Bitcoin (BTC) Evening Update: MASSIVE PROFITS Are Being Made by @haejin Followers!!

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First, MASSIVE profits are being made by many followers and readers of my blog...I couldn't be happier for you all! Given some blog articles get up to 5,000 views, the upvotes proportion could be a bit higher. To that end, if you've found my blogs have helped, please do consider an UpVote, Follow and a Resteem. I'd be mighty grateful for the added visiblity your UpVotes can give!

The below chart shows the ending formation of another bull flag pattern. Price is already breaching the upper line of the flag. There is strong probability that BTC will continue plowing upwards overnight towards $23,000 or higher. The red impulse waves provide the future price pathway.

Please consider reviewing these Tutorials on:
Elliott Wave Counting Tutorial #1
Elliott Wave Counting Tutorial #2
Elliott Wave Counting Tutorial #3
Laddering and Buy/Sell Setups.
Laddering Example with EOS
Tutorial on the use of Fibonacci & Elliott Waves
These Technical Analysis Books: Elliott Wave Priniciple & Technical Analysis of Stock Trends are highly recommended
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Legal Mumbo Jumbo: This is only my opinion, make of it what you wish. What does this mean? It means it's not advice nor recommendation to either buy or sell anything! It's only meant for use as informative or entertainment purposes.**


thanks alot for your analysis :)

A pack of cigarettes costs about 0.0004 Bitcoins.

Please register and upvote Haejin! He deserves 5000 upvotes 😀😁For 5000 views 😀😁

you are damn right he does

Don't worry about haejin! More than 10% of the viewers are upvoting which is a great ratio. 😀

He deserves much more though...

yes u are right, I did

Of course ! Don't just watch his TA on Twitter or so! Sign in at steemit and give him the UPVOTES he deserves !

Thank you for all you do for the community. Your teaching has made lots of investors VERY GOOD money today. You are great!!!!!

This "anchovy" upvotes as much as she can too all of your posts Haejin! If I could upvote twice I would!!

I will buy steem power just to up vote Haejin more efficiently! That is the least I can do.

Thanks for the update. I always upvote your posts I am interested in. Thanks for your hard work. :)

Keep up the great work, Haejin!

Dear Haejin,
All of us are extremely grateful to you for your continuous, unhindered advice. The amount of wealth you have helped create for so many of us is unimaginable. And all of that for no charge. It is a little sad that you do not get the number of resteems or upvotes that you deserve. But trust me, you are well on your way to becoming a phenom.
Thank you always.

Upvote right now if you doubled your btc on ADA, XVG, RDD or any other coin lately!!!

ADA wave 1 target of 50cent just reached 🎉 after wave 2 consolidation move to .80-1.00 wave 3 zone
XVG up 5times & Moonin still HODL this baby for the 400-500% win 💰

or DOGE or SAFEX or GBYTE etc. etc. the list goes on...

Thanks Haejin!

Hey guys, what is your favourite coin at the moment?

Populous PPT however this weekend Pay Pie PPP and Binance BNB Moonin Up several 100%
and VERI Veritasium back in the game as just hit all time high $299

Yes a lot of coins are mooning.

Crypto Christmas 📈🎄🚀🌃🌌

ADA, EOS and I just bought some XVG, the first two are my best performers, I used to be FX trader so now I try to HODL as much as possible, I am in for the long run.

I don't think it's the fact that people don't want to upvote. I think @Steemit has the upvote in the wrong place on the website. It should show up at the top of the article under the title.

Hello everyone, I would like to introduce Haejin's Sandbox.

I believe it is time for the community of Haejin’s followers to have a venue to practice their charting, to ask questions of others more experienced than them, and to receive feedback on their ideas.

The purpose of the blog is for followers of Haejin (or anyone else of course) to post their charts in the comment section, and ask any questions related to those charts.

I hope that the community’s collective knowledge will serve to help everyone become better at this craft.

The blog is NOT intended to serve as a collection of requests to Haejin.

Please note: I have used Haejin's name only with the utmost respect, but I have not requested permission to do so. If anyone who has direct contact with Haejin (e.g. @scarlet7 or @solisrex), informs me that Haejin would not like me to do so, please let me know and I will of course come up with something new.


Melting up and away until opening of CME it appears. SELLers Absent

12/17/17 1:30AM MountainUSA - All major cap coins moving higher in step with Bitcoin breaking Up thru $19,750 to new wave highs!
Ether rallying above $700 Bitcoin Cash > $18,000 Litecoin >$330 Dash pulls back from new all time highs just under $1200 another Santa Rally 🎄

Well, it's still certainly not too late to get on board yet as of the date of this note, imho.. I think I'll be in for the long haul. You can see what I'm doing via my humble YouTube channel as Parcke075.

Haejin I upvoted every topic you published you are greath!!!!

Hi @haejin

I love your, hope you keep it up!

Could you possibly do XP coin from CoinExchange?
Check out my post on the exchange!

XP coin has had a growth of 4000% in the last week!!!! I'm wondering how sustainable it would be



ps. would you mind me introducing you on my blog and to my local mates?


I hear only good things about your methods. I just can't justify taking a chance with what little money I have right now. Maybe after Steem gets me more money. I'm not very investment savvy anyway.

@Haejin Can you please do some USDT pairs? Like LTC / USDT , ETH /USDT , XMR / USDT ETC any will do. It's just better to make USDT to buy Bitcoin with cause the amount Bitcoin goes up is crazy fast and some altcoins can't keep up. Granted if BTC crashes there all pop. I'm hoping that crash does not come anytime soon. Yet it will one day. Best of wishes for you and yours.

Hi there,

The Dollar/BTC chart from Bittrex, or Bitfinex for sure, and probably others, is USDT. Haejin normally uses Bittrex.

When he posts an alt coin / Dollar pair, e.g. Verge/Dollar, with a Bittrex price feed, Tradingview is simply doing the BTC/USDT conversion, since Bittrex does not have a XVG/BTC trading pair.

By the way, you may with to consider a different pegged crypto, like bitUSD offered on the Bitshares DEX. bitUSD is always backed at least 2:1 with collateral. Whether USDT is backed at all is questionable at best.

Upvoted. Master Lee deserves more upvotes. We are having lots of benefits from his altruist work.

I'm glad so many people are making money. I'm a hodl guy, however. No day trading for me!

exactly my thoughts though I may consider having some small money to play a little bit. Like get out after 50% profit and change to another coin, etc.

Auto upvotes on. You totally deserve them @haejin!

@haejin can you please please give me an update over ripple and litecoin???

So to buy back BTC there wont be any dip i guess :(

Holy Verge! Thank you Haejin! you are my favorite!

I thank God for you. Making profits in crypto. Thanks again :)

Thank you very much Mr. Haejin for all you do, Sir.. Your analyst are on fire. EXcellent Post!!! Keep On Steemin On !!!

Haejim what is the best way to reach you directly?

[email protected] is the address he posts frequently at the end of videos

UPVOTE @haejin people!

Thank you bro!
Long live Haejin ;)

Thanks for the info! Im looking forward to seeing more of your posts!

Thanks for your service, Ill need to get one on one teachings from you soon .. I hope you will still be teachingand have time.. upvoted for sure

finally got my Steemit account running, only did it to be able to show appreciation to you Haejin - many thanks again, will be able to upvote here, youtube and twitter now! :)

You ready to come on my radio show yet? I'll get you more audience for your work. Come message me in here:

Video unavailable

dude, I had a 4x day and mostly thanks to the XVG tip. Legend!

Who is going to laddder out a bit on wave 5 of wave 5 of the white wave. And who is waiting for the blue wave 5?

I upvoted you, thanks for your hard work !

Thank you! Upvoted, as always!

This is so cool.

I'm recommending you any time I can, soon I'm to big to fit with the other anchovis! :):)

Love you Haejin! Really appreciate what you are doing for the Steemit community! Was wondering if you could please do an update on IOP? Cheers!

like that? really? oh my~~~

Please , look DigitalNote (XDN)
$0,005969 USD (+ 52.83%) today
looks like a cup

@haejin Thanks so much for sharing your knowhow and teachings! i upvote every single one. Good Karma is coming to your way by your actions too im sure..
Everybody should also do something positive with parts of the profits in the service of others. We can all help each other in this world when we start working together.

Thank you so much for your time to do this professional TA. I have learned many of your recipes. Thanks Maestro!

@haejin 형님 gazua~~~~~~~~

I would vote for @haejin 100 times for each post he puts up! The man is GOLD!!

Thanks @haejin! Always Upvote and Resteemed your blogs....

I have made money from your posts. pure and simple, no BS just good analysis. Would love for you to recommend a below 1 cent investment for long term. I'm looking for something to invest in and leave for the kid's college years. would love to hear your thoughts.

IMHO I am not a legend :) But I would say that for now is hard to find anything below .1, still I would recommend you to invest on ADA is still under 1 USD. In my view all the long term good projects, like EOS, ADA are above those prices. I am not sure if at this time will come a game changer.

I guess I'm looking for another Verge. I bought it when it was literally worth nothing.

from 15 dollars to 450 in a month without crypto knowledge.

Thats great, what are your positions now? My 2 cents, put 50% of that into a long term position and keep day trading the rest.

Really thank you!!!!

You deserve every single upvote and resteem you get!

Thankyou HaeJin for your contribution to the Steemit community.

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