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Last summer I had been invited to participate in "Pigmalion 2018", a so called art colony in southern Serbia. For the first turn in June, I was there with @gric and @kathrina-sofie as well as my Serbian colleagues Danica Masniković and Goran Mitrovic. More artists chosen by last years selector Maja Zivanovic met there later that summer. It all took place in the village Tamnjanica in the beuatiful mountains of an area also called Serbian Provence.

Tuesday last week, the "Pigmalion" exhibition and book presentation opened in Belgrade, to present the art created the year berore. Here my piece "Libra II"


My wife Karin and I had come to Belgrade together with colleague and friend Peter Gric (@gric), who we picked up along the way, close to Vienna. Before the opening in the evening, we spent a great day in the capital of Serbia.


photo @gric

Even had the opportunity to watch the filming of a movie by the fortress!


photo @gric

Our host Gorazd Cuk genuinly loves art and the artists and had everything done on a high professional level.

From the invitation...


to the photos taken on the red carpet together with my wife Karin, our host Gorazd Cuk, Peter Gric (@gric) and journalist and art critic Maja Zivanovic


Maja and me :-)


...and my wonderful Serbian colleague Danica Masniković.


A real personal highlight for me was meeting Dunja Jung (@jungwatercolor). We had come to steem at about the same time and after being steem buddies for so long I was very excited to see each other for real... micro steemit meetup ;-)

Dunja will participate in Pigmalion 2019 this summer!


Since I work in two very differnt techniques, I was granted two paintings in the show. "Libra II", acrylics and oil on canvas created for Pigmalion and a smaller pencil on reverse side of glass "Taucherflossen" (finns)


Gorazd Cuk had a beautiful book published with the participants of Pigmalion 2018. It shows the pieces created for the event together with a selection of other works of each artist.


Of course we all enjoyed meeting old and new friends...

pigmalion_otvaranje_izlozbe_nlb_galerija188 Kopie.jpg

book signings...


more photos...


and chocolates ;-)


Unless stated differently, photos by Irena Herak

I enjoy reading your comments!

If you like my work, of course I appreciate your upvotes and resteems




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Much love to you from all of us at @helpie!
Keep up the great work!


Great, I had a good time there the year before you (yes @jungwatercolor was there also):
they are all very nice people! At the time I was at the art colony, I was the only Western European there. It all started a few years earlier when I exhibited in Novi Sad (by invitation of Slavko Krunic) "Antilogika Slike" and met several Serbian artists , like Snezana Petrovic. She was at the colony when I was there - and now she is going to pull some of my printing plates for me. I have a small painting of hers as well as several etchings, and while in Belgrade the year before you, I traded artwork with Dejan Ulardzic

This loos so amazing @reinhard-schmid and such wonderful company.

I ADORE your wife's dress and her shoes! I see the inspiration here!? Now which came first, your amazing shoes in your paintings to inspire your wife or your wife's amazing shoes to inspire your painting? Either way, Lovely!

This looks an amazing thing to be a part of congratulations and I love the process from colony to show, such a production.


Yes, it was all truly amazing.

She is always my inspiration :-)

The whole project is very professionally set up, the promotion is excellent too and I am thankful, that I can be part of it.

So beautiful piece of art and such a great experience you had!As a woman, I'm totally agree with @donnadavisart : your wife had beautiful dress and shoes on the red carpet! You're a beautiful couple. <3


Thank you so much for your kind words. My sweetheart brings me joy, wherever we are :-)

How amazing: to travel to Serbia, meet all this wonderful people, visit a movie setting and being exhibited in this wonderful show. I am enviouuuuuusss--- ok, only a little bit as you are such an amazing and prolific artist and it is great to see you get this good reception. You and your wife clearly belong on the red carpet <3
Congratulations to this wonderful exhibition!


Hehe.. I'd be envious too, if I hadn't been part of this. I'm very grateful for this opportunity to be part of the project, but also to get to know this wonderful country with so many warm hearted and welcoming people!

...allerdings scheint die Waage etwas ungenau zu sein, vielleicht war sie zulange in der Wirtschaft.


Heheh... ist ja auch eine "Hangovera" ;-)

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Thank you very much! :-)

It's been a while since we've seen you here, I hope everything is good and you are enjoying the summer out in the real world :)