Whale Power Community United Us All


Since the Launch , the community has grown rapidly. Are you ready to be part of the community? Just by using the Tag #whalepower
This Project is mainly to Support the Newbies Posts / Contents .

Biggest Heart

Empowerment for the community, I saluted to you @paul-gillbanks for your Generosity towards the project.
with 2K Steems Generosity

What are these Tags represent?

#whalepower #whale-power

These are The Power of One for All and All for One which is you and other, supporting each other. The greater the number one can be as Powerful as a Whale. This is where, I derive the name from.
Are you ready to be part of the community?

My Commitment

I commit my time to curate your posts / contents.
I reserve the rights to leave comments in your posts , if you chose to use the Tags.

Please Read - Guidelines

Your Commitment

When one little minnows like you with out friends and supporters. So lost , without up votes power , when you guys are United together as Powerful as #whalepower , so please support each other when use the tag.

You can send - Gift / Donation / Sponsor with Steem or SBD to @bullionstackers to help me Power Up this Project.

Thank You for your Support and Generosity , especially to @paul-gillbanks @ace108 @solidgold @encryptcy @zaragast

Upvotes Campaign for #whalepower Number 1 Tag

Please Upvote Number 1 in you Voting Box in my Campaign


Curator , Moderator , Commentator @bullionstackers for #whalepower Tag
Author by @bullionstackers
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All Copyright Reserve

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You have 100 % Upvote and Support from me.
I Trust in You.
God Bless

Great heart you have. We appreciate all the pointers and support. There is so much to learn! Resteemed

@bullionstackers I am so very new here. Look forward to fully actualizing the full potential of #whalepower

I hope this project can go beyond the limits ;)

Yes it can.
Upvote Support Resteem
On Post Reply Comment too.
I don't do experiment for no reason.

Great project !! Upvoted and following you

Great initiative for helping minnows!

Resteemed! Really like this..

Hi! my brother @bullionstackers
Your project has a result.
I will remember to add the following tags in the future.
#whalepower and #whale-power

That's great


Awesome initiative to help the little fish, thanks @bullionstackers and thanks #whalepower. Cheers

You guys are welcome
Remember to read the Guidelines

I will use the tag in next post.

Don't forget to read the Guidelines first for #whalepower

Will definitely use these tags going forward!! Followed and upvoted, feel free to do the same! ;)

Please read the Guidelines first

Thanks for supporting us little fish, Im still rather lost in all this information, so Im just going to stick with this community and learn the ropes. post what I enjoy and love doing and hopefully get to know some really nice people.

Join the community and read the Guidelines first

whalepower on every post or just specific ones? If so what?

Just use one Tag #whalepower
My Followers have grown. I can't see everyone posts.
Best is to Read the quick Guidelines

I'm learning still learning don't get this much but I do a little I'll read it again lol thank you it sounds good

I did thank you for responding 🙃

thank you once again....another one....

Great to see here again

thank you for starting such a great thing here....

보팅항상잘보고갑니다 ^^

너는 나를 웃게 해.

Thank you! Followed you!

Don't know how I missed your first post creating #whalepower, but I'm glad you posted a follow-up, another campaign I can get behind! Love the focus on original content, too many times I'm seeing just a short paragraph and then a link to a different article or video in the new posts feed.


Wow what a big gift. I like it so much. Reblog done @bullionstackers.

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Good and promotional project. Thanks a million time, @bullionstackers and all that support him.

Thank you @bullionstackers for resteeming my post about my granda, it is a big help. More power to #whalepower

@bullionstackers may the force be with you,

thats great project, upvoted and will use whalepower in my next posts.

followed, resteemed, and upvoted!!

Gonna start to use this #whalepower tag I think! Nice Idea @bullionstackers and hoping this project is a great success

Just awesome...

Thank you thank you I fully support this! Resteem!

super dope project. i support !

PuMpED Up aNd ResTEEMed

Very nice that you organize that. It will be helpful to many people hopefully. I will use it as well. Thank you for that.

You are being followed by a coin puppet!

Please follow it back ;)

Looking forward to learning more about our Steemit community I am new here I would appreciate all the help I can get .....

#whalepower all the way💪