Discord & Community Guide to the MSP (Minnow Support Project)

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Well, hello there.
So you have joined the PAL Discordhttps://discordapp.com/invite/GUuCXgY (Home of the MinnowSupportProject) and you want to know where to go from here?

Let me tell you about the MSP as well as how to get the most out of it.

Join us! I promise we will help new people who join the community!
First, what is the MinnowSupportProject?
It is a community of Steemians that wish to help each other grow. Now, you hear this a lot among the various groups here, but this is different. We don't advocate the 'follow for follow' or 'upvote for upvote' type of scheme that just dilutes the content of SteemIt.

We advocate the sharing of content with each other to increase your audience and following. If you have quality content and get involved with the community, you will benefit from it.

Alright. So what now?
First, the small list of rules for the Discord server.

Do not post links to SteemIt in channels they do not belong in. (Do not promote any SteemIt posts in General.)
It is a public channel, so try and keep it relatively clean.
Help the community.
Now that we have those cleared up you can move on to saying hello to General channel and engaging with everyone. You might even already be at this point and got the link to this article there. Socialize a bit, get to know people. If you are ready to get registered and start using the @minnowsupport and @banjo bots to help boost SteemIt posts, we can move on to gaining access to them.

Second, let's get you Registered.
For this, you are going to need at least 0.002 STEEM (Not STEEM DOLLARS). This is because you have to send 0.001 each to the two bots in charge of registration. This is to prevent spam and act as a proof that you are a real account on SteemIt.

If you don't have the STEEM to register, mention something in General. Someone might be able to help with that.

DO THIS ONLY IN Registration Channel

Enter the following:

$register your SteemIt username (without the @)

Make sure to use your own name in place of <steemit-name> For example, mine would be:

$register discordiant

The bots will come back with a request for you to send the STEEM and a Memo to include when you do.

Use the Transfer option on your STEEM balance in your wallet and send to the correct accounts the 0.001 each along with their respective Memo entries. (They are different for each.)

Once both are sent, come back to Registration and type in the same command. This time both should acknowledge you as registered.
If you have an issues, ask in General for help.
Hurray! You are registered. What does this get you?
Well, a few things. You get:

Ability to link to posts in Upvote channel with the command $upvote.
This will give you Upvotes from fairly high SP (STEEM Power) accounts.
You can link to any post you want to see receive the upvotes, including your own.
Your role in the chat will change to a different color. You started as White, you are now a different color.

The recognition of your peers.

Awesome, right?

Spend some more time socializing in General. Check out some of the other channels as well, see if anything pops out as interesting. Engage with your fellow community members.

So, you want to help more?
You want to have that fancy color all the Delegators have?
This is how to delegate some of your SP to the cause. Delegation means that you are going to put some of your STEEM Power value behind the @minnowsuport bot.

This used to involve math and some nearly arcane trickery. Now it is simple.

You will need:

This link: MSP Delegator Webapp,
Your Active Private Key - This is acquired by clicking on Show Private Key to the right of Active under Permissions in your wallet. You may have to click on Login to Show first, this is just for security.
Do the following:

Go to that link, enter your username and amount of SP to delegate. (See below for advice on that.)
Once you have generated the URL, either copy/paste it into a new window, or click on the Open URL button.
It will show you a dialog to confirm the amounts, don't worry about the VESTS amount, it won't make any sense.
Just verify your username is correct.
Click on Continue, and then when asked, enter your SteemIt username and the Active private key you got from your Permissions tab on SteemIt. (You are not giving this to anyone but SteemIt, they just have you enter it to be sure you mean to do this.)
If you see a successful dialogue, you have delegated that amount of SP to minnowsupport.

Now you need to prove it to a moderator.
Head on over to this link, https://steemd.com/@minnowsupport to see the log of activity on minnowsupport.

Take a screenshot of this section showing your 'username delegate ## SP to minnowsupport ' and provide it to one of the mods found in General chat via PM.

The moderator will take care of the rest, at least once he can get to it.
(Current moderators: Gmuxx , Shane Welker and Aggroed)
So, how much should I delegate?
This can vary, but the best answer is as much as you feel comfortable. Some will tell you 50% of your total SP, others 25%. Some might give you an arbitrary number like 10 or 50 SP.

I would recommend no lower than 10 and no more than 50% of your total SP.

What else can I do to help?
You can also use Streemian and Steemvoter to help with keeping the community alive and well. Both of these will increase your membership tier on top of Delegator status too.

Follow the guides below for that.

Streemian Guide - by @swelker101

Full guide on registration including Discord, Streemian and Steemvoter - by @rhondak

How do I get the most out of this?
Mostly, just engage with everyone in Discord. They will guide and help you along the way. Answering questions, offering opinions, and generally trying to help you understand what to do.

Other helpful links
Announcements - Governance - Policies

The Silver lining I failed to see in the MinnowSupportProject,
Thanks for reading through this guide. I hope it has helped you. I promise to help you if you need it after joining.

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