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COMET (CMT/BTC) is a gem in a haystack! Look at the below chart on how price is already busting out of the handle formation of the Cup & Handle pattern! This is very bullish and it means high likelihood of the Elliott Waves taking this baby 281% higher towards 12,000 Satoshi or so!

The CMT/ETH pair is reflecting a near exact Cup & Handle Pattern! I believe that wave 3 should hit 0.00106 ETH and wave 5 could tag 0.00120 ETH or HIGHER! The bullish scenario is quite attractive.

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Thank you again for this analysis! :D

it s Cybermiles CMT, not comet CMT

i bought the Cybermiles coin is it the true one?

both were pumped, but on different exchanges are different coins named CMT

dont mix things up, cybermiles is the one with the C&H pattern and is a perspective project by itself.
Comet on the other hand doesnt show a nice chart, has the website taken down and hasnt been updated on twitter for over a year.
These are two completly different coins!

Look at ADA Cardano it's down around 40% in the last week. From 1,80 dollar to 1 dollar at the moment. Is going to get ready for the next leg up, it seems so.

wow , nice observation there , 30-40% gain would be awesome !!!!

I don't think Cardano will survive the challenges from true DPOS blockchains in the long run.

Thanks Haejin! Isn't this the cybermiles coin? comet is also cmt just like cybermiles.

  ·  2 years ago Reveal Comment

of course it is all about the chart which shows the C&H

@barsic @winnieoriana ! That´s the key! "its all about the chart which shows the C&H".
I posted a replay (down down down) about "my failure" cause I bought Cybermiles (CMT) in Binance, thinking in COMET... and then, when I went to save it in Authy to track it, I became aware of the mistake (I thought MY mistake)... but... the graphic is about Cybermiles!!!!!

yes it is obviously cybermiles

COMET being pumped on yobit! more then 100%

I know, but that's not what the post has been about :-)

that coin is 188% up Lol Yobit is crazy

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

I really feel sorry for everyone who is going to suffer from the dump of the comet coin.. but why wouldn't you at least read the post befor investing? this behaviour represents pure greed and sometimes burning your hands will teach you a lesson.

This one is set to take off! Any positive news and it’s going to blast into 1000x

Thank for bringing this one up! One question that still concerns me and you might have overseen it the previous time; what do you think about the total crypto market cap as shown here?

If you check the chart I could apply EW to it and would come to the conclusion that we are building Wave 5 and a major total market correction is next. I'm really interested on hearing your thoughts on this @haejin

Yes id like to here @haejin input on this as well.

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

Could you please do an update on 0x (ZRX)? 🚀

very good post

thank you brother for the information @haejin

The idea of this new coin was born in late 2015, when we asked ourselves if operations with crypto-currency could be made easy for all people.
We decided then to start the project.
Building things require time, but in first days of May 2016 finally the coin saw the light. Key of CometCoin will be the great number of services that are built on.



wrong coin.

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

twitter and the website show no living signal, just as seen in the chart patterns (talking about comet ofc)

Thanks you for always sharing post on cryptocurrency..some of us really like it..and enjoys reading it..

wooowww now up 4 times in an our!!!


seems you watch the wrong chart :-)

This coin is only on cryptopia and yobit :/

Informarive post..Thanks a lot for sharing it
Upvoted and resteemed

It pumped so quick, damn it!

We can see today that -sometimes- it´s better to wait....

Then we should buy one of those. Your analysis is very much constructive for a daily base exchanges as well as for coin asset holdings. I am very much greatfull for your dedication and determination. Three days ago it was a profitable moment almost for all major coins i didnt make any minor coin exchange. Thanks to you it was heaven for me. And what do you think about volume increase and decrease over coin market effects. I see sometimes four senarios:

  1. Volume increase-price increase
  2. Volume increase-price decrease
  3. Volume decrease-pI
  4. Volume decrease- pd

Need to have a tought over those.

@haejin could you please give an update on iota and dash?

@haejin, Can you please do a DGB,DOGE and DCN Update pretty please?
on a shorter time frame? these small coins sometimes mess me up.

Hello haejin, could you plz plz plz plz plz plz plz do an analysis on skycoin?

i ilke the looks of this coin! but when you type it into coinmarketcap you get a different coin thats on the cryptopia exchange and that ones worth $.90 is this the same coin?

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

it is cyber miles, not comet. please compare the charts of the coins and you easily find out which one shows the C&H. also his chart uses binance as reference on which you only find cyber miles

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

now im really confused, i just saw on binance that CMT is cyber miles but haejin states that CMT on binance is comet... which one is he referring to?

I just gave you the answer, it is cyber miles, please reread my comment..

yes i read that, but why does haejin state CMT as Comet???? is that a mistake or is he talking about a different one?

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

of course it is a mistake! his posts are about the charts, check the chart he is providing, comet has nothing incommon with a perspectiv C&H chart pattern as shown here.

Also again, just watch what the chart states: CMT @ BINANCE, go to binance and check which kind of CMT you find there if you cant figure it out differently..

Would youplease do MANA Update? @haejin

I think it is not Comet coin
This is Cyber Miles.
you can recheck, thanks

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

of course it is cyber miles, doesn't take more then 10 seconds to find this out :-)


nive post

is it CMT (COMET) on YoBit or CMT (Cyber Miles) on Binance?

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

see the chart, it shows the cyber miles chart and it is even written on it that he used binance for reference

Lol can't you see Binance on chart ?

I see, but many people start pumping other coin! Because of the TITLE of post it writen COMET, but coin is Cyber Miles. Don't blame me for missleading

Lol that coin went 60% up !


you should have purchased that other CMT Lol . @haejin's prophecy coming true 286% ahead .

if you are fast enaugh with your sell orders then of course you could capitalize greatly on the blind followership, let's review the chart in a few hours and let's be sorry for everyone who didnt get out in time :-) comet doesnt show a perspective pattern, doesnt have a website and has been update on twitter more then a year ago, this is so stupid

hahaha. fantastic.

I always liked Ajax better than Comet...

Comet CMT/BTC is not on Binance!! ????????????

It's CyberMiles on Binance.

CMT as in Comet or CMT as in CyberMiles ?
I think CyberMiles cause thats the only CMT on Binance :)

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

Here We are talking about COMET (CMT)!!!! and not about CyberMiles (CMT)
The chart, the C&H and the projection are for CYBERMILES (CMT) on Binance, as you can see.

Edit. After I wrote this, I read all the reply and realize that other post the right sentence.

Take care, it is not COMET but Cyber Miles ;-)

I realize and then I read this. Thank you, anyway.

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@haejin ... in binance CMT is cybermiles not comet.... and in cryptopia CMT is comet ....
your graph showing [email protected] .... but title saying comet

This CMT (CyberMiles) did not show any of the predicted moves in a month, other than going from 3200 to 1700 satoshi...:)

  ·  2 years ago Reveal Comment

True bro