⚽Why does the World🏆Cup make us all go crazy?

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Well, to be honest, not everybody is going crazy over it... Haha. Last night when i was going through a variety of emotions during the Croatia game against Denmark i did get a few very funny reactions on my score livefeed i was writing in the @helpie chat.. 😄

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Asked for permission to share this

So what was is that was happening last night?
Well Croatia was playing Denmark for the quarter finals of the World Cup in Russia. Im talking Football here, or as @dinoromanelli calls it... "Socker! hehe

First half, we were better quite a bit but the second half was where the drama started. We get a penalty on Rebic (everyone goes mental) in last minutes of extra time...Modric misses the penalty (anger and tears)....
Penalty shootout starts and every penalty taken is just more drama and a steam roller of emotions. People holding their heads, banging them at the table, yelling at the screen, flapping their hands through the air like they are made of jello, grown men tearing up..
After Rakitic scored you had jubilation for a few minutes. (sry @shaka you didnt get your WC prognosis right) Someone even lit a "Bengal torch" inside the bar. haha.

Not actual footage

This time the happiness didnt last as long as when we beat Argentina, since everyone was so exhausted and tired from the drama and nerve tearing.
We all just sank in our chairs.... "Uf... Dobro je."

So why is it that the World Cup makes us so crazy?

I dont know! Did you really think i was going to give answers to my question in the title? You must have not read my other posts then. 😂😂😂
I kid i kid... haha. Ill try to give my opinion.

This really is not the case with yearly football competitions. I mean i like when Modric wins the Champions league, but i dont even watch those games. I dont think i watch any games that arent related to the national team.
And i suspect thats the case with a lot of women. I know the females in my family couldnt care less about Hajduk or Real Madrid but when a big competition starts they know Lovren plays in Liverpool and Modric in Real Madrid... We also know what Perisic wife and son look like and that Lovren has marital problems...
So you could say women know more about football then men. 😂

The thing about World cup is that nothing compares to it... Not the Olympics or the regional tournaments or the national championship... Its become religion in some places. @pechichemena can vouch for it.
When Argentina was knocked out of the World Cup,
Argentina entered 100 years of winter, Messi became a hermit and moved to Tierra del Fuego to dance with the penguins (Kevin Costner style), everyone went on strike, beer taps all went dry at the same time, a eulogy was held for the national team... (ill make fun of Croatia also if we get knocked out haha 😂)

What i can say with 100% conviction is that there is nothing in the world right now that can bring a people of one nation together more then the world cup. From the regular life, thinking about daily problems, interpersonal conflict, corrupt politicians, bad economy, what ever it is.... all that goes out the window when your striker puts a round inflated piece of rubber and leather (whatever they make it from) between two netted metal posts.
Its actually amazing that such a silly thing can affect people so much in such a profound way.

The connections established, the purity of collective emotion is unrivaled by anything that currently exists in humanity.

Yes this is a very bold statement, and it probably doesnt apply to every nation in the world but im just speaking from my point of view of someone living in a country that almost deifies our success in the 1998 when we were third in the world.

So is it really just a "bread and games" type of thing? I dont think it is. The wonder of bringing so many people together, having them all act as one, in unison, is not something you chalk up to fun and games.
Its more then that.

Those that dont follow their national team during the World Cup will never know the joy and the disappointment that comes with it🏆🏆🏆


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I think it's been a great world cup so far, from what I've seen… plus England are still in too! Although let's see after tomorrow night ;)


Haha. I know England has a bad record of going out on penalties. When ever i see anything about England online, the English folk tend to repeat that. Haha

HA! It's all in good fun! And for the record, I do think that the World Cup is awesome! No other sporting event brings people together from all over the world like this does. Very nicely written...and I am happy to be able to be a small and weird part of it!


haha. You guys really made me laugh last night. Im glad you enjoyed it. :D

Yup.. can confirm... winter is gonna be long this time around... at least I made some new friends !

send some hot chocolate.. it's freezing!


Ill send some wood and matches. I aint letting you freeze! I need my producers fingers intact. hahah

It is incredible, @silentscreamer, how we are always doing this to ourselves. Every time I watch a game I get nervous and I tell myself I will never do that again... yeah... right...
Nice post, btw!


Well wer only human. Hehe. Thx for the nice comment. 😉

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Oh thx Ethan. Ill be sure to check it out.

This is a really interesting question. So true about people becoming so passionate (you should see people from England today! haha). I'm not so passionate as I have lived in many countries throughout my life, but I am always fascinated by where this passions comes from. It must be a link to our surroundings when we are born and where we grow up? I'm not sure. Thanks for sharing anyway :)

I don't really care about FIFA, but I care about Russia, because my mother and wife and son are Russians and I am living in Russia for more than 8 years. By the way Croatia will Play with Russia in saturday. It will be a nervous day for both of us. ☺


... And my birthday is also on Saturday. It will be very nervous for me. Haha.