BitBean (BITB) Target $0.0394 (146% Profit Potential)

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As cute as the name might seem, it's bullish move up is expected to be violently bullish!! The Cup & Handle pattern is quite uncanny as you can see in below chart. The handle formation is also nearly complete, if not already.

The below chart is higher resolution and an a,b,c,d,e chart can be identified. The resulting Elliott Waves are expected to bring higher highs towards $0.0394; or 146% Profit Potential.

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Legal Mumbo Jumbo: This is only my opinion, make of it what you wish. What does this mean? It means it's not advice nor recommendation to either buy or sell anything! It's only meant for use as informative or entertainment purposes.**

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Boss is always right!!


What are yout Thoughts on ripple ? Maybe not too late to go in... I don't like the coin but they are some good Profits to make now.


I would be curious about this as well. I'm not really a Ripple fan but if the rumors about Ripple being added to coinbase are true I think it could go much higher.

thank you

BitBean lol!
What's next? BitBanana?


BitBean it's been around since 2014 and you just realize it now?


Time to buy brother

I wanted to buy , but laughing so hard on the name of this coin my mouse was shaking so I couldn't aim, what a missed opportunity, but im going to pass on this one anyways, thank you for your great work

dang dang!, bit bean by... mr bean ?


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BitBean by BitBean to becoming a billionaire.

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I would feel more comfortable with a target of $0.03 due to the low market volume. Greetings and good tradding

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That's awesome, I like Bitbean :)

@haejin ,

may you post an update on LTC please ? .. why is it stuck? :)

Thanks a lot for all your efforts!
By the way! RDD is killin' it since your call @ 73 satoshis :)

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Charting king!! :)

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Fascinating, will keep an eye on it.

Yes Steem will be worth $100 in the near future!!!

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First of it legal for all of us to be making the money we are on this stuff right now? Feels like I'm printing money!

As well...I swore before the holidays I would simplify my holdings and not chase every coin haejin analyzes...Yea...right...but this is how sick this is getting...I decided not to buy any of this coin cause it looks like it may "only" double in price....Hey...I have to have some standards...right?

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BitBean.... The name says it all.... Pump and Dump CRAP - be careful - take your profits and get out.


So you know nothing about bitbean? More bubbles more pump n dumps. Meanwhile im swimming in profits thanks.


@masarati BitBean is actually an amazing coin. It is about to rebrand to BEAN Cash. Payouts from staking are the highest I've seen. The transactions are instant. Takes about 2-3 minutes for transfer and confirmations from wallet to Bittrex. The dev team is solid as well. I was actually hoping to stack up more on it before it becomes popular, which seems to be happening already. If you dump it after it goes up, better for me :)


Not to offend you brother but your type of beliefs have been around since Bitcoin came out in 2009. Haven't you learned anything in 2017? Haven't you seeing many other coins that we at one time considered CRAP and look at them now.
BitBean is SUPER FAST, GREAT IN REWARDS (by sprouting), No SCALABILITY problems and no future high inflation. The Devs and community are AWESOME. BitBean is definitely a coin that deserves attention and I thank Haejin for taking a look at it. Happy New Year friend


Technically superior does not necessarily mean economic success. Anything can happen, coins need "soft" tools that help users use it. Some examples are : Good end user wallets and merchant adoption. It's on Coinpayments so you could add to your shopping cart for your site and accept bitbean and over 100 other cryptocurrencies.


Absolutely @masarati, sounds PUMP & DUMP real quick...!!

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