Bitcoin Cash (BCH): Breakout!!

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When Bitcoin Cash (BCH) was in the corrective decline; the below chart was used. The ABC correction was likely in the final stage with a one more lower low and a $682 target was used.

Currently, price is showing at the early stage of a sizable rally after hitting a $759 lower low. The key question is how high this rally will go.

What's clear is that a breakout has occurred! The upper line of the symmetrical triangle was breached decisively and price is holding up quite well! From the most bullish stance, breakouts from these wedge rallies often exceed the starting point! Let's see how the next few days show us as an impulse should be showing.

Legal Disclaimer: This is only my opinion, make of it what you wish. What does this mean? It means it's not advice nor recommendation to either buy or sell anything! It's only meant for use as informative or entertainment purposes.

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BCH is my favorite Bitcoin! I prefer it over the original.

Thanks!!! could you do PAY .... TENX .... thanks🙏🏻

Yesterday i thought about asking you about BCH since it break out of the correction shown in the time packman post, but i forgot.

looks like it arrived at you mentally ;)

thanks for that update, appreciate, cause i sit on a bunch of them... wasnt selling them when i should.... but i learn every day something from your post

thanks for your afford @haejin , have a great weekend, dont forget to take some time to relax!

to all who lost: its all a long term investment, so take your positions wisely, dont sell it now! put it away safe, enjoy life and see your investment rise!

just input the money you can afford to loose!!! this is important to make the rally joyful!!!

I was just amused about the dip, all the funny news.... could invest on a price back some months.
if you dont believe in a product, dont buy it... know what you buy... if you dont know it you will experience fear and doubt in a correction and maybe you will act unreasonable...
a good investment takes time, when you try to fasten it up... in my experience it ends mostly bad...
Excuse yourself for some failure... remember the fault, learn from it for your next investment or trade... everyone looses from time to time!

Great Day and Weekend to all of you!
Enjoy the Life!
i will do, going on a Motorbike trip with my Hammok for a month (or more :D)
but i will check your further analysis.

p.S: @haejin you ever made a analysis on IOTA? would be nice to see, since it was a very interesting pattern...


just like i would write it, keep up brother :D holding too!

And that one is back to the support level from this channel. Made a nice breakout, will calm down now (see RSI), but don't think it's over.

I think the overall Crypto market is heading from another correction...
There may be a pressure on BCH as well...

Bitcoin Cash (BCH) Starts the Day High with 28% Growth

Thanks, this post help me to profit 👍👍

I kind of saw that one coming. Iw fell way more than the other major coins, so a correction of the correction was due, if that makes sense.

I beat you by a minute, only because you thought me well!

People take my word,follow his advice.He is damn accurate with his analysis.You can invest rely on his forecast.Thank's to @haejin sir for such useful post.@upvoted

Glad I didn’t sell!!! ☺️

From a fundamental perspective... why do we want to own Bitcoin Cash if lightning network is up and running... Surely it will tend to 0 over a couple years?

Yes you can make money with this shitcoin (like TRX, Doge etc.) but for long therm holders, it’s no coin you want to choose.

Thanks for this information.
Always appreciate updates.

upvote and resteemit done✌

Again, thank you for the information you are sharing with us. Your posts are very much appreciated!

May we have a long term projection of XVG?

Haejin, good work as per usual. I have been following your posts even before I joined up to steemit and you are one of the reasons I joined. Glad to see your thoughts on BCH, I couldn't agree more my friend!

Awesome analysis! Thanks for sharing :)

BCH to the moon!

Thank you very much.

Hello Sir, Do you have update for BCH? Thank you.


guess you didn't read this article or look at the chart huh? go look at the chart!!

Thanks for your informative post.i always follow you and upvoted your post.

I have BCH btw.

if you want something blockchain inspired that has actually a usecase check out:

I am very happy to belong to this steermit family, I will give you my vote, give me your vote.

good analysis sad i missed the breakout but happy to never support BCH

Great work always on point always enjoy checking out your post when I check out the markets and you are usaully point on