Introducing DTube: a decentralized video platform using STEEM and IPFS

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Dear STEEM community,

I am really excited to finally bring this project to the public. Introducing...


What is DTube?

DTube is an application fully written in javascript, that runs in the browser, that allows you to upload and watch videos on top of the IPFS Network. Moreover, it uses STEEM as a database and enables earning rewards from your uploads.

This might ring a bell for those who remember the SteemQ project announcement, which made almost five thousand dollars in rewards, but never got released and ended up being rebranded - It's still not functional after more than a year, and even the current alpha uses a back-end server for everything and is therefore still centralized. I am sure I wasn't the only person disappointed by SteemQ.

I opted for a different approach. Build something first - talk after. If you are wondering, I did everything by myself (and the help of open source libraries of course) and it took about 4 months to reach what I have now, starting from scratch.

A huge part of this article will be technical and maybe not so interesting to some people, but I believe a big part of my followers are interested in this kind of discussions, so I will explain how it works. Sorry for the incoming walls of text :)

How to use DTube

Logging in

  1. Enter your STEEM username
  2. Enter your Private Posting Key, you can find it like so:

Multi-user login

Youtube and Facebook have this amazing feature that you can easily have multiple channels linked to your account and switch between them easily. I am sure I am not the only user on STEEM who owns multiple accounts, and having to use different browsers or bots to upvote with all accounts gets boring very quickly. On DTube, you can log in with as many accounts as you want, and switch between them.

I don't know why SteemIt still doesn't have this feature.


DTube features a settings menu accessible from anywhere in the app. It allows you to adjust your voting power, filter NSFW contents similarly to, and tune the IPFS Settings. IPFS Gateway is where the files are loaded from, while the API is what we use for uploading.


First, you need to be logged-in to be able to access the upload page.
Then just simply add a video, a snap (aka thumbnail), and finally fill the texts for the blockchain and submit!

If all goes well, you should be taken to your video after submitting and it should start playing the video between 0 and 30 seconds depending on the gateway and your connection speed.

Browsing Videos

There are currently 3 main ways to discover contents on DTube. You can go to the homepage and discover the NEW , HOT and TRENDING categories. They work the same as SteemIt.
You can access a certain user's channel by going directly to for my testing account for example.
Finally, you can use the search in the top bar, more information on that later in the article.

How DTube works

Using the STEEM Blockchain as a database

Because we want DTube to be truly decentralized, we cannot have a server running a database and use it to query things. Using a blockchain is a natural solution. STEEM has many advantages over other blockchains. It is fast (3 sec blocks). It is free, anyone can use it without having to deposit some form of currency, and transactions have no fees. Who would want to pay money to upload a video, comment a video, or even upvote? Nobody. As an added bonus, the STEEM blockchain already has a reward-earning mechanism.

Any video uploaded on DTube becomes a STEEM content, that can earn rewards for 7 days. DTube doesn't use either the title or the body of a content to store information, therefore if you don't want your video upload to appear in your feed, you can edit or delete it, the video would stay intact on DTube. While it would be possible to display nothing on other platforms like or, I believe the current behavior to be fine and will help the platform growth and the users rewards.

Using IPFS as a static file storage

IPFS is a protocol that enables decentralized file storage. The principle behind it is called Distributed Hash Tables (DHT). The same principle also powers the BitTorrent network. Just like how cryptocurrency uses asymmetrical cryptography, DHT networks will hash contents in order to be able to identify a file. The hash becomes the identifier of a file, and it's as easy as re-hashing a file and making sure the hashes match to ensure the file that was sent to us is the original.

Why not use Torrent then? Torrent arguably already has more content and is more mainstream. However, Torrent was not built for the web. Some implementations such as WebTorrent are trying to make it work, but it still requires some 'hybrid' clients that would act as bridges in order to transfer files from hard clients such as μTorrent to web clients that run in a browser. Not very convenient, even less efficient. I am sure a lot of you have used PopcornTime to watch some 'pirated' content and have enjoyed it, but building something similar that runs inside a browser without having to run hybrid clients to connect people, is sadly impossible.

IPFS is a younger, open-source, and actively developed protocol. It has a bright future ahead. Using it as the main mean of storage for this project was a no-brainer.

IPFS Storage Cost

IPFS is cool, but there is no magic. Someone needs to seed the files, and your browser cannot permanently store huge files (local storage is limited to 50MB on most browsers), so seeding through the app directly is not possible as of today. While my first idea was to ask some witnesses to run some IPFS nodes, it became clear after a few conversations that this would create more problems than solutions as most witnesses are non-technical persons and running and configuring an IPFS node correctly seems to be a tough challenge for most. I still believe this solution to be the right one, but I would clearly need to setup a docker or something easy for witnesses to actively join the DTube network and start seeding files (and earn a share of the rewards).

Instead, I searched for existing IPFS nodes and contacted the owner of IPFS Store, a website that allows you to pay in Bitcoin to keep your files on the IPFS network. After a few positive and instructional replies from @nannal (steem, twitter/etc), I knew I found my man.

I have recently created the @dtube account. This account will be used to collect 25% of the DTube author rewards. 10% of these fees will be used to pay for long-term storage of the files on IPFS Store. The rate is $0.044 per GB per month. So, for example, let's say you upload a 100MB video, that earns $10 rewards, then $0.25 will go to @nannal and ensure data redundancy for ~57 months. Once this time is passed, users will need to either pay themselves (crypto accepted of course) to keep the files being seeded, or seed it themselves directly on their own PC and connection.


Most developers know the saying 'do not reinvent the wheel'. The same applies to design and user experience. The leading video platform YouTube has been running successfully for years, and copying them makes sense. Especially when I am a sucker at front-end development and UI design. I tried to copy the look and feel of YouTube using the Semantic UI framework. While I am proud of what it looks like, I am sure some more talented people than me would slap me in the face for how bad it looks and plays.

I am very open to suggestions. Or if you are a web-designer, with a good portfolio, and Semantic UI experience, feel free to contact me on the

Using AskSteem for Search

It might be hard for non-technical people to understand it, but the search is actually the toughest problem to make DTube a viable product. When you have a standard SQL or Mongo database, searching is easy. However here, our database is the STEEM blockchain, and we cannot search by communicating with a steem node directly. I understand that search is a low-priority feature for a blogging platform, especially when Google indexes every content and offers a search API. But for DTube, users will use it a lot.

I contacted @thekyle, a competent developer who posts on SteemIt but doesn't get half as much rewards as he deserves. He recently introduced AskSteem, a search engine for the STEEM blockchain. His service uses an ElasticSearch DB and will index new videos under 15 minutes.

His API was originally not enough for me to display certain information such as the video snap (thumbnail) in the search results, or else I would have needed to make one call for each search result, i.e. a lot of useless calls. @thekyle fulfilled my request to improve his API in under 24 hours, and allowed it to run smoothly as it should. ❤

Arguably, the search is not decentralized. Any search will go through the AskSteem server, search results could be altered, or the search could just stop working if @thekyle decides to close it.

A better solution would be to have a search function directly on the steem nodes. Another solution would be to have yet-another DHT network running inside the app, with a fuzzy search function. I have literally no idea if making a fuzzy search algorithm on a DHT network is possible without creating a point of failure, and I don't think anyone has an answer to this question on Earth. That's why I decided to make a compromise. We will see how it goes.

Permanently stored data

DTube will use your browser local storage to store a bit of information. First, it will store your user accounts and posting keys so that you don't have to relog every time. I suppose that won't shock anyone considering does the same.

Secondly, DTube also stores your watched videos in order to display the 'Watch Again' category. Just like YouTube does it. You can notice that post rewards won't show for the Watch Again category, as these rewards can change at any point in time and it would be impossible to trust the data we stored a while back ago.

If you clean your browser sometimes, you will have to relog and your watched videos history will be cleaned, with no way to get them back. Just a friendly warning :)

Why can't I log in with my master password or active key?

Because it's a retarded thing to do. allows it solely because they also have a wallet in the app. XSS attacks are common on the internet, and most devs are rightfully paranoid about it. I would feel terrible if some users of my app lost their accounts and money because of me. Instead, it is much easier to force users to use the posting key and limit the risks.

DTube does not include any feature that requires anything else than the posting key. That means no wallet, no password reset, no internal market trading, no powering down, and way less work for me. If you want to manage your STEEM rewards, I invite you to use Vessel. And only use your posting key on any online platform such as,, etc.

"What about SteemConnect??" I can see this as a comment below this article already. I am very aware of the SteemConnect project, that aims to provide an easy way for developers to enable STEEM login and key management. However, I am personally very much against delegating my keys or sending them to someone else to use, even if it's a trusted 3rd party ran officially by SteemIt Corp. Sorry but I like to remain in 100% control of my keys, and you should too. Remember all the people who cried on Reddit whenever an exchange got hacked? Don't be like them.

The case for user-side encoding

On YouTube, you upload your original file, and YouTube will encode your file and even convert it to multiple qualities, as well as create some fancy gif to preview the video on mouse hovering.

Achieving the same in DTube is hard. Encoding a video file in javascript is harder to code, and would always be slower. Bad
On top of that, if you want multiple quality files, then you would need to upload multiple files and multiply the time it takes to upload your video. Bad Bad
Finally, it would probably grow the total size of the DTube application quite a bit, and therefore increase the initial loading time. Bad Bad Bad

There are already countless programs that permit video encoding. And that would only be required to do for videos recorded with professional tools such as high-grade cameras. People who own this kind of hardware, usually already know about encoding. My personal smartphone already encodes every video in H.264, and I suppose your iPhone does the same. So why not keep it stupidly simple?

Easy to integrate for other platforms

Any other STEEM based platform can easily integrate videos posted on DTube. The video IPFS hash is stored inside the json_metadata of a post. Then it is as easy as doing
<video src=''></video>

Known Issues

Missing features

  • Reputation system
  • Tags browsing
  • Video suggestions (on the right of the video)
  • Following Channels
  • Custom Player

I believe the current state of the product to be viable, even without these missing features. I will add them, slowly. Also because I am unsure which of those is a priority right now, I will let you guys choose and argue about it in the comments!

App Dependencies

DTube is built with Meteor, and uses many open-source packages from NPM. DTube wouldn't exist without them, so they deserve some credits.
ipfs-api - Communication with the IPFS Network
SteemJS - Communicating with the STEEM Blockchain
autolinker - Adding links to descriptions / comments
moment - Displaying times
XSS - For displaying untrusted texts and preventing XSS attacks

Credits to debuggers and idea suggesters

@steeminator3000 @dailydogger @coldbolt @nannal @thekyle @ekitcho @fabien @kalvas @french.fyde @nnnhhh @fayetristan @lukestokes


I'm getting literally 0 traction for this article on other mainstream social networks despite the correlation with IPFS. Spare an upvote? Let's try to bring attention to the outside world.
Hacker News

Last words

While I personally believe that decentralization is the future, don't get your hopes too high yet. Competing with YouTube is an heavy task that cannot be done by one man. My intent with this project was to practically demonstrate the possibility of decentralized video on top of IPFS. It works, but we don't know how well it will work in the long-term. YouTube also has a lot of extra features that makes the experience superior. What I built, represents maybe 1% of the work required to have something that can compete with YouTube. I built some walls, but there is no insulation, or painting, and the whole building might collapse at any time.



I was super excited about "SteemQ" which turned out to be a big nothing. I am very excited to say I will be posting my YouTube videos on DTUBE!

This is great news, and perfect timing with the massive Google censorship occurring.

Thank you very much, I am happy to re-steem and upvote. I will try uploading some films this weekend on there.

You can, but IPFS node owners might want to remove these contents to act according to the law :)

I swear I was thinking about how many movies will be on this thing lol... @heimindanger... I LOVE YOU FOR THIS. THIS IS REALLY AMAZING MAN.

Quick browsing turned up The Matrix and The Dark Knight on DTube.

I think the Matrix belongs there. Philosophically speaking.

Does this happen regularly though? Dtube could become the place for sharing pirated material, could you end up in trouble if that happens?

Not a single video file is hosted on Everything is on IPFS. I am no lawyer, but I don't think much can happen to me. DTube is only code.

If I'm wrong and end up in jail, at least I will have a bunch of free time :D

hahaha! that's true. Thanks for creating such a great platform @heimindanger ... ps, is your name what I think it is ?? lolz

It may not be that simple, the pirate bay hosted no movies either and I'm sure we all know what happened there. If the vast majority of content is original I would hope that will cover you, especially if you make no money from the dodgy content.

Yes, but they hosted the torrent files, or at least had the magnet links in their database...

Here the database is STEEM. So maybe @ned will go to jail? :D

Also, I could make DTube work without a domain exactly the same if I wanted. In fact, you can even CTRL+S the website , and run it from your desktop, I'm 100% it would work, except the upload because we limited it to the domain at the moment but it wouldn't be a problem to allow it

I hope they let you code more platforms for us Steemers if you happen to go that route ;) And you can never be sure, law can be complicated, specially if you're taking money away from the big boys.

But, in the end, this is we who decide who we give the money to. :)

Dude!! We'll come free you no problem!

hell yea i actually know how 2 build a teleporter if anyone wants 2 know ill give u my knowledge. ive actually seen starships teleport 2 so its already been done! vibrational frequency measurment and shifting of the object

Exactly right. You can, but you probably (definitely?) shouldn't.

No fuck that. I hope the admin or moderators or WHOEVER the fuck runs the show doesn't allow this place to become some pirate bay and dump for THIEVES to put copyrighted content.
Actually, where can I read up on copyright for dtube? We do not want this to be a mess, if we respect the will work.

lol good luck with that!


Hi, Steemit community! Please check out my steem t-shirt, I was working for a long time on it!

Titus...I've entered my key 4 times and get error message!!! Too excited to not have this work! Arghhhhhh

it really looks great and interesting, and looks like youtube but more easy and awsome.
i will take the ride with you in that.

looks like a nice growth !

btw good movieclip :)

  1. Why can't I upload .avi files? I successfully uploaded 3 .mp4 files without any problem but any .avi files refuse to upload.
  2. How do I delete a video?


Hmmm.. IPFS + blockchain. I think you cannot delete your video file anymore.

Did people abandon the Steem Q project?

WOW! I totally agree!!

Is it safe to use our Steemit credentials during sign up?

Use your private posting key. Your account funds are not in any risk even if someone would log in with them.

Thanks, I have figured it out, and have been posting.

This is amazing! Upvotes and resteemed.

Hola, que tipo de contenido se puede subir a Dtube ?, También se pueden subir películas ?... :O :O

unable to upload a single video to always give error

Me jumping out of my seat and doing that in the office after see this post!

Hi @heimindanger ! I love this idea but for some reason I can't login to using my chrome-like browser or any other browser for that matter. I correctly used my private key as per the instructions, but when I click to login it just sits there. It doesn't log me in & it doesn't say I have an error. Help would be greatly appreciated! Thank You!

kekking777\ I have similar problem, tried on two browsers -- entered name posting key and ... get message "wrong posting key" -- though it is the right one taken from my Steemit account as per instructions. Also hoping for solution -- and would very much appreciate help!

Very excited about this wonderful new DTube platform -- and appreciate all the talent and effort that has gone into creating it it!

@heimindanger : Can someone please give me an answer? It's been well past 24 hours....

How do you decline payouts when posting a dtube video?

You are the hero I want to be like you and I would be grateful if you supported me

I get all the way to step 3 and I cannot submit my videos! who's dick do I gatta suck to get my video on dtube?

Lolz, well I just uploaded the files but maybe the process has changed lolz.

you're spot on, and I will do the same -- posting my YouTube vids on D.Tube, that is (except for some total-garbage clips not worth watching...). Unlike YouTube, I am not about running up enormous amounts of user watch time as a business model (which is, stealing people their valuable time, even for stuff that's a time-waster). Just saying :)

Anyway, I am as excited about D.Tube as you fellow-Steemians, and will gladly try and kick start it with uploading supporting content. We need to get this off the ground smoothly...

May we upload our Youtube videos to DTube?

Dude. How to do for change the name in the channel DTUBE. Regards from argentina.

it can hurt your testis be he is hurted who knows

Wow a hell of a lot of work went in to this project - don't forget to show your appreciation.

wow much thread hijacking

such shame

Do you think Viewly has higher potential than DTube and why?
Most likely one with better UI will prevail.

To my knowledge Dtube uses Steemit reward integration while Viewly doesn't. We should support the one that gives more value to Steem Power holders (more places to use it)

Both use Steemit rewards. I have published a video on Viewly and it appeared on my blog as a normal post. The same happens with Dtube.

But can you actually vote on Viewly like in DTube?

Not sure, I think their platform is still in the making.

Diversification doesn't seem to be a bad idea in general. It may be a good idea to simply post to both... or would that simply just spam your vid posts?

just use what seems to be the better product at hand -- let the free market decide!!!

I think it is a valid idea to post to both platforms. I think DTube offers a way to not show the video on your profile but I am not sure how.

Viewly Is the future of videos in steemit!! @furion

yeah but its not in youtube format :( site.

@kuyajhaymo, please don't spam the same comment multiple times on the same post!

Hi heimindanger my name is Dan Dicks and I run an independent media outlet called Press For Truth (recently hit hard by Youtube) I would love to interview you about this awesome creation of yours! If you're available tomorrow that would be great but either way if you're up for it please message me at [email protected] and hopefully we can set something up!


emailed ;)

hi heimindanger, our company is setting up a complete ipfs cluster in China, could you email me [email protected] ,hope we can work together. thanks

Support Dan to keep bringing truthful reporting. Look forward to this interview.

Thanks @Pressfortruth, you are the reason I found this great platform, DTube, and @heimindanger. Keep up the great work both of you! I hope all the best for both of you.

12 hours 1800 views and 223 comments later ....

Normies get switched off when you put things like decentralised, STEEM and IPFS in the subject title. Concentrate on what it offers them - the user experience is what's important, not how it's done.

At the moment it offers more for creators than viewers, and that's only because they get paid. I've suggested some user end fixes in another reply here.

The main reason people will go to it is because content creators they like have uploaded on it. I've been plugging it today, to:

Angry Pepe KNN network
Sargon of Akkad
Black Pidgeon Speaks

Previously, I've also mention to Lauren Southern to get on to Steemit so I guess I'll msg Rebel media later with the DT message.

Please support my efforts and let your favourite content creators know that you want to see them get paid and that DT/Steemit could be the combination they are looking for, and that they would be supporting the work of taking decentralization and control away from legacy webapps

Any thumbs up for the work I've been doing promoting this (including spending my steemits on promotion) would be appreciated.

Cheers -

You are doing good work on this front for sure! I would like to know how successful you are with this venture.

Thank you - we will know when we see the mass migration and famous names on the 'newly uploaded' list.

I was just wondering how to go about doing something like this. There are a number of youtubers (with large followings) that I enjoy, and they've all dropped the word "adpocalypse" at one point or another. So I'd image they're at least open to options. I'm just not sure how to put it in their face (i'm imagining the get a lot of messages regularly). Any advice?

I've just been posting to them either on twitter or in youtube comments, using steemit for and dtube dot video.

The people get millions of interactions so you can't be sure they've actually seen your comment, so I've left it on many of their videos.

The only one I've had a response from is Angry Pepe from Kek News Network who said he'd check it out. But imagine if just a couple of them made the move - it would start an earthquake.

I check Dtube nearly everyday and have seen the @corbettreport and @x22report are on there/here.

It would help if once the names are on here, they spread the word too.

So basically, just keep plugging. Maybe have a notepad template that you can copy and paste - just don't do it excessively. I would say one per video, so you don't get accused of spam, and don't include links, youtube doesn't like that you might recommend a site they don't approve of, and I'm pretty sure they won't approve of Dtube.

If you have a youtube account maybe make a review video to post on there.

Simple stuff, just be careful not to get flagged for anything.

This is some really great work you put together here @heimindanger. were you planning on open sourcing it as well? You may also want to check out the script I released a few weeks back, which helps you easily identify and upvote recent author comments on an expired post. This could be used to continually monetize popular videos and maintain their ipfs streams indefinitely, even after the 7 day post payout window expires.

Link: Minnow Post Vote Slider and Past Payout Monetizer Script... and next, here comes SteemTUBE! (or in this case... DTube!)

No plans for open sourcing it yet.

So you use a bunch of FOSS to make this thing, post about it on a FOSS platform but you have "no plans for open sourcing it yet"?

You might consider putting some thought into an open business model that works. There's nothing wrong with making money from your work, but if you deny users the Four Essential Freedoms you've voluntarily reduced yourself to a modern/digital slave trader. I hope you're better than that.

Also, all of you windows/mac users who think this is just great: do you think you free yourself by going from one master(youtube) to another(DTube)? How do you think youtube started out? It too, was nice and friendly slaveware. Where did that get everybody?

Why not throw your weight behind LBRY for instance. It's FOSS and respects your freedoms, even if it's the MIT variant and allows the type of leeching i'm complaining about with the current stance of Dtube.

Thanks a lot for the mean comment, I love to see people caring about open source. You know, I use Linux since I went to univ, try to do things open-source whenever I can, and I am a fanboy of Richard Stallman.

If I wanted to play on words, I'd tell you this is already open source. All the code is in the single .js file that your browser loads. Yeah sure it's minified and uglified so it's not really useful.

This is not truly open source, because of potential threats. Believe me I am not an enemy, but some people around here are. They would be quick to take the source code, and try to quickly copy it after a quick redesign, spend a couple grands on marketing and create some hype for their own wealth. At least this way, they have to spend some time to unminify the code before trying to understand it (and most likely fail at the task).

I don't want to spoil, but please give it a bit of time, I actually have a list of subjects I want to talk about this month, and open-source is one of them. It will probably be the last of the serie though.

I'm with cryptoreturn on this one - what are the potential threats? Unminifying the code - common editors can 'beautify' the code to make it more readable (it's built into Edge now), so the only thing being hidden are variable names.

Lbry is an existing platform, and openly accepts contributions - I don't see anything unique about this project, other than you're starting it yourself.

Here is my attempt at beutifying it . It looks like near the top it has the variable names displayed.

Could you at least maybe open source the front end design so we can spruce it up and maybe add suggestions. Then you can worry about the backend. Long-term I believe all of the code will be required by the community in order to trust it. There should also be a discussion of the auto tagging with the prefix of "dtube-". I'm not sure if this is the best route.

The tags I was unsure about how to do it. To make tag browsing possible. But I agree I wont make it this way and remove the annoying dtube- for tags.

The front-end is all there is. There is no back-end. I will open source it, give it time, and follow me on steemit :D

Here you do the world a favor and people bash you for it, unreal! Unfortunately, there's a lot of people in this world who have nothing but hatred for humanity and will complain about anything. For the record, I appreciate the work you did, and people shouldn't be so god damn judgemental, like you owe them something, its pathetic.

If they don't like the way you built DTube, then they should shut the hell up, stop complaining, and build their own god damn platform.

Is it available on IOS as app to be downloaded?

No, but it is doable and I plan to do it. Some details need to be figured out for the upload to keep working however, so it might take a while.

Also, I never posted anything on android store or iOS store and I think I will need to go through some validation process, which apparently is hard for any crypto-related project. We will see

I really want to use this and I tried 2 times and failed. It's time I shot video using the video option on daube and the second I shot the video and uploaded it. Both from my iPhone 7. You can see my two failed attempts on my page. I really want to use this but I don't want to keep posting post with videos that won't play. @heimindanger please help me out ... what did I do wrong? Thanks you for all of your hardwork. I love the idea of eliminating YouTube out of my video posts on steemit.

Hey! I've been working on a Android app, and think it would be great to implement DTube as well, figured the best way to get information of the API is by contacting you directly.

I know I sound like a tinfoil retard now... but i am almost certain reddit is hiding steemit-links...

see my comment below

This is really great. I can see this project taking over YouTube soon. If you have created video with this, do well to share. Want to read about my life story here

Reddit can be oblivious. Will post to a few subs I know. Be well Picard.

you hating(face palming) on reddit? I heard they didn't like steemit much :D so just don't use steem anywhere :D

Great coment. 👍


"Why can't I log in with my master password or active key?
Because it's a retarded thing to do."

100% upvote for this part alone!

Really great work @heimindanger, I love that you built first / talked later. Looking forward to giving this a try soon!

Another amazing project that deserves resteeming and upvoting to help with the further development! It is fantastic for all those things coming to life. Week by week there are new projects starting that have the potential to not only grow steemit as the platform but to disrupt other already existing ones. Great job guys, following you now to give you some more support and to see what is the progress. Have a great weekend! Tomas

I second that! This deserves to be spotlighted and I for one will definitely follow (in two sense of the word) the development of this. This could be huge!

Great job, @heimindanger! This is as inspiring as it gets! Totally stoked!!!

Support with your comment 👍

Thanks for introducing DTube ...really awesome post !!

Yes! this is excellent! we need more projects like that with a dedicated team we can trust! Youtube is getting very fascist!

Great news, more appreciation for content creator, and creative profession. Bravo

This post is doing really well so far getting extensive support which is fabulous! I am sure we can do better guys! All the voters and people leaving the comments should resteem to get this even bigger exposure.... working as a team:).....

Amazing coment

Yay neighbour! Following :)

The project is doing fantastic so far! I have been checking on the website over the past couple of days and the new videos are being added and already collecting rewards. Hopefully it will only grow and grow:).... I wrote a post mentioning Dtube just to give the project a little boost so feel free to check it out: Thank you. Tomas

100% Upvoted! You're the man!

VERY VERY interesting. Just uploaded my first trial video. Super easy.
Jesus, this all seems so great !!!


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