Whalepower are getting better each day

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Whale Power Promotion Page

Introducing #whalepower

Pick of The Day

What is New? You about to see.
#whalepower have a New Program for #steemit / #whalepower community.

If you are a Registered #whalepower Member, I will pick a couple per day in addition to my curation.
You will see a message - My Pick of the Day Post. ( Applied When #whalepower is use.)

Unfortunately, The Register Membership have close.
You have to keep reading the update for coming events.

This is only A Update Page, so Stay Tune and Get Ready.

ONE For ALL - ALL For One

Hello Steemian

Welcome to #whalepower Page.

Hi, I am @bullionstackers ,
The Founder / Owner for #whalepower # whale-power Tag
Curator / Moderator / Commentator
For #whalepower ( preferred ) Tag.

#whalepower is a Community Project

@paul-gillbanks - Curator / Moderator / Commentator for #whalepower Tag
Recently Appointed Joint Ventures - Click to Link

Our Mission

Provide Free Manual Curation Service

Our commitment to you.
We give you, Free Curation Service.
Project Focal Point For Newbies Author / Senior Welcome too.
You can helps us by Support / Upvoting / Reblogged ( Resteem) Our's Posts. @bullionstackers & @paul-gillbanks
Alternative is by Contribution / Donations
Forward to @bullionstackers
Helps Us to Grow , so we can give you MORE!!!.

You can send - Gifts / Donation / Sponsor with Steem or SBD to @bullionstackers to help me Power Up this Project.

#whalepower Recommendation:

We Recommend that you help other #whalepower Members / Authors
We are #whalepower community . We stand in Unity.
Ours Motto ONE For ALL - All For ONE

#whalepower Posts

If you missed Our Posts ( Please click to read )

#whalepower Free Registration Membership

Are now closed due to influx demands.
Now, By Invitation only.

Any Author / User can use #whalepower Tag.

With Registration, it will High-Speed ours curation process.
( Manual Curation )
We found a lot of User / Authors did not meet the Requirement by using the #whalepower Tag.

By using #whalepower # whale-power Tags.
We Reserve the Right's to leave comments on your posts.
(If you do not want to see this message, please do not use the #whalepower Tag)
We Reserve the Right to Terminate yours Registration Membership at anytime.

#whalepower Registered Members - Click to see

All Contents are Copy-Rights* , We Reserve Ours-Rights*
*If you want to use any part of this, please ask for permission first.

If you Like it, Love It

Follow Resteem and Visit my Page at @bullionstackers

Authors get paid when people like you upvote their post.
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This is one of the Coolest Community page.
Go Whale Power ....

Thanks @helios

Thanks guys!! @bullionstackers and @paul-gillbanks
You guys are the best!!
#whalepower for many years to come!
Biggest Fan,

G8 n thanks

MORE. More power for whalepower.

Yes we need more power

It looks like somebody started an @whalepower account and I sent them 1.0 SBD. :( It that yours? Or somebody associated with your curation project??? :D

No not mine , I will blast it off!!
Stealing my idea

I agree. good one thanks a ot for this . I am new here and glad that steemit has people like you and @dumar022 helping other members to succeed. Got to know you via @dumar022 and very impressed. Following you in order to stay in touch. Keep up the good work .

That's Good

Great, success

Great project. Thank you for your support!

You are welcome

Your building a great community Bullionstackers, sign me up please. Thank you
upvoted and resteemed.

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Amazing power of whale .


how can i be a part of the whalepower?

#whalepower is community Tag
Please Read the Guidelines first

hello i am now following and look forward to using #whalepower tag too


Look on the list for "Tags and Topics" to see where #whalepower is now. It is on the first page and number 44. Go #whalepower!


Resteemed :)


Thanks for ur help to newbs like me :)

You are welcome

I agree

So, when I make a post, any post, I should use #whalepower? And if I do, it'll get upvoted by a whale? Or no. Please advise.

yes, you may be upvoted by a whale or by people who use the tag, if you have the tag in your post

I'll start adding it to me #freewrite posts tomorrow! What fun!

it will manually curated by our lovely curator @paul-gillbanks

Huzzah! I guess part of the question then becomes, would anybody be willing to take a look at my blog and let me know which of the kinds of posts I make is most likely to successfully receive whale votes? I have a couple of different things on there: open mic announcements, #freewrite posts, and a continuing story (Gentle Werewolf).

Great news and update! Upvoted and resteemed :)
Whalepower! Steemon!


Go go whale Powers! Such a cool community! I am allowed to post with that tag?

Please Read #whalepower Guidelines first

sounds like good stuff ...following now :)

Really happy to be named your pick of the day! Thank you! #whalepower

You really try around the community. I am thrilled!
Definitely I will keep track of and resteem your posts.

Well done @bullionstackers!

Thank You

All the best #whalepower! :)

great post great info! #whalepower

More power to Whalepower! :D

More more whales!!!

Love the idea of "pick of the day." It will be exciting to read them. Thanks again for all of your hard work. :)

Thanks for the help!

Hello @bullionstackers! How is the whalepower tag doing?
I have a post last night and tag to whalepower. Hope you could visit my post ... thank you very much!

Love the idea of "Pick of the Day"
Keep up the good work as always


Someone got to love ❤️ it

Great vid 😎

Thank you .

Thanks @bullionstackers for the #whalepower ideas and starting this project. It has been a great help to me. Soon, I am going to run a contest for #whalpower members only, that will give somebody else in our group 5 SBDs.

  ·  2 years ago (edited)


Did you read?
Anyone can use #whalepower Tag
Please Read the whalepower Guidelines first.

  ·  2 years ago (edited)


Great ideas! Thanks for helping the community.

I cant wait to be a super whale. i duff my hat @bullion


@bullionstackers I wanted to know if I'm registered I had read the guidelines and follwed you upvote and resteem too but didn't get a confirmation .
Thank you

So anybody can use #whalepower on any post ? Or we have to wait to register ? Sorry the answer is probably there but im a tiny bit confused. Im not a great writer i try to write about information people might not know or opportunities to make money online also some treasure findings but would appreciate the follows/upvotes

@freehouse , You need to Read #whalepower Guidelines first.
There are certain Tags cannot be combine.
Other than that Free Usage.

great job sir this thing is going to be BIG

Ahead ahead, no slacking. More power to elbow. The expectations of the righteous shall not be cut short.

thanks for helping newbies man

Hiya... I've followed and believe I've done all that's expected but still no dice! 🎲 maybe you'd give a quick read? 🙂 Thank you guys and gals 😁

Aww I was on a break from Steemit the past 4 days, and missed the membership registrations :'(

Is it still all right for me to use the #whalepower tags on some of my articles? I've been checking out #whalepower tagged posts and giving them some support..there're some good quality writers in your community :)

Nice initiative! Too bad the registration is closed. :(

#whalepower Tag is Free Usage.
Please #whalepower Guidelines before use.

Where do i sign ? HolySmoke!

I'm with you guys!!

You started a massive thing. You must be such a visionary!

Yes, I do have a Vision, before I start up this project.
This going be Amazing. The Crowd will love it.