Ox (ZRX/BTC) Bullish Cup & Handle Pattern Nearly Complete & Nearing Trend Reversal

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ZRX/BTC Cup formation started Sept of last year and talk about a slow correction; it lasted until Dec. 2017 and had a skyrocket rise of 1,458% into February. Since five Elliott Waves dictate a requisite abc correction, Ox has decided to carve out a bullish downward pointing symmetrical triangle in the form of abcde waves. This would form the handle portion of the pattern. Once wave e is complete, price would also be quite proximal to the apex; and ideal distance for the start of a breakout.

The breakout would be quite impressive and most likely more vertical than as depicted in the below chart. The timeline is approximate as well, with wave 3 completion expected at around early June and 5 for early July or so.

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Great analysis indeed.
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This is great bro thanks

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Nice analysis here
I really love this
zrx is a coin

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The ABC might not seem obvious to everyone as you carved out an ABCDE, but the latter is in the C wave.

Just noticed that my ladder was called this morning. I'm on HODL with ZRX. 🙌

Hello Haejin, please reanalyze AST ... bought it few days ago when you recommended at 4646 but it's going way down. Is it still showing bullish?

Well detailed... I like that

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well information in all steemit user..
thanks for shareing...

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Well said. Upvoted.

I was wondering if Haejin was a male or female as the name can be either in Korea. Not that important, but I like to image the voice when reading articles. I know..... I can be weird =P

She fell in love with @berniesanders ... The heart has its reasons that the reason ignores.

Nice wallet :) lol Keep hoping for more votes, I'm sure they're coming. Good job.

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