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RE: Introducing DTube: a decentralized video platform using STEEM and IPFS

in #video3 years ago

You can now also publish Viewly videos to your Steemit blog.

Viewly charges 0% in fees.


wow much thread hijacking

such shame

Do you think Viewly has higher potential than DTube and why?
Most likely one with better UI will prevail.

To my knowledge Dtube uses Steemit reward integration while Viewly doesn't. We should support the one that gives more value to Steem Power holders (more places to use it)

Both use Steemit rewards. I have published a video on Viewly and it appeared on my blog as a normal post. The same happens with Dtube.

But can you actually vote on Viewly like in DTube?

Not sure, I think their platform is still in the making.

Diversification doesn't seem to be a bad idea in general. It may be a good idea to simply post to both... or would that simply just spam your vid posts?

just use what seems to be the better product at hand -- let the free market decide!!!

I think it is a valid idea to post to both platforms. I think DTube offers a way to not show the video on your profile but I am not sure how.

Interesting and a good thing to have. I can see someone already hosting newest GoT episode there and getting 120$ for it.

Viewly Is the future of videos in steemit!! @furion

yeah but its not in youtube format :( site.

@kuyajhaymo, please don't spam the same comment multiple times on the same post!

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