be patient.

Seems next is EOS in line for a jump. Thanks to @haejin. Better buy it when it is low.


Would've been nice if you updated EOS an hour ago lol :'D
Thanks though!

Seen the cup and handle days ago. You need to sign up to trading view. Haejin openly tells all his tricks... well most of them....lol

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

You really didn't need Haejin's post for this one.

Great info, thanks! I'm just trying to buy as many as i can before it takes off :)

Buy your EOS from the ICO if you can, its about 30% cheaper than the exchange price, you can claim the tokens right away if you want to.

I like how you analyse the crypto market so well

awesome @haejin. Mahalo.

Nice work ! Thank you! Can you check Ltc for 2018? Ethos?

really really thank you~~. wow, wonderful!!

Can we have an update on IOTA please? Did something changed in your previous post about it "two paths same destination"? I am a newbie but think IOTA has the same triangle as EOS.. Thanks

Thank you!

Ready for the EOS rocket ship to take off!

Been holding EOS for a while, going to keep holding on tight!

How are you so good!!!! Thats amazing, you called it within hours of the jump. I'm impressed.

Time to start loading up on EOS??? Looks like it!

Anyone have suggestions on how to purchase EOS if I am located in the United States? Thanks!

Using a VPN service should solve this.

Thank you.

Thanks @haejin learning from you, keep up the posts, and why are people down voting you? They don't like to make money?
I like your videos, great to listen to you explain, feel free to make more
Thanks again

ethereum is really facing a tough time , since eos is newer versions

I think ETH will still rise in 2018, at least until there is first Dapp on EOS.

I heard that apps built on ethereum could potentially be switched onto EOS without much re-write. Do you think that's true?

I believe it will be possible, since EOS uses Web Assembly language, which is able to compile languages such as: C, C++. They should soon be adding support to otherlanguage s as well, so be on the lookout for such news.

Thank you for the update! It is starting to make sense now.

I don't see EOS listed in Poloniex. Which exchange has EOS?


Thanks @i-know-that

and of course Bitshares!

thanks ~

Dude, you can't just post about coins that will rocket. It's not a balanced view and it's not actually sound advice, as people might be holding onto bad coins.

Follow for follow :) lets earn money

Thank you Haejin! Your posts seem to be starting to cause their own mini pumps now... EOS and LBC jumped straight after

I have noticed that too ;-)

You are a geenious haejin!! It just exploded as you said this. I would make you a son if I could.

I bought the token in the ICO and have it in ETH wallet now. Is there any way I could tranafer it to Bitshares network, or do I have to wait for the ICO to end? Anyone?

EOS right now is an erc20 token, on the ETH network, by June when EOS launches all tokens will need to be registered then actual EOS tokens will be distributed....Folks holding EOS in the states or China may run into problems with this, but I haven't looked into it yet, if anyone has info on this please share!

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

Could you please elaborate why you think someone in the States might have problems registering erc20 with EOS? I understand China, but there is no regulation in the States regarding ICO's or crowdfunding like EOS is doing. Thank you

You're right @eallen there's no regulation in the states (at least that I have found). We might have to use a vpn everytime we deal with EOS :(

You should be running a VPN all the time, for security.

The IRS released a warning about ICO's on July 25th, saying they may be illegal to participate in, also if you try to by ICO EOS tokens on EOS.io they specifically say US based residents are forbidden from participating. If they find out someone else bought them for you or you used a VPN they will report you.... There is a lot of grey area here.... Hope Im wrong but be careful

Ive also heard Dan Larimer mention it is a couple of interviews. We can pick them up on secondary markets but when you go to register them and are based in the US, might run into problems or have to lie....

But yes I'm pretty sure you can transfer EOS to Bitshares

That is the best solution, I believe.

note that while holding EOS, it is currently ERC20 coin. Once the main net launches new EOS coins would be exchanged instead of EOS ERC20 coins, after which it will be and real EOS token (not ERC20 anymore).. when that happens (i guess June) the current coins have to be in a compatible wallet.. myetherwallet or metamask.. real carefully at eos.io site about this.. if eos erc20 coins are incompatible wallet, this exchange will not occur, and you'd lose coins

It isn't only compatible wallet. You have to register the wallet you want your EOS to be transfered to via eos.io website.

Yeah you can transfer them. I transfer my EOS from Bitfinex to my openledger DEX, so they are now stored as Open.EOS

I would be cool if someone could post a easy Tutorial of how to claim the EOS Token after ICO ends in June... Everyone please don't forget this !

I already claimed my tokens. On the eos.io website, right after purchasing them.
The website said that you can claim them and even have to do so before some time, so I did.

So please a Tutorial or some link how to claim...THX

I remember I did just fine with the website itself. I used metamask.

are you US based? What info do they ask for?

I am not US based. In Czech republic, the government is so slow we will probably never have any regulations whatsoever.

Can you claim my coins lol

Hi guys, I found this kind of interesting, the marked one on the screenshot is this very blog entry: http://prntscr.com/hw9v10
even before their own blog and Twitter...


This seems to have corrected today exactly as expected vs. BTC

gogo eos bomb, this token is the best promise to eth neo and ada :-)

Thanks for the information!

I will keep buying EOS on its way up. Great post, thank you.

Out of all the crypto I have purchased EOS by far as been my best and most consistent performer. After the 2.0 update hit the price has skyrocketed. I see very good things for EOS in the future and the adaption ability is OFF THE CHARTS! I don't ever put all my eggs in one basket but if I had to, it would be EOS. I predict $100.00 by the end of 2018.

Thank you!!

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