Inktober Day 9 "Precious Spider Baby" A drawing from two ideas.

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Today we see our witch inspired by two words again.


And the entire piece:

Hepseba knew it was silly loving her new familiar so, but he was just so precious! It would take far more will power than she had to stop from hugging the precious little darling

Today our witch feels her familiar is far too lovable not to cuddle and hug, her "Precious" little darling "Spider Baby".

I couldn't resist using the prompt words from both #inktober as well as #drawlloween today. I mean, c'mon, "Precious Spider Baby"! I Had to.

I am really loving this monthly project. It's nice to enter my studio knowing it is a 'black and white' day. It allows me to have fun, focus and then get to work on other things as well.

In the spirit of our community #inktober I am going to keep sharing another post each day. Today,why not check out @beekart amazing Day 5 Chicken, it's pretty wonderful so go check it out right here.

Another busy day, but the weather is a dream. It's sunny and warm and the wind has picked up a bit so the waves sound so soothing and dreamy today. I hope you are all enjoying this fine day and if you have not joined in to #inktober, give it a go. And if you are involved, good luck and keep it up!

And check out my other #inktober posts thus far:

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I knew you HAD to like this one it's veryspiderbaby!

Precious spider baby looks kind of cranky XD Does it not like cuddles? LoL!

He likes 'special' cuddles... special blood sucking cuddles...Oh spider baby, you imp, what mischief you'll get into :)

Evil baby! Burn it!

...Just kidding very lovely 😉😂

As a wise witch would say, "Evil is as Evil does" ;)

Let's say it has a face and body only a mother could love :)

Let's say it has a face and body only a mother could love :)

This explenation makes your "precious" illustration even more beautiful

Haha nice one. Reminds me of Stephen King's dark tower. There's also a spider baby. But what happened after his birth was unfortunately no hugging and kissing

I don't know that one, book or movie, what happened? Was it eating or stinging or what? Now I'm curious.

It's an epic series of books. If you're interested in reading them I rather don't tell you what happened ;)

haha. Made me think of Alice Cooper's Black Widow...
'...these words he speaks are true, we're all humanary stew if, we don't pledge allegiance to The Black Widow...' ' him, yes, we love him...'
haha good song...creepy illustration. well done.

Isn't there a song 'black widow baby' or some such as well, or did I dream that?

I don't really know. You three girls are always singing it but I assumed you made it up ;)

By the end of this Inktober you will have enough illustrative material for some good book @donnadavisart! Hope some publisher or writer will see this.

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Your contributions to inktober are great! Well, I must say that I'm not that fond of the spider baby :) BUT it's just a personal choice, lol!

Happy inktobering! :)

It looks so amazing! that baby.. 😨

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Such amazing work as always. Resteemed.

I like looking at their expressions lol. Spider baby looks so unhappy being snuggled by the witch XD.