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It is during these types of corrections when a pile of cash allows one to go shopping at a discount! That's why having 10% to 15% of your portfolio as cash is so invaluable. It provides a sense of empowerment when others are just wading in a mortifying situation of impasse and loss!

I have been and will continue to provide what I see as potential ground level opportunities. These are only my analysis and presented so perhaps they can augment your due diligence. The below is a chart of the LINK/BTC coin and it's a sight to behold because as soon as the handle pattern is complete, the upward destination could be quite high and impressive! I've labeled two potential landing zones for the handle formation. The first coincides with wave 3 of the white Elliott Waves. The second coincides with the blue Elliott Waves. These only show that there are multiple pathways, but same destination.

Here is the chart that shows Elliott Wave pathway towards 39.800 Satoshi. Notice how the first set of five waves represent as subwaves of a higher degree wave 1. This speaks to the fractal nature of motives which consist of impulse five waves and corrections and it repeats at all degrees of trend and at the same time.

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