Bitcoin (BTC) Morning Update: Non-Phasic to Altcoins...What does this mean? Check out this Analysis!

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Bitcoin (BTC) overnight price action continues to meander along a corrective zone. NO! A crash is NOT expected as it is still being opined by other analysts. I disagree with their conclusions and much of it is because of co-mingling of price analysis with news/events. Such comingling causes a terrible contaimination that debunks the end result forecast accuracy.

The below chart shows how the price is in the midst of a minor correction. The purple wave 2 is expected to be completed perhaps today or night. However, I also notice that Altcoins continue trending upwards. This suggests that BTC and Altcoins are currently non-phasic in their short term cycles. The video contains more details on what and how this non-phasic cycle works. Overall, once the BTC correction completes, I believe that then BOTH BTC and Altcoins will move Upwards; and therefore become phasic.

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I wasn't able to get this one, but watched it follow the exact analysis haejin did! It's incredible how spot on most of the analysis is.


no it wasnt, he said 600% profit, so far 30% :)


Just be patience! It will happen!


Well, except for the upper target so far:)


just wait :) TNT doing what he said too


reward system is broken here guys @haejin please help us fix this!

Happy new year hopefully the reward's system will improve.

Phasic =correlation?

Thanks for the update :)

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good information @haejin. HAPPY NEW YEAR 2018

I love learning from the charts. I spent New Years Eve studying charts, cup and handles, fractals.....and it was the most fun I've had on New Years Eve in a long time. The rollercoaster of the Verge re Wraith protocol roll out, the FUD around Bitcoin, and the steady growth of Steem and Bitshares. What a wild night! I think 2018 is going to be the year of the altcoins. Keep in mind, most newbies coming into the market do not even know what an altcoin is.

Happy New Year! @haejin and to everyone else thats following you!

I have followed you for a long time now, and i really love your TA, i wanna thank you so very much!

I have been trying to do my own TA, but somehow i like yours better. but i wanna share it.. and as i understand you have an alternated count. would it look something like this?

Image of Chart

yeep dude XD

This is an example I made with BTC and LTC: they move in phase in the short time scale, but differ in the long term. In other words, their high frequency phases coincide, but the low frequencies don't.


Actually there is very little correlation at the begining of the chart!


How did you manage to overlay those two charts? Ty in advance.


I use

When you are viewing an "interactive chart" you get a "weight scale" icon on the top bar, which is used for comparisons. Use that to add other coins to the chart. I used the line chart to make it more visible. Using handlebars results in a really difficult to read chart.


This is more excellent and exciting news.

Wow. I think haejin must have been watching porn when that last two posts were put together.

This post features orgasmic lunges. In the previous post he was impregnating the cup and handle.

I see a common theme. And it is typical financial analysis type of terms and professional presentation, LOL

Sarcasm off


even if @haejin post his toilet bowl's photo.. @ranchorelaxo will still upvote it and @randowhale will flag it ;) looks like this pattern become a part of the Steemit culture and apart from watching porn @haejin really needs to get laid with his female @haejinfans doing cheer-leading work

Could you please do an update on EOS?


EOS min target $22.77

EOS extended third to $55


please upvote some of my posts and i will upload photo for others to confirm. Bernie has crippled my account.


check the trading view, its going to explode


Will not let me upload pictures for others to confirm but if you upvote me i will. Its a beautiful cup and handle pattern and if you have been following Haejin you know what happens next. If you are on twitter add me and will send you.

You then can upload to get Haejin feedback

There are times when I wish I could convert all my BTC into Alt coins. And everytime I think about something like that, a debacle like the XVG Wraith Protocol happens. And I return back into my senses.


Try EOS!


a debacle? What did you expect? An instant $1 surge? You guys are a shame.

Is smartcash doing a cup and a handle, then going back to a correction? Am I getting it right?

Please do XVG asap, with all the uncertainty/updates. Thank you!


I am also a holder but as Haejin said in last update the sentiment is Jaws of wealth i know without asking Haejin that his view will not have changed on this... i know first hand it is hard to sit and think your investment in going away but you have to have faith.

Everyone though spreadcoin was dead.... and look at it now. Follow verge on twitter listen to the creator of verge in interviews... he is a very switched on guy, just under alot of pressure at the moment.

But again, haejin doesnt even listen to news and events. He repeatly says that the waves make the news... NEVER NEVER the other way around. Trust me... you need to hold Verge. I want to buy more but feel like you do.


I'm pretty new to this with about three months into it. What I am learning is to have a lot of patience.

Make your analysis everyday until you see the big picture and then make your positions. You can't expect things to happen the day you make your ladders for buy in or sell hi and buy low. Once finished with your ladders wait, then update your analysis daily in case new probabilities manifest. Then wait some more. Every time I changed my ladders, due to whatever emotions occured and I bought higher just to get back in or sold too soon cause I thought it was the top. In the end the prices would of hit my ladders. Geez I'm making money, but my profits could of been even more massive if I just would of waited more and trusted my analysis.

Haejin says it all the time, that making your ladders will help one to deal with all the emotions that we experience in this game. Like @martinf said have faith in good analysis and add lots of patience and things will workout.


So you mean that trading analysis from Haejin doesn't even need to reflect reality? I'm holding Verge as well and decided not to sell but I dont really understand the Jaws of Wealth, I just experienced Jaws of Frustration and Depression :D could u gimme some lights in this plz


that's because you're a minute trader.


This is what I see...
Screen Shot 2018-01-01 at 10.14.45 AM.png


I am hoping we get an even bigger Verge Surge since Wraith Protocol 2.0 was released just before midnight 2017, for the the 2018 New Years Day deadline.


I saw that Wraith and a lot more updates are lining up in the upcoming weeks, just the devs couldnt handle all the expectations of quick gain trader who required too much for their own profits, nothing for the project itself.


Begin the wave at the top of the triangle.
Wave c should be wave a.


Ya please update about xvg


XVG was a dud last night...


What do you mean it was a dud? It blasted out of its channel and is now putting in wave 2. I expect it to bounce off the channel and go no lower than about 12 cents.Screen Shot 2018-01-01 at 10.16.35 AM.png


The price breakout was on Dec 30th. I was referring to all the hype about the Wraith protocol launch expected by midnight. A vertical drop down started at about 11:30pm. The development team failed to deliver on their promises from just several days ago. I still own XVG and I believe we could see the waves you have outlined develop. But last night was a dud in short term news and expectations.


Got it. I have more been following the Haejin mindset for certain coins, where I ignore the fundamentals like Wraith protocol and just focus on the technical analysis of the charts. Who knows? We shall see. Here's to a 2018 of massive profits!


I understand his method and it’s working. I’m sure news will come to justify the forecast...last night just wasn’t


Huge volume of short term gamblers buying in, hoping it would surge to $1,- or more, the moment the protocol would come uit. They got disappointed and are selling. Minor setback if you ask me.

Fact is, this relatively small coin (I believe there is only one dev in the team) has managed to roll out their protocol, als promised. It was rushed, will not be perfect yet, but they/he delivered (with the whole XVG-community watching every modification they made, and despite de huge fudstorms and pump and dumps that have been going on the last few days). Verge will bounce back. Is has a lot of potential, I believe. And Haejins Jaws of Wealth do look promising indeed.


I have the same exact chart! good work bro

You say that BTC and "altcoins" are now currently non-phasic, which as I understand it means that BTC is in a correction and "altcoins" have an upward trend. I happen to agree with this, but I would like to know what do you call "altcoins" ?

Is it an average of ALL other coins "alternative" to BitCoin, or did you decide on a small group of "other coins" to get an average of "altcoins"?

(Something like the "Dow-Jones Average" which measures the price movements of 30 American companies... ?)

If so, I would like to know which coins do you use to get this "altcoins" average?



It is not an average. All cryptos that are not Bitcoin are alt coins.

thanks @haejin same to you Happy New Year, talk to you soon!

Happy new year! My Nr 1 crypto analyst! Huge respect! What is opinion about Cardano & lisk for 2018? Also if you can make an update for Ltc it will be great!


Indah sekali

Thx haejin. Happy new years to all! News years resolution : be more like haejin, cool calm n collected.

Haejin Lee , Wish you a healthy prosperous and happy new year !

owenderfull photography. i like ur post

Happy new year Haejin ! Thank you very much for update !

Could you please do an update on steem dollar?

Happy new year @haejin ! Thanks for the work you do, looking forward to this alt coin orgasm!

May your new year be filled with 10x (or more) of return of your cryto investment!

Thank for your all analys in 2017 bro. HAPPY NEW YEAR

Let's do one on Ripple so we can get this $ and a nice start to 2018!!

Heeeeey friend check my last post and comment 😊

Happy new year
thank you @haejin
good information

Happy New Year @Haeijn , thank you for your generous sharing of guidance and knowledge!!!!!

Happy New Year @haejin........What do you think about the Verge fallout? Is this dip change short term forecast it looks to have changed course.....Pls your input is much appreciated😇🙏

Buon 2018 Grazie Maestro

Happy New Year Haejin! The Year of the Alt-Coins, I love it!

Massive health, happiness and profits to you in 2018 my friend!!!

Hi Haejin mate,

Great post. Thank you.
I upvoted you. Cheers, have a nice day.

I read almost all of yor post because it is informative as well as has trading tips. Happy new year to all of you dear steamians.

Good job sir, very interisting, thank you for sharing.

Wow @haejin,not just a photo or a screenshot, but an explanatory video to add to your post. It's really very good job.
Thank you in hoping you had a good time.
Take care


Happy new year. Thanks Haejin!

Good Analysis @haejin . I think that we are second support point and then rise.

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Thank you.

When SPR was forming the cup I just started laughing so hard. I even put $200 on it just to see if @haejin was right. I wonder what all those people in their forum are saying now lol

Thanks for the update @haejin.

Nice information and good analysis. Keep it up Sir and wish you a happy new year.

Happy new year @haejin. Thank you for the teaching and wishing you MASSIVE profit in 2018!

Thank you for update...your calm in the storm is appreciated...

Thank you for all your hard work Haejin and your fantastic predictions. Happy New Year to you and greetings from the UK.

Thank you for the update

thank :D

좋은 포스팅 감사합니다~

Hello haejin, happy New Year! I am still unclear on what, "non-phasic" means.

This spr thing has been a biiiig lesson for me.
I bought when you made the call without checking it first (my first time being so careless).
Later I saw people talking about how it was an abandoned by developers. So I changed it for ANTs. Now it went x9.
I want to cry.

Thanks again!
Could you take a look to Monoeci (XMCC)?

I hope this is right!


Are you disagreeing with the master? Or Just an alternative count?


Seems to be more right than Haejin as far as i'm concerned. Then again, all this is speculative.

Thanks! This will be a great year for our community!

Happy, prosperous & healthy new year to you Haejin and to all your followers. Keep up your awesome work as we all I'm sure truly appreciate what you do.

How about a simple contracting triangle ?

100% agree! No comingling!

Happy New Year Haejin! Thanks for all you do, we all appreciate you!


EMC2 leading the alts?


XVG has been really hard to predict. You still see it correcting?

good post friends, I like

What are your thoughts on the weekly MACD when weighed against longer term moving averages?

This is how our King looks like.

That sounds uhmazing! Thank you @haejin!

Happy New Year Haejin!
Thank you for your update!

Haejin. Will we see BTS come back down to $.65 as your chart suggests before going to $1.06? Looking to add more. Also can you do an update on Stellar Lumens!

새해 복 많이 받으세요~

Happy New Year @haejin I can't tell you how excited I am for the upcoming year. I want you to continue your seek for happiness. In doing so, never feel you have to defend yourself from people trying to bring you down. Everything you provide for us has been more than anyone could ask for. I, along with my family are blessed to have you leading such a great group of followers!!!

Sir, what do you think about this idea?

great information

The crypto market is a very volatile is influenced by human decisions which might not always align with analysis. I actually feel further correction will occur. Many are finding altcoins are a better alternative to BtC

I enjoyed the positive forecast that is pointed out given the pattern. More importantly, this analysis has provided a very enlightening and educational look at the methodology applied to attain such a forecast. I look forward to learning more in other forecasts.

waiting for a new update for BTC from you maestro!

Congratulations @haejin!
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Congratulations @haejin!
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Got into SPR, SpreadCoin also. Have recognized the potential, have learned a thing or two from Haejin on this one.