Inktober - Day 5 - Chicken

in art •  11 months ago 

Hey everyone!

Today is 'for me' is day 5 on the Inktober challenge!

I'm still very far behind! UGH!!!

Day 5 topic is - Chicken


Was something different than I expected,, drawing image like this with pens are so challenging!
I really want to get better at it.. yet there are still a billion things i need to get better at!

1 step at the time!! :)

Keep working hard!

Rogier / @beekart

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Is that king kong? I like this art, it makes my eyes focus on the big animal first before browsing about and finding the person hiding near us.
Lovely inkworks, you should be happy with arts like these, Rogier, definitely :D.

haha i think it is! Shouldve made te silhoutte stand out a bit more by creating a more circular empty space around the ape :o that wouldve probably made it look cooler!

I really like this! Reminds me of a more old-school illustration, like something out of Great Illustrated Classics! I really like the cool shape the entire image sits in, as well as the trees that look like they're dripping. Keep it up! :D

haha thank you I sort of didnt quite like how it came out.. but I know what you mean regarding the classic illustration.. due to that brushpen it sort of has that vibe :P

Don't worry. You just look at mine and you will be comforted. I am no artist but I join Inktober for fun as art is so relaxing. Mine is primary school standard. Lol. Yours is superbly awesome to me. 😁

haha thnx but i sort of do this for a living.. so i always have to strife to get better :P

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Wow, this is amazing... Like one commenter already mentioned, it looks like it belongs in an adventure book from my youth! I also like your take on the 'chicken' topic!

Thanks @bengy glad you like it :)
I know what you mean with the adventure book.. its due to the brushpen look i think!

Looks pretty good to me! And there's one way to get better ;D

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Thnx :D yeh. practice!

Ooh, had some similar idea with "chicken" theme, but then went the other way ;)
Great drawing, will check out your works more often :)

Thanks @longer ! Ill try not to dissapoint ;)

I love seeing all the ways we are interpreting the prompt words. This is a good one, and your linework is so amazing, per usual.

KONG !!! I love it ! It really captures the prompt in a creative way :) Love how you use black strokes so effectively to create the jungle and love the fineliners too <3

It never really stops does it, the quest of getting better!

so you are in inktober challenge too! Rogier and his pen ? hahha , nice , still i am not sure if i will join it or no ,
where is the chicken ? :)) in Gorilla's hands ?

:D I am indeed participating in inktober with my pen! ^^

The chicken is the guy behind the tree ,, to scared of the big ape :P