Do not miss the coming Rocky Mountain Steem Meetup and get a new community badge!

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Thanks so much for helping us spread word of the awesome steem community we have out here @steemitboard (:

@arcange please check your discord, something really bad just happened It was resolved!

Give me a call today when you get some time.

Hey I don’t have your number. Maybe Dustin could give you mine? He and I had a falling out but I think he still has my number probably.

It's not going to work out. I was thinking about having steemians who are in town for the Meetup over Friday eve. but I didn't realize we had another possible obligation to pick up our granddaughter. Maybe next time.

Thanks for the invite, maybe in a week or 2 (:
I'm getting my wisdom teeth taken out on the 1st.

yall have a great time - I will be at my friend's wedding in Longmont! Blessings!

I'll have to just play Cripple Creek on my banjo before heading to work that day. I won't be able to take the time off for a drive to Colorado.

That's a good start. Can we expect a live performance from you on the next edition? 😂

If STEEM goes to be moon between now and then, that is a distinct possibility. But you really shouldn't subject yourself to that kind of torture even if opportunity allows. I am nowhere close to Scruggs in talent.

Was just out there. Sad I cant make it :(.

Enjoy fresh air and fresh new experiences Steemians

Well hopefully we'll meet you at one of the next ones!

So close yet so far away. Wish I could make it. Just not in the budget.

Maybe we will have a meetup when Steem is closer to $8 again (:

Or I have a job LOL. You picked an incredible area to have it.

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GodSpeed ! :) 💙 Every Participants !

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So close yet so far away. Wish I could make it. Just not in the budget.

Dear#Steemitboard Meetup events are always a powerful way to spark desire. Events like these are better if they are more public.

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