14th ARTstyleART Contest: REWARD POOL INCREASE again by @henry-gant. No need to Be an Artist to Take Part.

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3 DAYS LEFT FOR SUBMISSION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

By the way, one idea came to my mind and I will announce it very soon. But I will hint a bit....
By the end of this year we will have a King/Queen of 2017 ARTstyleART contest and some others!
So, be more active and later you will know why.

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! The fantastic person @henry-gant AGAIN matched my contribution and transferred 10SBD for ARTstyleART contest #14 and AGAIN offered a challenge to match any contribution! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I will be happy if anybody wants to join H.G.'s challenge and support Steemit artists!

REWARD POOL - 20 SBD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you, dear @henry-gant!!!!!!!!!!!!!

For those who don't know about the contest. We investigate different art styles together not theoretically but practically. We have already tried many styles and themes and

This week we have Minimalism + Love Hurts. So, the participants shall submit their artworks in Minimalism style and and the theme is Love Hurts.

Initial post is 14th ARTstyleART Theme Announcement. Minimalism + Love Hurts!!! No Need to Be an Artist to Take Part!

Only paintings or digital paintings. No digitally processed photos.


The main idea of this school is to use minimum industrial and natural materials. It supports simplicity, lack of variety of forms and a limit to composition. It is free of symbolism and metaphors.

enter image description here
Donald Judd

enter image description here
Sol leWitt

So, as a style we will have minimalism, as a theme I suggest Love Hurts. Although in the definition it is said that minimalism is free of symbolism.
We will change it!)))
LOVE HURTS will be our metaphor.


  • Upvote and resteem this post
  • Make a post with your painting with the tag #artstyleart14 (Please check the spelling when you put a tag as there was one entry with the mistake in the tag but happily I have seen that work)
  • Please specify in your post the category
    painting (oil, watercolor, acrylic, gouache, markers, pastel etc) or digital painting
  • Leave a link with your post in the comment to my post.
  • The entry should be your original work (Once we had the unpleasant situation)
  • It is desirable if the painting is made specially for this contest. Please mention it in your post. For now it is not an obligatory condition. But those who will make a painting specially for my contest will get my vote in addition to others. Later we will see and it can be an obligatory condition.


Please submit your entries by 9 pm Moscow time next Friday, October 13, 2017.


Artists' database

@aishwarya, @africangold, @aksinya, @alex-zerr, @allfabeta, @allforthegood, @anca3drandom, @anandkphoto, @aneblueberry, @andrew0, @andrianna, @anikanam, @allstarrunner, @aniestudio, @argenisboom, @artguy, @artwithflo, @art21, @barbara-orenya, @billyjohnsonart, @camilla, @catsmart, @cgame, @chessmonster, @christiesnelson, @coloringiship, @comealong, @christiesnelson, @coquiunlimited, @cryplectibles, @dana-varahi, @danilamarilu, @danthundercloud, @davor27, @dazzles, @daydreams4rock, @dcrockete, @deborahmurphoils, @dksart, @dlina-v-metrah, @drawingsbymilena, @dreemit, @dottie, @dunsky, @earthbound, @edgarsart, @elementm, @elewarne, @elgeko, @elena2017, @em3di, @englishchivry, @errymil, @eternalsunshine, @everlove, @exe8422, @fayehalliday, @federacion45, @flowerpowerart, @fractalizer, @fvris, @fumansiu, @fun-along-theway, @funkit, @ginasarasini, @giraffeonskates, @girlbeforemirror, @globaldoodlegems, @golazin, @goldenroom, @granturismo89, @gric, @groundcontrol, @gunni55, @harshalachopra, @havok777, @heartrose, @henry-gant, @hhelenbby, @hilarski, @hopehugs, @inber, @indiandigitizer, @izabellablue, @james7, @jameshsmitharts, @jameslano, @jangaladesigns, @janiceduke, @jankasparec, @jessamynorchard, @jnart, @josephmoyers, @juanmiguelsalas, @juliakponsford, @jungwatercolor, @jyezie, @kalemandra, @karmashine, @katharsisdrill, @ken-and-jane, @krizia, @ksenja, @kryo, @lapstjup, @lauralemons, @leoplaw, @lighteye, @lightsplasher, @littlemozart, @lloyddavis, @louiscpt, @luckyfellow, @mada, @maddieraeart, @madlenfox, @mamadini, @marty-art, @mariandavp, @mechart, @mayasky, @meesterboom, @merej99, @michaelmcdermott, @michaelstobiersk, @mindfreak, @mikkolyytinen, @milenamilak, @mprgrmmr, @motivator, @mr-monk, @mrssignificant, @mystisoul, @nadversion56, @naquoya, @natureofbeing, @nature.sauvage, @neonartist, @nicnas, @nikosgyftakis, @ninatokhtaman, @ninahaskin, @nin0000, @nitan, @noelaattlee, @nonameslefttouse, @oceansoul13, @ocrdu, @offgridlife, @omwith, @onlyifisayok, @opheliafu, @paniopan, @paolobeneforti, @paulcolumbus, @peterheckmann, @pcste, @pixielolz, @phoenixmaid, @prakashghai, @prostosun, @pyrowngs, @rachelsvparry, @randolphrope, @rbennett, @reddust, @reinhard-schmid, @reneenouveau65, @revostrike, @richguy, @robyneggs, @rubens9119, @rubenalexander, @sanakumar, @saramiller, @sashagenji, @seisges, @serkorkin, @sethlinson, @shady, @shortcut, @siloe, @silviabeneforti, @skapaneas, @stitchybitch, @sofi-m, @sopa-pekar, @soyjoseluis, @spaceginger, @splus, @stargarden, @stephenking989, @straydays, @sourcebird, @sumsum, @supernalbeing, @surrealflakes, @synesthesia, @tarazkp, @tasartcraft, @thebatchman, @the01crow, @thedrollyears, @thetruthbomb, @therealpaul, @tracer-paulo, @tommervik, @toonpunk, @throughwindows, @trueart, @trulafountaine, @txatxy, @twirble, @ubik, @unusualconcept, @urielromeo, @verbal-d, @veronicavaldeon, @villainblack, @voodoolizard, @voronoi, @web-gnar, @winstonwolfe, @woman-onthe-wing, @woodywood143, @wordsword, @wvm, @xochicotta, @xtrodinarypilot, @xusayz, @yadamaniart, @yoogyart, @yoganarchista, @yuccarose, @yusaymon, @yuslindwi, @zenithwombat.

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I can't wait to see your entries!!!!!!!!!!!!

I will be very happy if you want to support ARTstyleART!

I would like to thank the amazing person @henry-gant for the constant support and other our supporters @dcrockete, @thetruthbomb, @anonimnotoriu and @coloringiship.

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