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I've been blessing myself with some deep breaths 

after returning from SteemFest! 

Finding my way back to my groove, I'm gearing up for new artistic expression.

I've been doing art collaborations with some of my physical friends 

for many years in many different mediums.

Recently, I've been ecstatic about doing art collaboration 

with other Steemian artists too.

As a matter of fact, 

I used all the post rewards raised by these collaborations 

to help fund my way to Steemfest in Amsterdam.

I wasn't able to completely fund my journey, 

but every little bit helped 

and I am so incredibly honored to have received such 

heartfelt support from this community.

When arriving in Amsterdam I got to meet many of those 

artists who have played with me.  

What a super blast to know those who have added their energy to mine 

to create masterpieces, building this artists community together.

I love opening Steemit and receiving presents of artistic transformation.  

I would like to play some more with you.

This is the way to play:


I offer up this creation to be used as a base for the collaborative piece.

This is a portion of my painting/drawing on canvas with 

watercolors, acrylics, colored pencils and ink.

Print the image or do whatever
it is you need to do to add to/or alter it.
(i.e., including but not limited to painting, drawing,
adding other photographs, collaging,
altering it digitally or however you wish . . .

or perhaps even adding a tune like @lloyddavis did for our Ned's Head collaboration, or perhaps a music video like @allgoodthings did with the artwork of others.)

We're artists, so anything goes!

Then make a post about it,
sharing your process and anything about it that inspires you.

Note: Making a post is not a requirement to play, so don't let any time constraints or "rules" get your patties up in a wad.  But, if you do make a post about it with your process we can share our works more prolifically and people will likely be intrigued by seeing how it developed.  

I know I will!

Tag your post with #art and #CollaborativeArtJourney.

Copy the link from your post into a comment below.

(If you don't make a post--though I hope you will--

please just post your finished piece in the comments below.)

After the deadline I will make a post featuring all the collaborations
and highlighting all the different pieces inspired by the same original photo/art.

This round I will be donating any rewards from the post to my favorite and most honorable group doing humanitarian works:  the @gardenofeden

 (I am a full-time volunteer at the @gardenofeden, living the vision of @quinneaker, creating a life based on sustainability, freedom and responsibility--holding space for the betterment of humanity and freedom for the children!  This is an incredibly worthy cause I support with 100% of my energy!  Here is a taste of just two weeks in the @gardenofeden vortex.)

Deadline for this submission is
Wednesday, November 23, 2016 at Midnight CST.  Just in time for another day of gratitude.

Together we are building a strong art community,
getting to know one another,
and creating some masterpieces along the way.

Here is my most recent post following my trip to Steemfest that highlights all of our other collaborative works.  

Links are provided for each artist's contribution.  Enjoy!

And for easy access, my post of our completed works on our first piece is here.

I hope you are inspired to play with me and the other Steemian artists.  

If you know other artists, musicians, videographers, photographers or others who would also like to play, please share this post so we can get the artistic juices and steem rolling!

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Oh oh oh oh oh!!!! I just love opening my computer and receiving presents. This is fabulous--again, @meesterboom!!! Thank you for sharing and for adding your awesomeness to this collaboration. I'm so excited!!!

It's a pleasure, I like having a think and a play around with it!!!

I really love what you did with this. All of these pieces are stunning. What a great portfolio we are building.

OHHHHHHHH MYYYYYY GOSH!!! This is so fabulous!! I'm super duper over the top excited that you are playing with us. What a great transformation. Incredibly inspiring!

WOW Renee - that is over the top COOL!

Great job, love!

this is awesome!

Amazing work, congrats!

Amazing! Simply wonderful!

Thank you :-)

I opened this post and my heart started jumping with joy. Oh what fun this is!!! So vibrant and moving. I especially love the fish moving and the pupil spiral. Thank you!!!!!

Glad you like it! I had lots of fun playing around with it. Thank you for offering this possibility :-)


Awesome idea! I'm new to Steem so still trying to work out what's going on but I had to jump on board with an art collab! Hope everyone enjoys it :)


So blessed you came out to play!! This is a fabulous piece--the colors vibrant and the addition intriguing. I believe we play well together!

Glad to be a part of it! I might even have another go tomorrow. I'd love to try a gif for the first time!

I don't even know what a gif is!!! Would love to see it!

Here you go! My first ever gif so it's a bit rushed but just wanted to have fun and see what it looks like.

So the gif is this action thingy! Sweeeeeet piece! I love it. Perfect positioning of the movement. Thank you for adding such great value to this game. I appreciate you @spaceginger!

Ohhhh I love how you have transformed this. What a great surprise! The colors look so vibrant in contast to the head. Very interesting to just sit and look at. The quality of these collaboration are astounding. Thanks for playing with us @soyjoseluis!

I love to play, thank you for proposing this collaboration. Peace.

Another one of your amazing creations. The colors are so refreshing and the composition with just the eyes is much to my liking. I'm so grateful you found the time to play @opheliafu.

at that!!!
What fun you have added to this collaboration. I'm so excited that you are playing with us.

I'm in too, hope you enjoy these 5 of which I will include just one here.


Oh my gosh! We are so incredibly good together! Thankyou so much @catsmart for playing with us!

Yep, your Artist's Eye was an awesome starting point and produced some nice results, so we all have to thank you for being the detonator for so many other great pieces we can admire here.

Thank you @catsmart. It's so fun to see what our energies combined can do. What an incredible display we have made. I'm amazed at every single one.

Yep, it's been very inspiring and surprising. ;)

Agreed. I just love opening my blog and seeing you all here. What a blessing!

Very cool!

Thanks for to post the picture @thedrollyears :)

This is a really good feeling picture! It made me smile and your words too. Thank you for participating in this artist community building opportunity. So glad you played with us.

This is really trippy! I don't know how you make it do like that, but I love it! So glad you are playing with us. This community is getting stronger with every bit of play we share. Thank you @yoganarchista.

This is really trippy! I don't know how you make it do like that, but I love it! So glad you are playing with us. This community is getting stronger with every bit of play we share. Thank you @yoganarchista.

How sweet it is you showed up here to play!!! I really love what you did to transform this piece into something totally different. Eye's must look a little like fishies since a couple of artists made them so. What a cool perspective you have and shared. I'm totally stoked with this collaboration.

You make me wanna do the craziest stuff to make you laugh :) Happy to share art with you our dearest @everlove!!

Awe! What a delight you are!

great project @everlove. its inspired me to have a go... altho i realise i have missed the deadline. nevermind i thought i'd post anyway.

So glad you are playing with us here @pcste. Thanks for posting even past the deadline, you're not too late to get included in the finale post. This is a great piece...the colors are really great and I love the balance of the eye overhead. All around a super great collaboration.

Love the idea, I don't know if I will have time as I am very busy in the next couple of days, preparing everything for Thanksgiving, but if I can I will participate.

It would be fun to have you. If you don't make it, we will likely do it again, but is always spectacular to get in on the game.

I am excited to see the products of these collaborations!

Seeing them now!!! What great surprises!

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Tis true! Gratefully those who are playing this game with me did better reward-wise than I did. It's all part of the game!

Great idea:) I look forward to seeing the results of this!

Me too. It's been so much fun already and the masterpieces are really incredible. Excited to see what comes next!

great idea! can't wait to see the results))

Meeeee toooooo! Are you inspired to play?

i am thinking of ideas)) if I get one I will. )))