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This is a bad ass project. And yes that is the citadels library from GoT Good eye.

As a long time reddit user, recently switched Voat user, and now Steemit user I really look forward to seeing what comes of this community.

What has held me back so far is my lack of motivation to search for all the how to's and steem resources in existence. So I am making this post to create a list of resources for all newbies (myself included) to browse through to figure out what steem has already, and what steem should have (recommendations for future development).

So, if you have resources, links, tips, or what have you, post a reply to this with said info, and I will keep a master list updated in this post. The higher we keep the post voted the easier it will be to locate and get more participation. 

If this becomes popular and we need a better solution to organize the resources, I will create a Wikiversity course for Steemit - to include Best Practices, user guides, tutorials and FAQs.

It would be great to learn the in's and out's of this platform and pass along that info to help build the community and leverage its true potential. 

Thanks Much for your time and consideration! 


Edit: The repository is growing fast! Thanks to everyone that has contributed, this is going to be a great resource for  new users 

Repository Start 

The resources below are organized under specific sections to help with navigation for select topics. The catagories are in this order.

  • Getting started
  • User Guide & Account Security
  • Release Notes
  • Trading
  • Mining
  • Heros of SteemIt - Who to Follow
  • FAQs

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It is not a good thing to down vote previously created good thing due to brand new the same thing. That is a reason behind my downvoting. You are trying to steal my content that I regularly update and improve a month in a row

Hey Hipster, I am really sorry that you feel this was done to try to take credit away from you. I actually didn't see your guide, which is really amazing, until after I had started creating this collection of articles. Your post is at the top here because I realize how great it is. Please understand I am a supporter of the project and I was only trying to help.

There are some things I have found outside of your post that I have added also. So just to clarify, I was not trying to compete with your awesome post. I just wanted to help build out a utility to help the community and as you cannot delete posts, I felt obligated to make an effort.

Perhaps when they allow for a wiki/collective editing effort for things like this we can work together to keep things as fresh and all inclusive as possible.

  ·  3 years ago (edited)

That is not about competition. Competition is for good. I don't understand why you down voted my post. That fact don't give you credits and clarify your intentions.

Lol, forgive me again! I honestly thought the flag feature on the posts was to mark it as important so I could find it again if I needed to reference it... the system is rather confusing to have the upvote down at the bottom of the post and a flag represent downvoting a post, which is not anywhere near the upvote...this was an honest mistake and I sincerely apologize.

As my post indicates, I am rather new to this forum and still learning it. I have tried to undo the action but it appears I cannot after payout has been made.

my tutorials (updated)

ash, this is great. If you dont mind, I am going to put a few of your guides on this list. BTW I love nightmode!


Added Tyvm

hello, can you add this too?
Guide for posting in raw html

Adding now Cheftony, Thank you very much for your contributions

Added to list 8 )

Where is the Wang bot when you need him? ;)

I found the Wang bot post from someone elses intro article. I will be adding those resources here also.

Nice. Even though he is a bot, he still replies to #introduceyourself posts with useful information. lol