A Dollar A Day charitable giving project : a big, big thank you to @globocop & listeners to his Saturday radio show on MSP Waves

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I was surprised and delighted when I read @globocop's promotion post for his Frequency Waves show on MSP Waves on Saturday.

He was very kindly promoting A Dollar A Day and inviting listeners to send donations.

"Have a Heart and Take Part with @ADollarADay today" was the tagline Globo used.

And the donations came in...

Thank you @globocop, thank you @clayboyn, @isaria, @r0nd0n and @swelker101.

And thank you also to @cryptocurator who also donated again on the night.

Altogether over 25 SBD came in during @globocop's show.

The generosity of steem doesn't stop there.

Today A Dollar A Day received a donation of 15SBD from @steeminganarchy. I don't know you yet @steeminganarchy, but thank you very much for your kind gift.

Yesterday also A Dollar A Day ambassador @coruscate posted an excellent video to enter and promote the A Dollar A Day What can you buy for 1 SBD? contest.

You can watch @coruscate's video here :

And you can read the contest post here :

I will be picking the first winners in the next couple of days so now is a perfect time to enter.

Thank you to all the delegators and donors that support the A Dollar A Day project.

Despite the fall in the steem and SBD value we are still managing to donate over US$500 each month - with a total since the start of the project of over US$3000.

The additional donations coming in at the moment will allow me to add a couple more projects to the list to receive the daily donations. More information coming shortly on those.

I have also just launched my new @communityaction project to provide additional support to community organisations.

A Dollar A Day relies on the generosity of the people of steem. We welcome donations of any size or frequency. Just send whatever number of SBDs (or steem) you can afford to @adollaraday.

100% of all donations goes directly to the recipient organisations around the world.

Thank you.

Previous A Dollar A Day posts :

[ logo by @hungryhustle // other images by @globocop and @coruscate ]

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It's a good opportunity to support the community, even internationally.

What's more, I would like to see a video contest of what an SBD could buy in places such as Venezuela, Nigeria or Nicaragua...

I also call the witnesses and @ned to support @adollaraday- how much more could be done with some serious SP behind the charity?


I think someone in Venezuela entered, and someone in Nicaragua commented on my entry, if you're curious! :)


Hello @globocop, my entry is from Venezuela, you can see the link, really if it follows the sbd, in fall, we buy less.