CLOUD Token (CLD): Probable Price Pathways

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Here is CoinDash (CLD) showing a double Cup & Handle pattern. The second is in progress and has been forward discerned. IF such does complete, then the bullish setup could be quite attractive as double of any pattern is that much better.

Here is the pattern fractal of the larger and smaller. This explains how the sidway movement expected could form the second Cup pattern.

The continued forward discerning of the Elliott Waves also provide a probable scenario of having two Cup & Handles within a larger one.

The CLD/BTC is as expected, lagging the CLD/USD pair and likely will follow in a similar pathway.

Legal Disclaimer: This is only my opinion, make of it what you wish. What does this mean? It means it's not advice nor recommendation to either buy or sell anything! It's only meant for use as informative or entertainment purposes.

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Muchas gracias por compartir tus análisis

Everyone is now getting statistics and chart on how the current conditions of the several crypto currencies are..its funny though but in a nutshell very necessary i deal on bitcoin for years now but with my own current observation its not a joy for us in it but i feel crypto currencies had its own time where it growth will escalate. And sure am optimistic about bitcoin. And thanks for sharing your own view with us

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What is your take on the current market conditions?

This is something practical that everyone wants to know, not just a plain graph analysis.

@haejin ! CoinDash (CDT) and Cloud (CLD) are two different Coins... I believe this analysis to be of Cloud (CLD) NOT CoinDash (CDT). Great analysis but I don't want anyone to get confused. Correct me if I'm wrong please.

So now we have CDT CDN and CLD. The last one is mentioned on the chart. On HitBTC (same as on chart) CoinDash is CDT.
Cloud, also on HitBTC has the ticker CLD. Must be Cloud Token CLD

Perfect, thanks. CDN is Canada eCoin so I think that's out of the question.

can you please do a SMS post please? SMS/USD on hitbtc

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Since the "everything is going up" period is over by now I first check if a coin has -in my opinion- anything to offer that I can believe in.
Just checked out Cloud Token and really don't see any advantage in what they are offering. As a short term investment this might give you some profits. In the long term I don't see this one as a strong and solid coin.
It's just a company that offers differenthosting contracts. If someone wants that, they still prefer doing it with a stabelised fiat currency.
To me it looks more like a form of affiliate.....not buying.

Those tutorial links at the bottom are useful, well done for including them.

I would love to visit there. Great article!

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