Enjoy Steemit #BeerSaturday Challenge in week 38 - WIN from 15 SBD in prizes -

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Hey Steemians here we go again, this challenge is fun and cool content

We look for YOUR nice/fun/cool/unique content around the topic of #beer - the third most used liquid of the world after water and tea.

Last week, more than 50 Steemians had so much fun with this challenge

This is your chance to blog about beer and get paid for this to buy a beer for the next week challenge

Have a short look to the simple rules of the steemit #BeerSaturday challenge and join this weekly Challenge where you may earn from the 15 SBD in prizes.

Let's grow the challenge

We like to get at least 38 attendees for week 38? Or even more than last week where we had 52 posts

To reach that goal, we will spend the extra tripple Bonus for everybody who resteems this post and we count on YOU to reach this goal!

The weekly challenge calls YOU!

Steemit BeerSaturday Challenge.jpg
(C) by pixabay and modified by @detlev for #beersaturday

about THAT beer and ...

15 SBD in prizes for the 5 beer lovin Winner

Every week we have 15 SBD in prizes for 5 winner.
The wonderful @dreemit spnsored 5 SBD ths week - so please follow him.

We are open for more regular sponsors for this great challenge. Please just connect @detlev or @BuzzBeerGeek.

The #BeerSaturday challenge
like to motivate YOU
to create valuable content
around the topic of beer & ...

All the SBD from this post goes to the prizes and leftovers to the pot. All SP is for my work.

A video from Jeff about the #BeerSaturday

a video about the BeerSaturday by @jeffjagoe

Watch the video

The Prizes

We have this week 15 SBD in total.

Prizes this weekValue
1.st Prize5 SBD
2.nd Prize4 SBD
3.rd Prize3 SBD
4.th Prize2 SBD
5.th Prize1 SBD

The Steemit #BeerSaturday rules

Please have a look to be able to win.

1. Post with the challenge

Create quality content and not just one picture. Add some text! Have Fun

a. Picture a beer with 3+ pictures

b. Add a story about beer

c. use the Hashtag #BeerSaturday in your post

2. Win SBD at the challenge

As all is about quality content and boosting this main Steemit #BeerSaturday challenge post

d. Upvote this main Steemit #BeerSaturday challenge post

  -->  we count the percentage from your upvote as factor X

e. Copy the "link of your new post" into a comment to this main "Steemit #BeerSaturday challenge post" as your entry

f. Have people upvote on your entry at this post

  -->  we multiply this as well with  factor X 

g. The judges of #BeerSaturday may give a BONUS for great content, Resteems or other reasons

--->   we multiply this as well with X 

The BeerTicketLottery

The math of #BeerSaturday is a mixture of engagement and a random number.

From all that numbers everybody gets an specific amount of Steemit #BeerSaturday lottery tickets and we do the math and choose the winner by a random number - That ticket will win.

Means, the higher your upvote is to this main post and the more you push this post with external voting - you get a higher chance to win the challenge.

This steemit challenge offers a fair chance - even to a tiny minnow - to win a prize. We calculate the winner by the engagement, amount of upvotes and by a random prozess.


  • You may post on any weekday but add our hashtag #BeerSaturday
  • I will check the results on Saturday midnight (California Time Zone) after I wake up on my sunday

The Pot

BeerSaturday Pot.png
(C) by pixabay and by @detlev

The SBD generated by the weekly challenge posts and the weekly payout post is used for the Prizes. Any leftover goes to the pot.

Actual Pot

Value of Pot at end of week 34 = 162,256 SBD

The earned SBD from the payout post from week 34 and 35 are not yet in the Pot. As well the weekly post from week 35 - Update from last week will be here soon - sorry, but Detlev travels

Some very special beer lovers


As supporter and beer expert @buzzbeergeek
and @detlev (me) can't win prizes at this challenge!

Calling all #BeerSaturday lovers

This is the new weekly challenge post. Have a look to the new rules as I look forward to your post today.

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Enjoy the #BeerSaturday and steem on!


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Many thanks again to @ats-david, @pfunk and @twinner for supporting the challenge at last week.

Love to see that my idea got the attention from some powerful Whales.

More Sponsors?

You like to be named as a sponsor of this contest, please do let me know!

If you enjoy beer - and I know that most whales enjoy beer - feel free to JOIN this challenge as supporting beer-loving whale.

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  ·  2 years ago (edited)

My entry for this week Omnipollo/Buxton Yellow Belly - Review. Slightly controversial so be careful.

Omnipollo definitely makes some crazy and amazing beers. I'll have to keep an eye out for this one.

awesome! I just picked one of these up last night! Very pricey but the reviews are RAVING. I'll be posting my review in a week or so :) Cheers!

Extremely cool review on this one dude. Id love to pick one up here

A political message may be a little 2 much for a beer. Even for a great beer.

Another awesome review, man! I didn't know that Omnipollo were "cheating" with the additives. I will pay closer attention to the flavors next time I am having one of their beers :)

I kind of feel bad, but I love their additives :)

To be honest, I would have probably never guessed that they were cheating if I didn't read @gensek's article. The 2 Omnipollos I had a couple of weeks ago were more than decent :)

Fantastic review buddy. What terrible packaging for a beer. I really don't like what they are trying to do and say with this beer. Can't we just have a well crafted beer without some poorly construed message?

@detlev I will be joining this cool contest soon, starting next Saturday, I wanted to thank you for creating this and all the efforts you put into running it. Great job :) I've got one small question - is it possible to write more than one post for the contest during one week?

I think so but only one post gets into the lottery run.

Sure, but to be fair, only one counts for the prize draw. We grab the one with the highest votes.

Understood :) Thank you for the answer. I will do my best while writing the post for this contest :)

Looks tasty buddy

I'll have to remember to avoid this one. You live and learn, eh... But, if ya hadn't of tasted it, you'd never know... Solid review though, cheers for sharing

Definitely a nasty looking beer that. :(

Very educational, thank you. Sometimes you win - and sometimes... My brewer step-son says that good breweries date the day of brewing on the bottle/can. At least for IPA's his feeling is that it shouldn't be more that one month old when you drink it. Thanks for the review tho. Ok, I'll buy yours instead.

Get me a bleeding beer already!

I don't think you'll find this one on the West Coast. It isn't a very big name brewery. But I am sure you have all sorts of bloody beers that I can't find in the midwest!

Good review, and a tasty looking brew..

I've had a couple of blood orange beers and they are up there as favorites. Never had a Blackstone tho. And I gotta admit "Blackstone Brewery" sounds cool. I see if any come down this way. Thanks.
Yeah, I just figured out too that ya gotta get back here for the contest.

I haven't had a bad blood orange beer yet. Some are definitely better than others, but you could say that about all types of beers. Cheers!

Up voted! Been very excited for people to see this one!!!
The 17% epic blackout stout!!!!



17% ????? WHAT!

@karinxxl, I know you love such boozy beers ;) lol

Well to be honest 17% actually scares me a bit hahahahah

I feel you! I would think twice before drinking one of these :D

17% is a hectic antiseptic!!

And as scary as it sounds.... i do want one

Damn cool cover art

This looks like something I would love. Plus that 17% ABV would make for a fun night.

Love the artwork on the can.... Holy shitballs!! 17%, ya wont be having too many cans of that now.. :o)

All of their cans and bottles feature artwork done by local tattoo artists! And yes, 1 can is all you need lol.

That sounds like a challenge, I'll have three of your finest Blackouts please...

Wow, what a monster! One of these would probably give me a slight hangover :) The can art is awesome, though! Cheers, man 🍻

Cheers to you as well sir! Upvoted and following!

Thanks for the follow! Hope you'll enjoy my photography :)

Thanks for the effort to get us to come to Omaha. And - it may actually work! Great review. Thanks.

This week, I review the delicious The Public Pale by DC Brau Brewing Co.



I really like a hoppy beer, so I think this is definitely one for me, I'm going to keep an eye out for this one...

Love the red background dude. It even makes the cans look good while in general I dont like cans haha

Actually (here comes the beer geek), cans are better for the beer than bottles. Cans have a tighter seal with less head space, that means much less oxygen than bottles; fresher beer. They also allow zero light so there is zero chance of a light-struck beer, i.e., skunked. The beer never touches metal, all cans since the 80s have been lined with plastic to prevent that contact. They are also lighter and cheaper to ship.

I have been buying more and more canned beer ever since you shared these facts, lol :P
Nice review, man!

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

Beer geek, beer guru, beer wizard hehehe

Very nice review. I got a good idea of what the beer is. Sounds like the next time I get to DC, this is what I'll look for. Thanks.

Thanks and cheers!

LOVE this cool any colorful picture - nice artwork

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

Ah, the beautiful sight of an English Ale on nitro, settling. My entry this week. Aint no sin to drink this beer! HopSaint in the house.

Looks delicious! Love the Guinness/Nitro look. Up voted and following. I hope you will check out my blog and follow me to see some of the local beers that I post!

I’ve hears stouts on nitro, but never a pale beer. It should be interesting. I may think of investing in another nitro draft system. It will serve side by side with my co2 one!

Nice looking brew right there, and the grub looks even better... Nice one

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

bonus Beer pics for BeerSaturday since its actually Saturday now. Happy Saturday and Happy Beer! Go Reds! https://steemit.com/beersaturday/@rmorel/o-cherry-baby20180303_103329.jpg

Just up in Torrence, huh? Ok, so maybe I had the wrong idea about nitro infused in my post last week. The brewery and food look great! Thanks for the review.

My #BeerSaturday entry for this week is Diggity Dank Juice by Odd Side Ales




This comment has received a 0.03 % upvote from @speedvoter thanks to: @cryptictruth.

Sweet looking beer, Snoop would shizzle his nizzle to a couple of these...

I've a real treat for ye this week lads... This one was an absolute beauty!!

Not a big IPA fan, but that does look good!

Ya it's a big hitter, a really smooth drink..

Nice review and pictures. I like a good IPA - and you made this look and sound very good. Thanks.

Cheers @dennisauburn I really enjoyed this one, best drink I've had in a good while..

If so, you may want to see my post for next week. It is an excellent IPA.

Great stuff, look forward to checking that out...

Guinness is always a good choose

see you soon for some beer

Nice looking beer and a cool name, where is this one from and what % is it? Cheers

I think its brewed locally but from a Hawaiin license. Its not a heavy beer

Ah I thought it might have been Hawaain alright, good stuff..

Have you tried one?

No, never had one, my assumption was based on the artwork..

Man, I so much want to try this one! You like drinking from the bottle, don't you? :)

The best solution is a frosted cold glass. But i improvise and make sacrifices for the review.

What a wonderful cover Image

Hello dear beer lovers, here I show you my entry for this week.


Like your animations. Cool 😎 idea

Thanks @detlev, I really enjoy your contest and doing those animations.

I basically review a beer a day :) And today (yesterday) was this sour fruity number called Pash the magic dragon. Unreal.


I always think their couldn’t be a more nasty picture from you, but than you do it!!

I almost broke my jaw for my art. Dedication.

That's the spirit of a true artist! 😂

Well somebody has to do it :)

You do a great job

creating a big smile for so many

Haha thank you mate.
Honestly without the beer challenge i would be drinking more of the beers i already know

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

My entry for the beer contest. . . Loving my Beer and Love BeerSaturday

Today is the beginning of our Heineken week! Loads of boats on our island and drinking a lot of beer


This week I bring to you all 2 great Stouts one is a Coffee the other a Milk stout. https://steemit.com/beersaturday/@isteemithard/coffee-and-milk-stouts-steemit-beersaturday-challenge-week-38

Sign me up to try both of them!

I've never heard of a milk stout, sounds interesting.. I'll keep my eye out for one of these.. Sláinte!

Here is my entry, well at least the first one, may have more.

See now, this is another brew I'm going to have to look for at my beer connection. Sounds kinda like a good meal in a bottle. Great review. Thanks

It was goid a a little different than the usual chocolate porter, made in Oregon so you might see it in So Cal

Up voted! Good review. Looks like a nice easy-drinking import! Hope you can check out my posts for the week. I added a couple of really good stouts!

Corona get’s a bit of a bad rap in Australia. I don’t drink it really. Never seen a bottle like that though.

I think the only way Corona tastes good is with lime! (That’s the way it’s known to be served here in Bulgaria, don’t know how is it abroad) Yup... definitely this fruit gives it the fresh taste. It’s just a fine beer. Nothing to be remembered with.

These are very popular here in Ireland, but they sell them in a 330ml bottle only... Goes well with a bbq, but a slice of lime is a must for me in one of these, and the colder the better..

It’s still stout season here in the Midwest! Check out this delicious Brickway Bella Diva Chocolate Stout!



Yes I was just in Huntsville last week, you do have a lot of stouts in that part of the country. whats up with that?

If most people are like me, we generally drink with the seasons. The stouts help us get through the winter!

Winter must be brutal. still, I am quite enjoying all the coffee/espresso stouts lately, and I've always loved a good pumpkin stout. The chocolate ones I dont like as much. That Epic Blackout stout I would try but at 17% that must knock you out indeed.

It definitely does but by seeing the 17%, it has you prepared to be knocked on your behind. As you begin to drink it, it's unlike anything you've ever had before.

Now THAT looks mucho tasty. Its not available here in Aus... like a lot of good brews

really looks good and great graphic art work!

This looks like a nice and huge bottle!

cheers and prost

Nice Poorter, and the pic outside with the snow is quality!! I haven't tried many craft stouts, I mainly do beers, will have to try a few some week..

thanks, for me all that is dark and full of roasted malts has a good chance to be one of my fav. beers ;)

Very good, I have this badboy in the beer rack since last year.. Must crack it open and give it a shot.. I remember hearing something before about drinking some stouts at room temperature? Is that something you'd recommend or icy cold?20180301_231153_resized.jpg

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

i rarely drink any beer very cold. most of the time i drink them at my cellars temp.

@bradlovesbeer had a good post about beer and temp. maybe you check it out:
Craft Beer: Why Temperature Matters

Great post, thanks for sharing, learning all the time... Cheers

A poorter? Surely they jest

as far as lowlanders explanation goes its comming from the pople who worked at the docks/port, but still a nice double take :), didnt think of that one

I finally have my review ready! Another paddle for me at an amazing little bar in St Kilda, Melbourne - The Local Taphouse!


So we were both having paddles at the 'Local Taphouse' this week, even if yours was in Melbourne and mine in Sydney (although they don't actually own the Sydney one anymore)

Haha. We were. Which is funny because I rarely leave the bayside area.


My entry for this week, it was all about birthday celebration with #beer ORIGIN


Dude, watch your alcohol intake :D

Must. Drink. Beerrrrr :)

Not a bad USA import20180301_212420.jpg

Thanks a lot for sharing my video @detlev!

Hey, you spend some time doing this and than we have to honor it.

keep on the good work

Hi @detlev, although I did have 2 posts under week 37, I don't see my name on the list of entries.

I also don't see the 3 SBD, I won in week 36.

Hi @rynow let me check this and as well the payouts. I was away the whole last week at a fair in Berlin - with not nice beers -

Thanks, I did get the SBD, much appreciated.

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

Problem solved - my new app, who does the calculation, did not saw your post. So you get a tripple bonus in the next week and a BIG SORRY from me.

All other weeks are paid

You always see the screenshot unter the payout post, whenever this is done.

Also enjoyed an Old Engine Oil by Harviestoun Brewery last weekend!

Harviestoun - OldEngineOil - 01.jpg

Today's entry is a chocolatey Pale Ale from Hawaiin brewer Kona. Awesome. Bloody awesome.


NORTH CAROLINA IS IN THE HOUSE!!!!! With a Pirates Ale!!! Now which way to Ausfahrt?