Whale Power - New Image

Proudly Present Our's New Image

We are Proud of Our's New Image for #whalepower Tag.
Finally, Got back the final design from the graphic designer.
We want it simple.

Hello Steemian

Welcome to #whalepower Page.

Hi, I am @bullionstackers ,
The Founder / Owner for #whalepower # whale-power Tag
Curator / Moderator / Commentator
For #whalepower ( preferred ) Tag.

#whalepower is a Community Project , within #steemit .
We Read , Curate and Upvotes your posts , manually.
Suggest you Resteem / Upvote this post, so many other can see this message. You are not alone.
#whalepower are there for you. We are FREE Services. We will help you to grow*.

Our Original Image , we will still maintain and use.

Know your Curators

Permanent Curators for #whalepower Tag
@bullionstackers @neoxian @paul-gillbanks

@paul-gillbanks - Curator / Moderator / Commentator for #whalepower Tag

@paul-gillbanks have working so hard , Thank You

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Our Mission

Provide Free Manual Curation Service

Our commitment to you.
We give you, Free Curation Service.
Project Focal Point For Newbies Author.
You can helps us by Support / Upvoting / Reblogged ( Resteem) Our's Posts. @bullionstackers & @paul-gillbanks
Alternative is by Contribution / Donations
Forward to @bullionstackers
Helps Us to Grow , so we can give you MORE!!!.

You can send - Gifts / Donation / Sponsor with Steem or SBD to @bullionstackers to help me Power Up this Project.

#whalepower Recommendation:

We Recommend that you help other #whalepower Members / Authors
We are #whalepower community . We stand in Unity.
Ours Motto ONE For ALL - All For ONE

Guidelines - Please Read First before you use #whalepower Tag

  • All Topic contents are Welcome*
  • *Except Plagiarism , SPAM , Hate Speech , NSFW , Racism
    ( If misused, We will ask you to remove the usage of the Tag , Followed by a Warning.
    Flagged. or Even Straight Flagged if inappropriate. )
  • Original Content - Highly Recommended
  • Do not Copy-Pasta. - Discourage .
  • Interact with others #whalepower Authors is Highly Recommended.
  • Use #whalepower # whale-power Tags in any order, it can be the last tag.
  • Reblog and spread #whalepower Tag across as far as possible.
  • Always remember to source your images / contents ( if you are copying it ) and provide any references / links.
  • if you are the owner of the image / contents Please state - 100 % own work
  • You can Helps Us by Supporting / Upvoting / Reblogged ( Resteem) Our's Posts. @bullionstackers & @paul-gillbanks

#whalepower Posts

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#whalepower Free Registration Membership

Are now closed due to influx demands.
Now, By Invitation only.

Any Author / User can use #whalepower Tag.

With Registration, it will High-Speed ours curation process.
( Manual Curation )
We found a lot of User / Authors did not meet the Requirement by using the #whalepower Tag.

By using #whalepower # whale-power Tags.
We Reserve the Right's to leave comments on your posts, within #whalepower Tag.
(If you do not want to see this message, please do not use the #whalepower Tag)
We Reserve the Right to Terminate yours Registration Membership at anytime.

Registered Members - Click to see

All Contents / Images are Copy-Rights
*If you want to use any part of this, please ask for permission first.
From @bullionstackers

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#whalepower is the Best Services, I have seen in Steemit, gladly to be any part of it.
Thanks guys.
Fully Supported.

Thank You @bullionstackers , @paul-gillbanks
I appreciate your support for #whalepower community. Reblog
This service you guys provide are Highly Commendable. Always love to drop into your page.

Congrats @bullionstackers and @paul-gillbanks! The new artwork looks fantastic and awesome! Its a sign of much more good things to come!
Go Go #whalepower!
Thanks, @watch-chronolog

Happy whalepowering!

Good team work guys on this nice project, keep it up

Have whale will power.

Have will, whale power.


Upvoted, resteemed and followed! This is such a cool community, full of projects like this, to help eachother grow. I will spread the word! Thanks a lot @bullionstackers and @paul-gillbanks

I upvoted and resteemed!

Thank you
Come to our page more.
New Features soon.

Congrats for the new image!
I use #whalepower tag, whenever I can, it means in the majority of my posts.

@bullionstackers - I am new here - a minnow 26 days old. I am not aware of whalepower yet. I have been using some minnowsupport and randowhale to grow but feel bad about begging for votes if my content is good. I will study the #whalepower tag and project.

Meanwhile - may I make a request - I went on am early morning photography and bird outing today to shake off my Monday blues. Have written a blog with collages of some nice birds (made with my original photos). I also wrote a blog over the weekend with my musings about 'Sting like a butterfly and float/fly like a bee' philosophy for life. I request you to take a look when you have time and let me know your views. Your comments will be eagerly awaited. Thanks

A minnow (26 days old)

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