Zcash (ZEC) Analysis: Elliott Waves & Pattern Call for Another Profitable Bull Run

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Note: Sorry for delays as the backlog for analysis requests is getting bigger. I appreciate your patience!

The larger view picture of Zcash (ZEC/USD) shows what could be an ideal bullish setup. The two consecutive rounds of bottom formation is bullish because these reflect a very extended time of consolidation and churning of price sideways. As the chart below shows, ZEC had done this for about seven months. IF the wedge represents the degree of correction following a five wave impulse; then higher lows need to be placed. Price currently is undergoing a minor correction and as long as it stays above the prior low; a trend reversal potential is still in effect.

Here is a very common type of pattern for Altcoins, the broadening pattern. Recall from about 4 months ago, that I had posted on the speciation of patterns for Cryptos. The most common was the Cup & Handle (Chalices of Wealth); then the descending wedge and then the Jaws of Wealth, Broadening Pattern. Within each type, there is also unique variations of degree, waves and length. For ZEC, Elliott Waves and Pattern indicate that higher highs are not too far off. As price had touched the lower blue line; it now is expected to traverse towards the upper line. The target is shown to be somewhere in the $1,179 zone. Does this projection mean it'll happe tomorrow? NO! The July to early Fall would be ideal time frame. As long as the lower blue lline holds against any decisive breaching, ZEC could have a rather bullish outlook.

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Is anyone having his/her investments in Zencash? I bought it like two months ago and now I am like it looks like I am the only one who bought it lol


Hope you will manage to get to brake even or small profit, otherwise....
I made this forecast on 26th of February:

Keep the $ZEC and $QTUM updates coming. $VEE, $MOBI and $AGI would be interesting.

Thanks, very good post !!!!

Awesome Work!

Keep it up!!!


Love the analysis, buy orders just underneath price currently. 1st target 0.05 Btc.

I have been trying to learn more about zcash for sometime now. @jesseluther is right keep the updates coming. Now I just need to get enough cash together to buy enough of zcash to make it worth my wild. What is the average amount of shares does everyone buy?

well information.... thanks for information

..thanks you.

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I probably could. Because they come in all shapes & sizes & colors. What style of butt would you like me to post about next?


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Some might call this crazy but I draw the booty as I see it.

Anyone reading tea leaves to predict crypto prices yet? Might be more scientific


You don't need tea leaves, all you need is to study charts and understand them:)
I made TA for Zcash on 26th of February and it still valid:)


TA only works in markets that are deep and liquid enough. If even bitcoin can succumb to price drops when one trustee disposes of some coins, how much can we depend on TA for smaller cap coins?

It could just be a whale trap for all the small investors.

I do think TA is valuable, but this is the right medicine for the wrong patient


TA works in market where is psichology involved:) here we have bunch of it

Very nice dear haejin

I would consider you to be my teacher, your analysis are just on point, love it, thanks. @haejin


When a whale can move a whole market, technical analysis is useless. It only works in large liquid markets

ZEC has always done well for me in the past, let’s hope that it will again

can you do a review on BitcoinZ? It's everything that BTC should be. Minable. Scalable. Lightning fast ...


interesting may take a look zcash. Thanks

Nice bro

I made TA for Zcash on 26th of February and it still valid:) However my view on this is different from yours like in many other:)

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