My twelfth illustration for @pibara's novel, Ragnarok Conspiracy: Xavier

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Hello みなさま!~
¡Hola a todos!~

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The end is here. We have already reached the end of this project guys, I hope you've liked it and have enjoyed it those who have gone all the way :D. It was a very interesting work, full of experiences for me, I think it has helped me to grow up as artist and to know myself a little more. Thanks to @pibara for this opportunity always, let's check the Ragnarok Conspiracy promotions of last month published by the author, @pibara.

And I bring you a good new... I'm going to post all the novel in Spanish (coming soon) and I'm going to add my illustrations because Pibara has given me the copyrights to publish it by this web, so, for people interested keep your eyes open because is coming soon :D (sorry if I'm absent, I'm working in a office sooo... I have a full schedule and I only have internet in my work XD).


In fact, this was the first illustration I drew, which I won the Pibara's contest last year when he offered me this job as illustrator of his novel. Buut this illustration had a different style so I made it a remake, most especially to the character to make it more realistic and similar with the others I've drawn. As you can see I've improved :D.

If you want to see the above steps, they are in the next post:

Xavier Illustration.jpeg

All the readjustments I made them at once, using Bobby Lashley as character model as mentioned by the author.
Here I improve the textures and some things of perspective and anatomy, it was a quickly remake XD.


That's all, I hope you've liked it :D.

Check my instagram to see my illustrations ^^. Bye, bye, see you guys :P. Next post will be new content and'll see XD.

Please respect our copyrights.

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Hello @marylucy, thank you for sharing this creative work! We just stopped by to say that you've been upvoted by the @creativecrypto magazine. The Creative Crypto is all about art on the blockchain and learning from creatives like you. Looking forward to crossing paths again soon. Steem on!

Calidad guapa, ya sabes lo que pienso sobre tu arte <3

Hola papa frita, ¡muchas gracias por apoyarme siempre :D!

I love your creations friend you're the best .

Thanks Eliana! You're very kind seriously :33. Thanks for supporting me :D.

@marylucy tu post ha sido seleccionado para nuestro reporte semanal por considerar que es 100% original


¡Arriba, arriba @steemitvenezuela!

Muchas gracias compañero :D, siempre tan amable. Me alegra que considere mi contenido como de buena calidad. Saludos