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Welcome to SteemitBoard’s witness report

Like all other witnesses, @steemitboard publish a regular report on its activity and how it helps the Steemit platform and its users to grow and to have fun.

For those who don’t know the why SteemitBoard team runs a witness, we highly recommend reading the introduction post. This one is full of information.

We want to say how grateful we are towards everyone who voted for @steemitboard as a witness. We moved up from rank #73 to rank #69 thanks to your votes (you can check this on @arcange's witness page]( This really helps the project to survive and continue to redistribute fun and part of what we get to all users on the platform. Thank you!

Work done

We created several new personal badges and challenges

Tokyo meetup badge
The badge has been awarded to 14 users who attended the last Steem meetup in Tokyo (Japan) organized by @yoshiko.

Rocky Mountain meetup badge
The brand new badge will be awarded to any participant to the coming Rocky Mountain Steem meetup organized by @rockymtnsteem.

Interaction with users


@steemitboard sends a lot of notifications to inform users of their progress on Steemit.
Here a small chart to display the work done every month, depending on the activity of Steem users on the blockchain:

Notifications are really appreciated and you sent us a lot of positive feedback. Many of you love being informed about their progress on Steem and we get the same steady ratio with only 4% asking to stop receiving notifications, meaning 96% of the Steem blockchain user are happy to get informed about their achievement.

A big THANK YOU to all of you who keep upvoting the notifications they receive. This is really helpful.

Support from SteemitBoard to users

Did you know @steemitboard also upvotes user’s post when it sends a notification?

Here's a chart with the number of votes made every day. You will notice that SteemitBoard has upvoted 651960 posts, with up to 42933 posts per month and is now on a lower average of approximately 29500 posts upvoted per month for the last 3 months.

As @steemitboard Voting Power increases slowly but surely, these upvotes are are worth more and more, both on the active user’s reward but also on their reputation.

SteemitBoard is grateful when you support it

As you have read above, the impact of @steemitboard votes is still low. That's why we're asking you to support this project by voting the notifications you receive or voting for @steemitboard as a witness.

@steemitboard has now more than 40k followers (42167 exactly) and 9078 users who voted @steemitboard has as a trusted witness. This is awesome support from the Steem Community.

A very BIG THANK YOU to all of you!

Such support is highly appreciated and each user with an active vote for @steemitboard as a witness is entitled :

  • doubled power when you get a notification and your post is upvoted.
  • a dedicated badge

If you want to make this badge yours, that’s easy:
vote for @SteemitBoard as a witness!

Thanks for reading and for your support!

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Forgot to thank us delegators. Still love @steemitboard. Always happy to support with my witness vote.

Think the images above do not match the badges described. Carnival badge is shown for Tokyo. Tokyo badge is shown next to Rocky Mountain. Check your post. Thought you might want to know, so you can edit.

We plan to improve the reward for our delegators.
Thank for your notifying about the small errors in the post. Fixed now.

Thank you for your sharing and support.

Thank you too for your support of our witness @ansoe

Thank you for such a good report. 👍

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Glad you like it @mushabbar


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Thanks steemiboard for sharing information 👍
I upvote for witness.

You're welcome @shashiprabha

Thanks, @steemitboard for supporting. Keep up the good work!

Thank you.

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Thank you

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Gracias por compartir la información!

Thank YOU :D

Thank you for support

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gracias a ustedes por su inmenso apoyo!!!

Thanks for a great article

I tried voting as a witness and get an error "cannot convert a string to a bool"

Did you get this sorted out?

Are all Steemians automatically enrolled in the Steemitboard project from the moment their account is created, or is it an opt-in?

really thaks for all

Hi there. I would like to chat with the programmers of SteemItBoard regarding a gamification of prayers. Can somebody please point me in the right direction? Thanks.

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Thanks, @steemitboard this is a witness vote thanking you so much for your love and support..