ARK: Short Term Correction Hasn't Changed the Longer Term Waves or Pattern

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The short term count for ARK/USD shows that sicne the yellow Z wave of C bottom, five waves of an impulse have completed (blue). Elliott Waves states that after five waves, there is a correction. And that's what's been occuring as shown by the red ABC waves. Could price again temporarily pierce the lower yellow trend line? Yes and it'll still be a valid correction at around 0.78 Fib level.

Even the longer term shows that wave 2 (white) is in progress as shown in the below chart. The broadening pattern is still intact. The key is to what depth will the retracement take? Probably 0.618 Fib level.

The MACD indicator hasn't really changed much and should soon turn up (white arrow).

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Nice graphs! Focus on the long term not the short. Buy low sell high.

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Thank you

impressive. thank you

Sitting on ARK since 2100. Unplanned hodl. Even my patience is running out of patience on this gem. Once it gets past "W" I quit counting as happiness level begins to decline. Everything to The BTC! Opt out fiat.

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the curves and graphs looks confusing can you kindly trow more light to it please


Added some of this to my bag yesterday, and in profit :)

Great graph