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Well, I got fed up with having to scroll pages and pages of my posts just to find something I wanted to include as a link, or some text, or some image...

So I tried something out and it works better than the above method.

I saved my "blog" page from Steemit as a PDF that I can search through with the Find function.

Before you Print-to-PDF, load all your posts!

Hold down the Page Down key until everything is loaded, then save as to PDF.

I included some steps for Windows users to install CutePDF Writer, and some screenshots of the resulting PDF on Windows and Linux.


1. Install CutePDF Writer.


Make sure to pay attention and not install some of the adware.


2. Use Chrome, and go to your "blog" page.

Load all the posts as mentioned above, and then...

Print the page (Ctrl+P). Choose the CutePDF Writer as your Destination. And then Print.

You get all your posts that you can search for in a PDF, instead of searching a long page that takes a long time to load...


In Mac and Linux, it's already there for you.


If you're on Linux, you know how to do this, just print it.

This is what it looks like:



I don't use Macs, but it's really simple, it's right there when you Print as well:


I imagine it looks pretty much like the other two.

Well that's it. I finally realized this was way easier than waiting for all the pages to load for me to find something.

Hopefully you find some use in it too.

Thank you for your time and attention! I appreciate the knowledge reaching more people. Take care. Peace.

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2016-12-31, 8:27pm

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A Find function would be a great thing to include in the Steemit Platform. I've seen other peoples posts that I upvoted and then wanted to go back later and comment on but couldn't find. I haven't gotten to the point of having so many posts myself...working on it, lol!!! Great information and really handy step by step!!


Yes it would! I made a github request months ago, eventually it will come... hehe.

Very cool. Until they get this sorted this will be very useful. Could I add this to when I next update it (obviously I will credit you and link back to the original) ?


Sure no problems please do :)


Thanks I am saving a folder of posts to add on my next edit :)

I use a different hack, but it takes bit more time and maintenance. I have a Word file with my signature pics and links to all my posts, sorted into categories. Then I can include an archive list of the relevant category in each new post. Also tonight I'm going to post a review of 2016 and intentions for 2017. That will have all my 2016 posts linked to.


Nice. Whatever works for your needs.

Nice man! Very inventive!

Cool, that's a great idea. Thanks for sharing this info. Happy New Year!


Welcome, you too!

Nice guide! This is actually pretty useful :)