The Steem community has lost an epic member! Farewell @woflhart!

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It is with great sadness that I learned on Tuesday that one of our Steem community members @wolfhart passed away.

I’m deeply saddened by this news because, in addition to the great human values and positive energy we had in common, @wolfhart was a great supporter of the SteemitBoard project. He sent us so many kind replies each time he received a notification about his progress.

Only a few days ago, he told us of his great joy at having become a dolphin:

You can read his post here

@wolfhart was a very active and supportive member of our community and I was really impressed to see the energy and kindness he deployed to keep in touch with his Steemians friends while he battled cancer and was on a hospital bed.

This picture taken from his very last post says it all!

In memoriam

I got informed of @wolfhart’s death by @brittandjosie and while we shared our sadness, she wrote:

I don’t know if steemitboard has a posthume badge but I would love one for him

Without waiting, the whole @steemitboard team mobilized to realize this magnificent idea.

From now on, the Steem ecosystem will have a special member in addition to the usual redfishes, minnows, dolphins, orcas and whales!

You can see this brand new character on his board.

This is my little gift to @wolfhart and his family. I hope they will appreciate this initiative and will find some comfort in going through these difficult times. Thank you @brittandjosie for this brilliant idea.

As any information in the blockchain, @wolfhart will stay in our minds and in our hearts... forever!

Farewell my friend!

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My condolences to @wolfhart's family. I did not know him, but it is a shame to hear of the death of a Steemian and also a shame about his cancer. I know a few people who died from cancer. They always seem to be so full of life and so happy in life despite their illness. I wish all the best to his family and friends.

Although I did not know @wolfhart at all it is still sad to hear of someone in this community I am part of has passed away. I offer my condolences to his family and others who were close to him.

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Thanks for your kind words @moz333


Always sad when someone passes. I did not know them, but RIP. Hope they are in a better place. (There a typo in the second paragraph btw - reads: wodlfart instead of Wolfhart - normally would not say anything, but being a memorial and all etc.,) its always sad when you hear of someone passing away. It really brings life into perspective, and how precious it really is. How great it is to be able to engage with life, and read people's post. Sometimes I forget that there is someone behind the blog, and sometimes they are going through some real hard stuff in life.

Thank you @theouterlight. And yes we sometimes forget there is/are people(s) behind posts and avatars.

And what makes Steem really different from other social networks is that there is a will from its users to expand this community experience to real life.
See how many meetups are organized all around the world. Not talking about SteemFest...

PS: Typos have been fixed. Thanks

Aw, that's such a nice tribute. Great work, y'all.

He truly will be missed!
He's in so many communities, and affected so many of us.

As we say, Fair Winds and Following Seas!

For sure, we will all miss him.
Thank you @bluefinstudios.

I didn't know him, but I went over and read his posts upon hearing of the passing. May his soul rest in peace. Part of his legacy - which is here on the Steem Blockchain - will live forever.

He was, and still is, a great source of inspiration for us on Steem.
Thank you @adetorrent

A fine and noble tribute to Wolfhart. I didn't know of him, but read some of his posts from just a short week ago. Obviously a man of courage, love and humor. Those traits are rare these days, and make any person who has them a hero in my book. Well done, sir!

Condolences to friends and family and know that your loved one, even bed ridden and sick, could inspire those who never knew him...a wonderful talent and gift. RIP.

Wonderful words @matthias-green. Thank you.

This was a very unique and fantastic post @steemitboard and it's an excellent idea to create that badge as a memorial for @wolfhart. That is a perfect way to honor him @brittandjosie

Thank you @jamerussell.
As mentioned in the post, it was @brittandjosie's idea. We just made it the best we could.

He would have absolutely loved this badge. It is absolutely great that you guys did this.

Thank you @tryskele. It was obvious for us to do it.

Rest in peace @wolfhart🙏💐

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So sad and this is the ultimate goal! We all should be prepared ourselves. @wolfhart may the God be with you and may your family find comfort. Bless.

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So sad. Cancer is a horrible disease. Rip Wolfhart.

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I am so sad to hear of his passing!

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Rest in peace @wolfhart 😞

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May his soul rest in peace...

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his soul be with us forever ! 💙
rest in peace @wolfhart

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Death is a bitter pirouette of which the dead do not keep memories, but the living ones. Sadness is the heaviest burden you can carry, especially if it is full of a lot of happy memories. More heartfelt condolences to your family and friends. friends

what a lovely way to pay respects. Good job 💜

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Life is one big tube of chaos that never ends happy.

Sad to hear wolfhart is gone, I pray hmfor his family tho, have strength, y'all fought hard with him, best you can do is to honour his memory properly and all he holds dear.

Life is one big tube of chaos that never ends happy.

It depends on how you consider life and death.
Thank you for your thoughts and prayers for him and his family

my deepest condolences to his family and friends who have been many is a pedna not being able to have known a great person like @wolfhart it would be nice to meet many steemians like him since what I read was a great person, fighter and A great warrior that God has in glory one day we will get to where you are. We only await the call of our divine creator that God keep your soul and shed much comfort and bless your loved ones in peace. May the Lord bless you to steemians.

I applaud that tribute you have made to your memory. Congratulations. Strength for loved ones.

This post touch me personnaly!

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Thank you for your feedback @chesatochi. Makes it more vibrant.

My condolences to the whole family. I feel for the loss !!!

So sad and this is the ultimate goal! We all should be prepared ourselves. @wolfhart may the God be with you and may your family find comfort. Bless.

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Awesome badge. I really liked his passion. Inspiring. He will be missed.

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RIP @wolfhart...

Rest in peace @Wolfhart

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@steemitboard appreciate you letting us know and truly a touching gesture for a fallen comrade! I did not know @wolfhart, but your words that speak if him so highly just reflect how he touched so many others. Rest in Peace sir.

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Very nice of you to do this for Wolfhart.

wow that is sad - as it sounds like it was very unexpected. I will pray for his family...

It is a real shame. I´m so sorry.

What a great way to honor a fellow steemian, but his legacy will live on as he watches from above.

thanks for remembering that it is actually a human behind the screen of all our screen names. Im impressed of you guys doing this wonderful badge @steemitboard !! Please let me know, IF there is any thing I can do to help you guys :)

Now to wolfhart, you will be missed and thanks for the time you have spent with me, thanks for you time 🐲🐉💗

Actually, I don't know him but he made me very sad because he is one of us as believers on steem blockchain.
RIP @wolfhart

My condolences! I didn't know him, nevertheless it's very sad to loose such a great member of our community. I wish that he rest in peace and I am sending lots of blessings 🕊️

So sad to lost someone very valuable! My condolences!

I feel very sad to hear this news. He is kink hearted and very active member in steemit.

May the God take you him to heaven. RIP.

I really don't know him.but It's hards when you hear that someone is no more.farewell unknown friend

May he rest in peace! He was an extremely kind, funny and courageous person! The way he dealt with cancer could be an inspiration for all of us. He stood tall till the end!

I hope you are in a better place, @walfhart!

Farewell @wolfhart 💔

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What a wonderful way to pay tribute to a lost Steemian. This is fantastic. He touched so many lives and influenced many on the platform. Thank you for honoring him this way... 🙌

Condolences to his friends and family.

Even though I didn't know him, I'm deeply emotioned after what you've written and also his post and messages on it. Cancer is a tough fight and not anyone can win the battle but that doesn't make the person less stronger! May he rest in peace...

  ·  2 months ago (edited)

Hello, @steemitboard.
May the badge there
be clickable with the link on this memorian post?
So any person who will ever find this Steem member on a board
and see this specific badge will have the way to know more.

R.I.P @wolfhart

My deepest condolences to @wolfhart's family.

I didn't know wolfhart very well, but I always made it a point to read his posts during my daily curation efforts, and I can say with full confidence that he was a man who was full of empathy and compassion. His heart was very much in line with his name here on Steem. May his soul rest in peace, and his writings live eternally on our beloved blockchain.

Much love,

I am sadden to hear the loss of our Steemian Brother.
I wish to express my condolences to his family and loved ones.

Rest in peace

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Wow, I am very surprised by the initiative. Well done @steemitboard!
Thanks to @brittandjosie for showing so much love, and farewell to @wolfhart, that show his strength and courage many times, may your soul rest in peace.


Thanks to you all... @arcange and the whole crew, as well as @brittandjosie for requesting this immensely touching and heartfelt tribute. I am having trouble typing... as the emotions are still quite fresh to us all I am sure. @wolfhart was indeed a true example of a Steemian... but even more than that, he was a friend, mentor, joker... and serious, when it was time to be...

As I have said numerous times... both of us dealing with life-changing diseases, combined with prior military service, really created a bond. He was but a State away... and due to financial and health issues, I was unable to try and visit him. He wanted me to... this I know...

It wasn't meant to be, but I will continue to spread the love, light, positive engagement, and spirit... that was, indeed, @wolfhart Thank you so much... all of you... he will live on through each of us...
Until then brother...

no word im so sad about him. i wish all the best to his family and friends.

I am very sorry for the death of @wolfhart. I know it is difficult for the family because I lost a daughter because of cancer and it is a pain that I do not wish on anyone. I did not have the opportunity to meet @wolfhart but it's a shame to lose a member of the community. My condolences to the family.

Dear blockchain steemit friend and #steemitboard , I also mourn with everyone on the death of "Wolfhart". His contribution with you, I forget to chain. Forgetting a gentleman, forgot for everyone. Still, thanking everyone, I am expressing the concentration.

My condolences to @wolfhart's family. Big Prayers Sent and Sage Burned for his Safe and Pleasant Journey into the Spirit World.

Steem needs a love emoji we can share. <3 My condolences to everyone who knew @wolfhart.

Toutes mes condoléances à la famille de @wolfhart, c'est une grande tristesse ...

sentido pesame a la familia

Reciba la familia mis sinceras condolencias por tu partida @wolfhart
Por azahares del destino, mi última publicación se refiere a ti ;

My condolences to @Wolfhart his family and loved once. Great to see the warm heart of this community. Let his badge shine for ever.

Rest in peace, my friend @wolfhart .
Although I just joined steemit, its heartwarming to see such strong bonds of attachment were formed here. I hope to be part of this community one day.

We are so sorry. Our condolences to @wolfhart's family.

Thank you for making a special badge for one of the most wonderful steemian I ever known, he's a legend.. he made it to dolphinhood even though he's in such pain. So proud of him and Many Thanks!

So sad to see a great steemian go. didn't know him prior to this but one thing i know is, he may be gone but his great contributions here on steemit and his works will continue to live on forever.
I pray that the good lord comforts his family.


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My condolences to @Wolfhart's family & loved once.

R.I.P. @Wolfhart

There is always a connection to people and when they pass away our hearts beat faster and also sadden that a fellow human passed away. WolfHart you will forever live on and be remembered coz you are always here.

This is so sad..May God give the families of @wolfhart the fortitude to bear the loss..

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Although I did not know @wolfhart, I feel that I can measure the stature of his person, and of his value to the people who knew him, and to the Steem community of which I am now a part, by the outpouring of love and grief and honor I see from every corner of Steemit. His legacy must surely live on.

My condolences to all those who cherish @wolfhart in their hearts.

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