Bitcoin (BTC) Overnight Price Analysis Shows a Wedge Completion and a Fractal Correlation

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Overnight price action is showing that the downward action could be near complete, if not already. Price should start reversing up and if it reaches the white horizontal Neckline; it would be ideal for the Right Shoulder (RS) completiong.

The downward wedge looks complete but not yet confirmed. Price has already started turning and the breach of the upper blue line would confirm the wedge pattern. Often, wedge breakouts exceed its starting points.

From a fractal perspective, here is a chart you haven't seen in a week. The yellow boxes show a potential comparable positioning of each.

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When bitcoin price will be $12,000 again?

Take a guess at what BTC price is next week :)

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Thank you @Haejin. Bitshares (BTS) is breaking out isn’t it?

I think Bitshares(BTS) is getting really close to a breakout. As of yesterday - it was 7 Day UP, 30 Day Down and 365 Day Down in my ways of analysis. I'll do an analysis and publish the charts on this one tonight. A good day today and it might flip the 30 and 365 Day indicators... All depends on where it closes today.

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Great always. I think looking at some recent Bitcoin fundamental developments is important. We need to understand what has happened over the last few days...and what will happen. I've also got a slightly different TA count. Let me know what you think. Thanks...

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grafico 1D.png

Hi, good way to analyze, in my opinion the daily chart all the price are below the famous moving average of 200, that is to say that a change of trend still would not confirm it.

grafico 4h.jpg

In the four-hour chart the price seems to have a small correction, but there was a triple-crossing of moving average, also called the TRIPLE CROSSING OF DEATH

grafico 1H.png

The 1 hour chart, confirms a small price backwards

I would expect to see the price action to determine if the correction turns into a trend change and crosses the average of 200 in the daily chart and thus reaches the important double ceiling that weeks ago could not break up.

thank you~

Thank you for sharing your time and energy with all of us. You could very easily be keeping all you opinions to yourself. I find charting very interesting. :)

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