DeCentraLand (MANA): Bullish MANA from Heaven Could Rain Down Upon Us ALL!!

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Decentraland (MANA) has all the makings of a bull run about to be unleashed! The Cup is wide and stirdy while the handle is that of a triangle a,b,c,d,e pattern. The d, e waves remain to be formed by they will be small and so very soon, we can see price EXPLODE!!! The target of 0.00001251 BTC is only a stepping stone as the first five waves would be subwaves to a higher degree Wave 1 and so after a wave 2 correction, the true fireworks might begin for Wave 3.

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Is there any updates of TA about Neo?


This is only my point of view. Your decisions are your own. It could be like this;


Patience, that is all...just wait and we shall see it rise to at least 0.08 btc.

I'm sold on this one...4 days until they start selling virtual land...It's about to go full tilt on this VR/AR experience...I wonder is it better to buy land or keep the coin. Once you buy the land with the coin, they burn the coin!


As a virtual reality fan I get you. The combo virtual reality and cryptocurrency explosion is gonna make it huge!


for short /medium time investment i would choose the coin. The land is nice to own, but you will need a vr designer if you intend to monetize it in the feature. This coin should match haejin's TA in no time.

Getting ready for the next leg up.

This is off-topic, but I think they have the wackiest logo of all cryptos. It looks like a coloring book or something.

Im holding ready for the boom!

Any chance of doing the nightly BTC update a bit earlier tonight?

I have just sold a third of my position after a 5 x gain. But after reading this, no more selling. Thank you Haejin.

my position after a 5 x gain. But after reading this, no more selli

Upvote & resteem ... great job!! - keep it up! follow @lurehound


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Thank you very much!

Dropped a ladder on this one. I gave up my video game addiction about 15 years ago but I know that people love this stuff.


I dropped a ladder too😇

Hoping it blows up big-time. I've been following the Decentraland project since I saw it on the /r/OSVR & /r/virtualreality subreddits a year or so ago. Sitting here with about 2500 MANA... It would be fun to buy a parcel, and have a virtual shrine to myself -- I've been meaning to find a real reason to work on my Blender skills anyways.

A friend got into this and is very happy! Mananana!

What a cool project. I bought some MANA earlier, as it breached the upward boundary of the triangle... then I started reading more about the project, and had to buy a bit more so that I can actually play around with this virtual world. Think I may buy a parcel of land, for fun, in the upcoming auction. I didn't play CryptoKitties... but Decentraland sounds like a great way to actually interact with smart contracts and the blockchain in virtual reality. Exciting and kind of mind-blowing. I hadn't even heard of MANA before Haejin's post!

Sharing my thoughts on Mana

Your views and comments are appreciated.
Be Well!!

@haejin do you see mana starting the wave 3 impulse upward and onward? Thats what i see, just checking with you....thx


My view on MANA is that it might go down some more to 410 Sat (bottom of 4) before starting the wave 3 impulse. Not lower than 393 else my intermediate wave count is crooked.