"The Woman Who Moved" - Story Writing Collaboration - Part 2

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As part of a story collaboration set up by @mandelsage, myself @insideoutlet, & @lilyraabe all @dolphinschool attendee’s will be taking turns in writing a story. We can’t promise how it will turn out as I can tell you right off the bat that I am an accountant and English was my worse subject but I can tell you that it should be a laugh along the way trying to connect the stories.

There were only two rules, 1st that each section of the story should be 300-400 words in length so a quick 2 min read for you all. I will aim to keep to this but given @mandelsage broke his own rule off the bat with a whopping 767 words, yes I counted, I make no promises. Rule two, no consulting each other on the collaboration.

Before we get onto PART 2 make sure you check out PART 1 of “The Woman Who Moved” HERE.

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Now, I present to you Part 2 of...

The Woman Who Moved

Brought to you by @mandelsage, @insideoutlet and @lilyraabe

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After I got used to the noiselessness that permutated everything around me and settled my heart to the thundering sounds of my own movements, panic and despair set in. I had never had so much time to consider my own thoughts before now, there had always been distractions, things dragging my attentions away from those nagging feelings. I knew I had to move past despair as I could never solve this mystery while curled up in a ball on the floor. Plus I has hungry and my hubby had been preparing lunch. So I took some deep breaths, finished the lunch prep and ate up

There were so many questions and so few answers. My husband, who is a wealth of knowledge and my first go to when questions needed answering was still frozen despite me trying to bring him out of it by waving lunch so close to him nose that I got mayonnaise on it. Instead of cleaning if off, I spent the next five minutes in fits of laughter and was still smiling about when I ventured out into the stillness again.

I know I had been outside but I couldn’t remember anything other than the obvious, that I was the only person who wasn’t frozen and that may not be changing anytime soon. After a period of time, I have no idea how much as the clock had stopped, I noticed that not only was everyone frozen in time but the sun was still high in the sky. It had not moved and I had gone past starving into that sick feeling so we were well past dinnertime.

How would one distinguish time with no movement of the sun?

Not knowing the time was another concern that I put in the stress about later bucket as I skipped into the local bakery, lucky for me the lunchtime pies were still waiting to be taken out of the over so I took a warm minced pie and devoured it in a heartbeat, following it up with an apple strudel before realising that I would have to make my own rules until this passed, if it ever passed. My town wasn’t large so while the food would last for some time, with no movement of time there would be no growth, with no growth no new food sources.

The next few days passed in a blur, I say days but the sun never moved so I made my own time, sleeping when I was tired, eating when I hungry and talking to myself when I was bored. What was next I had no clue, but I was nervous to say the least…

In PART 3 by @lilyraabe

If you missed it check out PART 1

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You guys are an awesome example of collaboration.

Thanks it has been fun :)

Interesting premise, I like that your character realizes there will be no plants growing, the food will be a problem.

It was the first thing I thought of lol. I get huangry pretty easily lol.

This is a really great collaboration. Awesome to see all of you working together. As promised I covered the SteemPlus Google Chrome extension you suggested in a recent post so I am upvoting and resteeming this post. Thank you so much for the suggestion.

Awesome @bozz that's a great extension @stoodkev will be happy its getting more traction. 😁

Thanks! It's not a huge deal, but it is bozz with two 'zz's :) Thanks for tagging @stoodkev as well. I was going to do it in the story, but then I couldn't find the name again before I had to post.

bloody auto correct lol! I will fix now. :)

No worries I figured it might be something like that. 😁

Niiicceee! =) ... I hadn't even given eating a single thought! lol... I don't believe it'll be too much of a problem ;P Since everything is frozen, all matter stays in exactly the same state, so nothing goes rotten ;)

But hey, I'm bordering on breaking the rules here - no consulting each other on the story! ;P ... I really can't wait to see what @lilyraabe comes up with.

I love the pics you chose by the way, especially the first one. It really looks like the woman is walking through a crowd of time-frozen people! =)

Yeah the frozen girl was awesome. Pixabay is a fantastic source of stock images. Yes no collusion lol.

Yep I use Pixabay almost exclusively =) The others usually return "Sorry, 0 results for your query" ..

Haha I even get that on pixabay. I must search weird stuff haha.

Part Three is NOW LIVE --> https://steemit.com/writing/@lilyraabe/the-woman-who-moved-or-story-writing-collaboration-part-3

This is such an awesome Part 2, @insideoutlet. This was a lot of fun for me today, so happy that we’re doing this. <3

Awesome! So quick, I'm excited to read where our story goes. It is a fun idea we are exploring lol. Great work @mandelsage for starting us off right.

This was in my tabs for a while and finally had the time to read it @insideoutlet, This part is really good, I thought I predicted every thing that would happen here after the first part. But you put a lot of thought in parts I didn't think of.

I should've read it sooner and commented on it in Daily Picks instead of just a mention.

It's ok. I appreciate the mention. 😁 Part six is out now with one final part to come.

Up vote

Super theme, I ratrape part1 and come back here read more;)

Thanks I hope part 3 will be out in the coming days.

ok , cool.

I do that same idea with my 4 and 5 year old class. I start out with once upon a time then each child tells me a sentence to write down. It can be really funny when you get princess and ninja turtles and paw patrol all in the same story.

Haha that would be quite a story lol.