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RE: Introducing DTube: a decentralized video platform using STEEM and IPFS

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I was super excited about "SteemQ" which turned out to be a big nothing. I am very excited to say I will be posting my YouTube videos on DTUBE!

This is great news, and perfect timing with the massive Google censorship occurring.

Thank you very much, I am happy to re-steem and upvote. I will try uploading some films this weekend on there.


You can, but IPFS node owners might want to remove these contents to act according to the law :)

I swear I was thinking about how many movies will be on this thing lol... @heimindanger... I LOVE YOU FOR THIS. THIS IS REALLY AMAZING MAN.

Quick browsing turned up The Matrix and The Dark Knight on DTube.

I think the Matrix belongs there. Philosophically speaking.

i second that.

I third that.

Does this happen regularly though? Dtube could become the place for sharing pirated material, could you end up in trouble if that happens?

Not a single video file is hosted on Everything is on IPFS. I am no lawyer, but I don't think much can happen to me. DTube is only code.

If I'm wrong and end up in jail, at least I will have a bunch of free time :D

hahaha! that's true. Thanks for creating such a great platform @heimindanger ... ps, is your name what I think it is ?? lolz

It may not be that simple, the pirate bay hosted no movies either and I'm sure we all know what happened there. If the vast majority of content is original I would hope that will cover you, especially if you make no money from the dodgy content.

Yes, but they hosted the torrent files, or at least had the magnet links in their database...

Here the database is STEEM. So maybe @ned will go to jail? :D

Also, I could make DTube work without a domain exactly the same if I wanted. In fact, you can even CTRL+S the website , and run it from your desktop, I'm 100% it would work, except the upload because we limited it to the domain at the moment but it wouldn't be a problem to allow it

This is actually a very interesting situation. It's not inconceivable that this could create liability for Steemit Inc.

When people post copyrighted material on YouTube, YouTube is not held accountable because the content gets removed at the request of the Copyright holder. However, on the blockchain, is that even possible? Once uploaded isn't it always there?

There is definitely a question to be answered regarding who is liable for copyright violations on steemit...

I love DTUBE! Bravo ... I really believe in IPFS/IPLD applications however I have difficulties to use my local ipfs node with DTUBE, as I have to run it on different ports it would be wonderful to have some setting / cookies to register the ipfs api and gateway link such that all non port:8080 and port:5001 users can enjoy a smooth dtub and seeds videos too from their ipfs repository.

This is very interesting situation. We already can see the platform being used to host newest GoT episode : and being rewarded handsomely for it. This will surely attract more of the same kind of behavior.

Piraters getting paid for sharing content and people not having to worry about viruses? This is a win win -situation for both parties.

Definitely new legal territory, but the laws are bent to the will of the powerful - those with lots of money ... even if courts side with you initially, legislation will come about to force the courts to do what 'they' want. I hope you build an app with full functionality and get it out asap ... then take down the website - I don't want to see a brilliant guy like you dropped into a hole like they did (and are doing) with so many others. PLEASE, consult a few lawyers asap.

why is it that the videos I post on dtube wont play?

I hope they let you code more platforms for us Steemers if you happen to go that route ;) And you can never be sure, law can be complicated, specially if you're taking money away from the big boys.

But, in the end, this is we who decide who we give the money to. :)

Am I being detained officer?!

Steemit accounts can be created anonymously so that's one hurdle that can be easily avoided. It's a bit of an hassle to get funds to it without them being trackable to you easily though. Maybe through shapeshift?

Dude!! We'll come free you no problem!

hell yea i actually know how 2 build a teleporter if anyone wants 2 know ill give u my knowledge. ive actually seen starships teleport 2 so its already been done! vibrational frequency measurment and shifting of the object

Already successful with living BIngs ? seems there's something better than steemit already ;) ;) <3

Hello there. I would like to know how to teleport, thanks in advance.

Exactly right. You can, but you probably (definitely?) shouldn't.

No fuck that. I hope the admin or moderators or WHOEVER the fuck runs the show doesn't allow this place to become some pirate bay and dump for THIEVES to put copyrighted content.
Actually, where can I read up on copyright for dtube? We do not want this to be a mess, if we respect the will work.

lol good luck with that!


Hi, Steemit community! Please check out my steem t-shirt, I was working for a long time on it!

Titus...I've entered my key 4 times and get error message!!! Too excited to not have this work! Arghhhhhh

it really looks great and interesting, and looks like youtube but more easy and awsome.
i will take the ride with you in that.

looks like a nice growth !

btw good movieclip :)

  1. Why can't I upload .avi files? I successfully uploaded 3 .mp4 files without any problem but any .avi files refuse to upload.
  2. How do I delete a video?


Hmmm.. IPFS + blockchain. I think you cannot delete your video file anymore.

Did people abandon the Steem Q project?

WOW! I totally agree!!

Is it safe to use our Steemit credentials during sign up?

Use your private posting key. Your account funds are not in any risk even if someone would log in with them.

Thanks, I have figured it out, and have been posting.

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