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NOTE: For all DTube videos, I will also post the youtube link.

CANNABIS (CNN) Coin is a gift horse which shouldn't be ignored, in my humble opinion as an analyst. This baby knows how to go HIGH (punt intended)! The Cup & Handle is quite impressive as while it is a very slow pattern to complete and confirm, once it starts lifting the price; it can provide a lengthy and sustainable rally. Note how the handle pattern is just about completing and this means that IF price breaks out to the upside; CNN could take an express pathway to $1.72 or 537% Profit Potential.

Here is the CNN/BTC pair and as usual, a bit behind the CNN/USD pair. I think anyone who only trades to the /BTC pair is a bit uninformed. IF and since the /USD pair LEADS the /BTC pair, it would behoove to trade in the /USD pair. Not only that, but the /BTC pair has to rise that much faster than the rate of rise of bitcoin; PLUS, its demand has to exceed that rate of bitcoin demand. THAT's why it lags the /USD pair which has only one variable...demand for that coin!

The below chart is quite similar to the CNN/USD. When such high similarity index exists between the pairs....BULLISH!! Target is 10,976 Satoshi or 482% profit potential.

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Legal Disclaimer: This is only my opinion, make of it what you wish. What does this mean? It means it's not advice nor recommendation to either buy or sell anything! It's only meant for use as informative or entertainment purposes.**


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Looks simple enough. Yikes!

profits and weed? Im in

too bad its not expected to go up 420% ;)

Check out Dopecoin too.

This one is definitely worth checking because you can stake it and get an extra 30 coins every day!

I'm making a shit ton by staking right now! going to retire just on this!

and dopecoin?! lol this is great! x

It is lol xD

Hey @haejin , I can't trade USDT on a lot of pairs on Bittrex because I think of New York State Regulation. Am I SOL (s$%t out of Luck)?


can,anyone EXPLAIN. This is second post today where he talks about trading in USD. Most exchanges you can only trade in with BTC or ETH. USD is only for the big coins and even then only at places like gdax. Haejin knows this, so WHY does he keep talking about trading in USD when he know you CAN’T

brings me to my second point. In the last few weeks in ore derby to buy HAEJIN,
‘S suggestion I woulda have had to sell ETH. ETH has gone up 60to 70% since then. had I sold I be losing money. BE GREAT if get some feedback on this. Haejin does not address this and none of his stuff have a timeframe. Yes, they can hit, but truth if you could have hit it sooner, made MORE, with LESS stress just holding ETH

If you go back and try to do an analysis of any potential for success with haejin's recommendation it would be a crap shoot. Alt coins have been trending up for 6 months and up sharply for the last month.

The famous quote is "With a strong enough tail wind, even a turkey can fly"

That is the current world of cryptos, for the last 3 months. It doesn't matter a lot what you bought.

Buy and hold a weighted average of the top 30 coins from CMC and you would be up 500% in the last 3 months.

So when Haejin reports, buy, buy, buy. It may look like genius recommendations to an untrained eye.

Reality is let me give you a better recommendation - buy and hold a weighted average of the top 30 coins, rebalance every 2 weeks so you sell some of the recent big gainers, and buy more of the losers, in the top 30 mix, and you will make out fine.

Not nearly as exciting though as 5 posts every hour with new buy recommendations.

Grea explanation. Reminds me of the book Fooled By Randomness, by Nassim Taleb.

My admiration will go to the person predicting the timing and the magnitude of the bubble' s burst (which would, in turn, remind me of the book The Big Short by Michael Lewis)

Thing is friend, @haejin has been saying for months that 'an altcoin symphony' is in the making - That is, even months before they actually started going up. He has been calling the market trend bullish at times when fear of a crash was dominant and has been proven right. So your argument is very valid, any bullish prediction of a top 50 coin has come through - since November. It is however not relevant, as the predictions have started in June/July, at a moment were most top 50 coins were bleeding hard. He stuck with them for months and now they ring true.

To connect with your analogy:
Any turkey that can accurately predict a tail wind strong enough to fly on, has the capacity to create an environment where it can fly.

It's called mass-posting. Not much value in the post, but catchy headlines and images create high volume of comments and upvotes.
Also, crazy predictions with little fundamentals (e.g. if this cross this limit, then an upside of 1-gazillion-percent is in the near future) will always get attention of the untrained eye.

Bingo, on the analysis from antonio.

Not true, his analysis are genuine and can learn you a lot, you do not have to follow his advice, juts UNDERSTAND it and then TAKE YOUR OWN DECISIONS !!!
But I'm ok with the fact that @haejin continue to tell us to buy on usd pairs when they did'nt exist on any exchanges.

Just take some % of your holding to trade, if you trade the coins @haejin recommend you will earn more than just holding the pair coin. I'm only trading on BTC pairs though, and I've only taken 33% on my BTC holding to do that. Remember that if the coins go up when you sell it you got more coins than before, so in your case more ETH, if it has gone up in value it's just more profitable. I do not want to be aggressive, but think before posting and, and thta's a wise advice THINK BEFORE TRADING, you're the one that trigger the buy/sell button, not @haejin or any adviser. Peace and love bro :-)

HI Everyone, thanks for all your responses. Lots of insight

You should do a rigorous analysis of the results if you followed EVERY SINGLE one of Haejin's recommendations. Not just the ones that happen to be just prior to when an alt-coin pops. But EVERY SINGLE RECOMMENDATION, when he makes the recommendation.

I think you would be surprised - that you are being fooled by randomness.

I sold most of my cann on this run up. Why I would do that? I just thought it was gonna keep ranging for a while...

Let's smoke some : )

This post is giving me the munchies.

Also down! :)

The real CNN. The news outfit is completely worthless

lol yes

Down too ... Given that all what I planned to invest in alts is already in alts, I guess I only have one thing to do : get high with my alts !!! :-) (just joking)

güzel bilgiler teşekkür ederim...

What's up with this crazy recommendation? Are you smoking dope?

Someone had to post it, might as well be me. :)

eres un crack

Yeah, this coin can get high as fuck, LOL!

I really hope that you're right and that we all go "high" with it :)

This coin is due for a major jump! 5x over the next 30 days? What do you guys think? Reply and weigh.

Some legal advance in the US can explain that too. Just stick to charts, do not try to understand what ponzi scheme pump&dump groups are trying to do.

you mean CANN @haejin.

yes he did .

Do you really guys invest in the coins that have 1,8 mln 24h volume? oko-ruchomy-obrazek-0031.gif

yes :) we love it

I don't feel to comfortable investing in any Marijuana based coin until Jeff Sessions is out of office.

Oh, and President Oprah will be much more accommodating?

Hey Haejin. VOISE is forming a super obvious cup and handle pattern. Check it out some time.

Thanks @haejin !!!
About BTC pairs, I totally agree and understand, but ... I do not think I'm high saying that some coins JUST DO NOT HAVE USD pairs ... This one on Bittrex can only be bought with BTC, the USD pair you are showing is calculated by tradingview ... So, what can we do ?

I am quite amused with how dedicated are you with your content as I have noticed you do more than one post a day. I am really grateful.

You should be grateful for more substantial stuff.

Or else grateful has no meaning.

Bought some coins, let's go!

excellent contribution, to make the most of it ... Thanks

I love everything crypto currency

Information is the key, keep informing. The future is now with crypto currency

It's gonna get so high. I'm mean, man, that is like nothing before.

Please follow him on Stocktwits at haejin master.png

Thank you for sharing. Cheers.

Cannabis COIN?! I will buy this xx

man, i love getting high and this coin is gonna make even better!

This is getting boring.

Thanks - do you see any commercial differences wit POTCOIN? e.g. accepted by more merchants, ATMs, etc? Thanks

Oké, If I want to get stoned I eat whet sement. The tickercode for this one, and correct me if i'm wrong is CANN and not CNN

its cann guys ... not cnn, theres something else as cnn

Become a lowrider and get real high.

Well, Maestro! Great news! Thank you!

Thanks for this. Do you think its value will have anything to do with how it competes against its competitors? Specifically, DOPE coin and POT coin? seems like there has been some back and forth amongst the bunch.

Thank you Haejin...

Invest, Invest, Invest...

No CNN. Either CANN (Cannabis Coin) or CCN (CannaCoin)

Is this the same coin trading at CANN on Cryptopia? They spell is CannabisCoin. Just don't want to mix it up with the other Canna coins.

Yes he made a mistake in the title with the symbol.

i love the cryptocurrency @haejin
resteemed your post
thanks to shared

CanabisCoin (cann) not (cnn)

Captura de pantalla 2018-01-11 a la(s) 9.37.18 a.m..png

Muy bueno tu análisis, felicitaciones

parece una idea un poc descabllada, pero la verdad que en mi ciudad solo huele a hierba HAZE LEMON,y veo cada vez mas tienda de semillas y parafenalias,dentro de 10 años la industria de la hierba sera tan millonaria como la farmeceutica,asi que mi apoyo a esta moneda,si el sabor de la hierba ha cambiado tanto en 20 años-no quiero pensar como seria la hierba en ese tiempo.gran articulo,sou seguidor tuyo,soy de la costa de sol

Is the symbol cnn or cann?

great article an analyse

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