KrNel's Declaration of Witness

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I am officially declaring my entry as a Steem Witness. Please continue reading as I make my case to secure your upvotes.

For those who don't know what a witness does, they host nodes that process blockchain data blocks, and ensure their integrity. These blocks contain data for posts and transactions that Steemit or other sites can interact with. Witnesses also provide security to the network and establish changes to Steem, like setting the price feed, SDB interest rates, and account creation fees.

You have 30 votes to apply to elect people as a witness and promote their chance at higher rankings and responsibility. You can see where people are here:

And vote for people here:

To vote for me, use the above link, and go to the bottom of the page, and enter my name krnel into the box and click VOTE:

Or just click on the upvote button if I am in the top 50:

You can also delegate your witness voting to someone else instead of doing it yourself. If you want your votes applied by someone else, then you can SET PROXY to someone else at the above witness page. Just put in the person to whom you want to delegate your witness voting to and click on "set proxy".

Here are some additional resources to help you understand more about Steem witnesses:

Why should you vote for @krnel?

Why support me?

What are my qualifications?

  • Computer Science degree, graduated in 2005
  • Worked in Technical Support for many years
  • Familiar with Linux structure and CLI
  • I have spent more time learning about the world -- monetary system, politics, psychology, consciousness, philosophy, truth and morality -- than I have working a 9-5 job
  • Trustworthy, honest, responsible, reliable, mature, knowledgeable, quick learner
  • My original content when I first joined Steemit shows what I focus on in life (truth, morality, philosophy, psychology)

What am I doing for Steemit?

And now I'm running a witness node to provide reliable block production as a dependable and trustworthy individual.

What do I see in Steemit?

A visionary and revolutionary technological model and virtual community that can test decentralized organization and decision making functionality, refine it, and bring a new way of living into the real world.

I have some posts that talk about why I am here, what I have learned, some things I tried, posts that help others on Steemit, and what my vision is going forward:

Tutorials to help users secure their server for a Witness:

Server Specs


  • 2 vCores
  • 2.4 GHz
  • 8 GB RAM
  • 4 GB swap


  • 1 vCore
  • 2.4 GHz
  • 4 GB RAM
  • 10 GB swap

If my ranking in the witness list go up significantly where there is a demand for better hardware to fulfill my position, then I will upgrade at that time.

I hope that was enough for you to give me a shot and move me up the witness list :)

Anyone who has followed my work, or has looked at the work I started with, will know my goal is to help change the world for the better. I want to use Steemit to do it. I appreciate all the support for the specific work I put out in that effort, and will also appreciate your support as a witness for the Steem blockchain. I want to take the new model of the blockchain changing the world, and keep going into changing ourselves so that we can change the world for the better.

If you support my work and what I do, please also consider supporting my efforts to be a witness for the Steem blockchain.

Vote for krnel

Or just click on the upvote button if I am in the top 50:

Thank you!

Contact me? [email protected]

2017-01-28, 9:01am


SteemTrail stands behind you 100%. You get one TRAIL for this article too!

Of course, you can opt out if you want. ;)

Thank you for the support :) Appreciated.

Hi thanks for your support i have voted for your witness.

but i have question, i dont find any new post for configuring windows witness. just very old and dont work. can you help me plz.

Sorry, I run on Linux. Thanks for the support :)

You have my vote and thank you for supporting my witness for so long. Also I really appreciate the spirit you bring, direction and all the hard work you're doing! Keep it up my friend!

Thank you for your support and feedback :)

Congrats on receiving all those votes already and among them none other than @ned!

Thanks :D

Keep up the good work krnel!
You got my witness vote.

Thank you for your support :)

I have chosen you as a witness and do not forget me :-)

Well good luck Dude. Hope my vote helps

Every vote counts. Thank you for your support :)

Great news!
You're doing great work KrNel. Your efforts in SteemTrail and our goals there have been incredibly helpful, and I get to see a lot of what you're doing that others don't. You'll be a great witness. Here comes my vote, as well as a couple others who use me as a proxy. :)
I've resteemed this in support of your bid as well.

Well thank you very much for the feedback as well as your support and those who trust your voting :)

Kernel- thank you for sending SBD several times as a reward for relative comments- I voted for you as a witness a week or so ago and am resteeming this- keep up the good work!

Thank you for the support, and you're welcome :)

Done! Being that I'm just a sub-minnow, I don't know that my vote counts for much, but you have it!

Thank you for your support :) Your vote does count to me :)

Thanks. Although I tend to disagree with you from time to time on an intellectual level, I find you to be of the highest moral and ethical will make a fine witness!

I have chosen you as a witness sir @krnel and do not forget me :-

First time I have ever voted on one of these witness things. Thanks for the explanation of things at the top, keep up your great work on Steemit.

Thank you for your support :) I will do just that hehe.

Congratulations @krnel. One of my 30 unknown witnesses is scratched now and you are already voted as one of my new, really sophisticated witnesses.

Thank you for your support :) I appreciate it.

Great to hear you try to know who you are voting for.

We really need to know as much as we can and hold the witnesses accountable. Otherwise they will be able to use any powers we delegate them for short term profits at the expense of everyone else.

I always try to know, what people do in leading positions, @the-ego-is-you. Even if I don't understand what whitnesses are really able to abuse. I'm still a newbie. But most of people in leading positions doesn't tell you anyway, what really goes on. You always have to spend trust in somebody. It starts with your mother and maybe doesn't end with your death. You can choose whom to trust. There's no more degree of freedom for poor Minnows.
I am watching @krnel since two month' now. He has been always very, very serious. Gosh, serious like a rock! People like him are not able to screw up something just by mood. That's not part of such a strong personal equipment. Good premise for a witness, isn't it. And his variety of themes in blogging is always, reliable high quality unique content, oh, did I mention it, and so serious. I think, he's one of the best bloggers in Steemit and to evaluate this meaning, I must not look up in any high score list. I just read his postings to decide: Yes, he's one of my preferred witnesses. Anyway what witnesses ever are doing.

I can agree with most of that for sure.

It's not that there's a lot that a witness as such can screw up most of the time, but the witnesses get status and recognition, and they can earn money simply from being what they are.

That's why I want to make sure I'm not giving money to someone who's giving it to other people that I think are less likely to do what's best for the community and in extension to me.

I do not know much about witness–business but as I understand in every business else, anybody is allowed to spend his money where ever he want to. And when he does it wrong in your opinion does it make a difference if he said yes or no to your questions in advance?
There's only one chance for all of us: Trust. If you don't trust, don't elect. I give a sh…– pardon, whatsoever on candidates words. The only thing you can ever value is what they are really doing. That he earns money of his new status now – wow, he worked really hard for. Everybody has been able to watch this work. It is not a lucky punch. It is a logical result of his acting and I would be lucky sometimes to get extra bits from him when he likes what I did. Even @shla-rafia gave me extra bits yesterday because I've made him laughing about two or four replies. Just a mood. No corruption.

If someone that I judge to be of enough integrity (considering the risks and rewards at hand) tells me that they will do something, then I can "trust" them to do it. But I don't just trust anyone to do anything. There will always be a standard.

I will upvote you because I've seen your actions as an active member of the community that authenticates and legitimate you candidacy for me.
Good luck for the days of upgrading new versions. :)

Thank you for your support Charlie :)

Happy to support such a consistently good contributor to this ecosystem. You have my vote!

Thank you for your support :)

Added you to the list of witnesses I vote for. It was an honor to do so sir!

Thank you very much :)

Thank you for your support :)

Two thumbs up form me too! All for one and one for all! May the force stay with us. Namaste

Thank you for your support Eric :)

Do you live in France? Quebec? Or not french at all with a french name? hehe

Bonjour! I'm actually originally from Quebec City area and, as the name implies, have long lasting roots coming from France as early as 1672, if I remember well. I have lived half of my life I Quebec and the other half, the latest, mostly in Northern British Columbia and, for the moment, Haida Gwaii. Check out my postings and travelogs, you'll have a very good idea of where and what I'm up to as well. glad to be able to help you and us all in this revolutionary and magnificent Steemit adventure.

All for one and one for all! Namaste :)

You most certainly have our vote, love reading your content. Good luck!

Thank you very much :)

Thank you very much, appreciated :)

All the best! My vote will remain as long as you're not making a case to destroy LQ posts in favour of HQ ones only lol (I'm half joking). In any case, I trust that you're resourceful, dependable, and level-headed - it's reflected well in your blog-posts and comments :)

Haha, thanks for the support. I'll always make the case for more meaningful content that can actually bring effective change to the world, but I can't control what people do, only influence ;) So no, not destroy it hehe.

Cool, keep it up! :D Happy new year btw! (lunar new year going on here)

Thank you for your support ;)

You have my vote. When is "Election Day?"

Today? Thank you for your support :)

Thank you very much for your support :)

Finally you got it up and working! Awesome. More witnesses! :)

You've gotten me interested in voting! Thank you! 😊
I have voted for you; chiefly for your qualifications, contributions towards the community, and reasoning and vision behind wanting to Witness.

Thanks you for your support :) Gad I made a good case hehe.

Voted, Hope you do an A job as always

wow you okay sir, you are a great people, I joined steemit first time I have been following you. I also want to be like you. thanks for all your responses to my post positive Sir ... and do not forget to raise your attention to me and we all come from Aceh. as well as other community Steemit.

You've got my vote, 100%! Thanks for all you do for Steemit.

You didn't vote though.

Just did, I had to wait until I could get to my PC. Twas a lazy Saturday morning in bed with the iPhone.

Thank you for your support :)

Hi @krnel, you have my vote for witness, my first vote as I'm a newbie on Steemit, thanks for your work 👍🏼

My man!, sorry I took so long to vote for you, I think I missed your post... anywayz, voted now.. best of luck to you, if you need anything just drop me a pm.

Thank for the wonderful post

Unless things have changed that is sadly an insufficient server. Minimum of 16g last I knew but I would up that to 32 to stay on the safe side.

I didn't understand a lot of that krnel but I liked your approach and you sounds like a good guy so I voted for you. Good luck!

Unapproved healingherb

Actually, you unvoted me.

Did I? OMG, HOW???? So embarrassed - can I remedy that right now? Immediately?

You can change your upvotes at anytime. ;)

I get it now. Doh! That was a waste. Never mind, you are doing very well. Even more good luck! (You'll need it with newbies like me lol)

hehe, no probs, thanks for the support :)

I've just been back in there - I take it I do not do the same again with the voting? Can you make it easy for me to undo any damage done? I want you to make being a Witness - sounds like you've worked so hard for it helping people and stuff.

You have my vote @krnel great work.

Thanks for this good post, i will also try become a witness. I have started look for Linux Vps just today. Wil follow your account... Thanks @krnel

I just voted for you for witness buddy!

What I want to at least consider before voting is:

  • Will you vote for or take money from people as unstable as fyrst-witness (fyrstikken) and thus increase his power within the community?
  • Will you support a seperation of Steemits "flag" from the Steem blockchains regular "downvote" and thus increase flexibility on whilst minimizing conflict on the Steem blockchain?

I would love to support you as a witness if only I knew we agreed on those two things.

Here is who I have already voted for in the past: My votes can be subject to change.

I have no plans to give money to anyone, or take money from anyone for something. Are you worried about buying my vote? No one can buy my witness vote, or upvotes for a post.

I am not a top 19 witness. I don't have a say in any decisions per the witnesses decision making process. However, I agree on separating flags from downvote. Better definition of anything is always something I want ;)

Here is who I have already voted for in the past: My votes can be subject to change.

I noticed Fyrst on there already, which is what makes me hesitant. It's no secret that he has been in feuds before ( @stellabelle ) and seeking personal revenge for qeustionable reasons in a very destructive manner ( @heiditravels ). He is not a stable or trustworthy person in my opinion. One second he is dorky and fun, then next he screams and curses (I can personally attest to this).

Money is one thing, but I'm more concerned with users that don't deserve it getting your personal support. You, like Fyrst, are rather influential people on this platform.

I am not a top 19 witness. I don't have a say in any decisions per the witnesses decision making process.

This far, no. But with influence and a platform such as being a witness comes comes more support. More people will consider your support - votes or opinions - for others and you may also very well start to climb on that list.

However, I agree on separating flags from downvote. Better definition of anything is always something I want ;)

I'm always happy to hear that! I would look forward to more work on explaining why the flag should be a separate feature. =)

Only Steemit uses the flag system and I don't think we currently benefit from it. team apparently are also looking into introducing the flag as a separate meassure, rather than combining it with the "dislike" button tha they currently have. I'm hoping they will go forward with that.

I just now removed all witnesses from my voting list, who in turn vote for "fyrst-witness". Thankfully there were still quite a few that didn't.

I have chosen you as a witness and do not forget me :-)

I will vote you @krnel

Hi @the-ego-is-you, here we are! Sorry, you are in advance. First: the reply–function is empty and I have to start a new reply–ladder. Second: what you've written in the last possible reply, sounds reasonable.

BUT: what will you do in future if the candidate lies to you now, at the moment? It is business here. The „social“ is just an nice addon. Will you get in rage, when he acts in the opposite in the future? Will you go to court? There is no chance to escape lies and deception when a business is involved. Krnel is okay. Theres not much more I am able to investigate. Maybe, you will get one boson more out of his candidates speech. In my opinion it is useless. But off course, you are okay and I am okay. Anyway.


I was looking for just such an informative post on witness. Thank you for taking the time to explain the process and it's importance. I tried a few times to vote for you but it didn't work.. krnel was invalid user. I'll have to try later on my computer. Quick recovery from your surgery.

yup, here is the info. I've only been here a bit over 6 months and completely missed it. I'm learning only recently about the witness process from hanging out with pennsif but I'll keep up on it now that I know a little more about it.

Good post, even after all this time.

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