My condolences to @wolfhart's family. I did not know him, but it is a shame to hear of the death of a Steemian and also a shame about his cancer. I know a few people who died from cancer. They always seem to be so full of life and so happy in life despite their illness. I wish all the best to his family and friends.

Although I did not know @wolfhart at all it is still sad to hear of someone in this community I am part of has passed away. I offer my condolences to his family and others who were close to him.

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Thanks for your kind words @moz333

Rest in Peace 😢 May God bless his soul.


Always sad when someone passes. I did not know them, but RIP. Hope they are in a better place. (There a typo in the second paragraph btw - reads: wodlfart instead of Wolfhart - normally would not say anything, but being a memorial and all etc.,) its always sad when you hear of someone passing away. It really brings life into perspective, and how precious it really is. How great it is to be able to engage with life, and read people's post. Sometimes I forget that there is someone behind the blog, and sometimes they are going through some real hard stuff in life.

Thank you @theouterlight. And yes we sometimes forget there is/are people(s) behind posts and avatars.

And what makes Steem really different from other social networks is that there is a will from its users to expand this community experience to real life.
See how many meetups are organized all around the world. Not talking about SteemFest...

PS: Typos have been fixed. Thanks

Aw, that's such a nice tribute. Great work, y'all.

He truly will be missed!
He's in so many communities, and affected so many of us.

As we say, Fair Winds and Following Seas!

For sure, we will all miss him.
Thank you @bluefinstudios.

I didn't know him, but I went over and read his posts upon hearing of the passing. May his soul rest in peace. Part of his legacy - which is here on the Steem Blockchain - will live forever.

He was, and still is, a great source of inspiration for us on Steem.
Thank you @adetorrent

A fine and noble tribute to Wolfhart. I didn't know of him, but read some of his posts from just a short week ago. Obviously a man of courage, love and humor. Those traits are rare these days, and make any person who has them a hero in my book. Well done, sir!

Condolences to friends and family and know that your loved one, even bed ridden and sick, could inspire those who never knew him...a wonderful talent and gift. RIP.

This was a very unique and fantastic post @steemitboard and it's an excellent idea to create that badge as a memorial for @wolfhart. That is a perfect way to honor him @brittandjosie

Thank you @jamerussell.
As mentioned in the post, it was @brittandjosie's idea. We just made it the best we could.

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