Spacetime Traveling In Auckland Art Gallery -New Zealand Travel Stories #10

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Today I want to share with you the story about how I traveled through space and time using a wormhole I found in Auckland Art Gallery. When I first visited the gallery I was not prepared to end up in a psychedelic experience like this. The little room I entered was full of chatting people and I could not really take the journey behind space and time. The second time I visited the place my friend and me were completely alone and could stay in the wormhole for a while without anyone entering (maybe because we shot the door, maybe because the gallery was already closing). Also we had smoked a joint in wise foresight. There was a weird beeb sound in the cabin now and then but it feelt relaxing somehow. Eventhough now floor was in sight I did not feel to much like looking the ground under my feet. After a while we decided to leave our spaceship and entered the gallery again. It was closed. We were lucky we found someone of the stuff who let us out.

Neuseeland u Australien 2188.JPG

Previous parts of the story:

Portrait of a beautiful girl -1
Tribal drawing & text about Ta Moko -2
Lake Mangamahoe - Drawing + Photography -3
Cape Reinga - Lighthouse Drawing + Photography -4
Poem (1/2) +Drawing + Photos -5
Poem (2/2) +Drawing + Photos -6
Weed Smoker Drawing + Photos -7
Goat Island Photography + Drawing -8
A sunny day at Matherson Bay

Lots of Light and Love <3


Love the read. Thank you! You got my psychedelic follow. Please consider following me for psychedelic articles, lyrics and other relevant awesome stuff! :D

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