Bitcoin (BTC) Morning Update: Why Am I So Bullish on Bitcoin?

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Yesterday, I had posted the below Inverted H&S pattern as the primary count and projection. The Volume confirmation was pretty much had and the pattern was nearly complete and price confirmation was projected. Price confirms the pattern by decisively breaching the neckline (white).

Today we have the following chart where price rose to complete the RS (Right Shoulder) and has breached the neckline. So, as a pattern, this bullish Inverted H&S has confirmed in volume, price and pattern completion. The minimum price run is set to $8,250. When adding the Elliott Waves, we see that the white impulse represents the second round of impulse which should provide solid confirmation of a trend reversal from down to up.

Still, keep into awareness the upward wedge (purple lines). This looks more and more out of shape as price rises and should price exceed the upper purple line as shown by the blue arrow; it would become invalidated.

Why am I so bullish on Bitcoin? The below chart to me is massively bullish pattern for both the price and MACD. The two basically have near exact same pattern! If we label the pattern as ABCDE; it appears to be COMPLETE! Price might go a bit sideways to get closer to the apex; but the coming explosion will be a sight to behold!! Video has more details!!

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Future Kaboom!

@haejin have you bought any steemmonsters packs? Support the steem blockchain by supporting this game! Just be careful, it can become addictive

Waiting for the apex to hit on both charts and go apeshit up!

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Go haejin! Go BTC to the moon!

Thank you @hygien for your daily information. I'm interested in cryptocurrency trading and i don't really know where to start from.

I will be glad to acquire some of your experiences.

Greetings from Uganda

Take care

Hello, many thanks for TA.
I just made an acount on bitcoin live.
I have a curiosity which i do not understand, why the triangle is bullish and not bearish like this :
![bear btc.png]

Thanks !


Indeed, same question. The same applies for the picture with the purple wedge...


A rising wedge is indeed bearish. However, he is saying there are more bullish signs -inverse head and shoulders and the Elliott Wave count- than the bearish signs. Although most rising wedges break down, not all do. He is suggesting that due to the bullish signs, the wedges may be invalidated.


A symmetrical triangle and the MACD triangle indicate that a massive price action is happening -either huge price pump or massive price crash. However, Haejin believes that a massive bear market to the 2 or 3ks is very unlikely as he believes in the value of cryptocurrencies, so he favors the bullish scenario.


Many thanks for the explanations!


crazy analysis!

It's going to crash, mark my words.


Don't be so negative.


oh well..........

Hope we see $10k by end of June

I trust your analysis but this better happen @haejin.
You've been positive about BTC since a long time so I've been buying progressively.


Many thanks Haejin. I am confused by your picture. The purple ascending triange looks like a bear wedge and therefore suggest a steep decline once we near the 8K and at the terminal end of the wedge. Appreciate your views. Many thanks


You were right!

very nice post
sir. thank you so mune

Screen Shot 2018-06-02 at 12.56.37 PM.png

Just got my spot! @haejin


Me too 😎


$795 is a bit steep tho :( Should be more like $20/month or $240


its pretty cheap considering how much other people would charge as well as how much money i have made learning from haejin already

Thanks for everything, Haejin! I will miss your analysis. All the best for the project.

Thanx for all the great BTC TA. Going to miss you but looking forward to more SPX, DJIA TA on steemit!!

Future Kaboom For Real!

We looking to BTC, its many loses for me

great read, going to be a good year!