You can now publish videos to your own Steemit blog

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For over a month, videos could be published on Viewly anonymously. As of today, it is also possible to publish them on your Steemit blog.

Screenshot from 2017-08-12 16-55-06.png

The video preview is positioned at the beginning of the post, followed by your regular content.

0% Fee

Viewly takes no posting rewards as a fee. When you publish to your own blog, 100% of rewards remain yours.

Improved YouTube uploads

The YouTube cross-uploading now also supports lower quality formats, and will fallback to the best possible quality automatically.

> Try Publishing a video with Viewly


Your hard work is appreciated. The content is in the works!

I'm looking forward to it :)

great! I have a video to use for the next post! going to try

Is the size of video limited to 100mb

Yes, but for YouTube cross uploads its unlimited.

Regular uploads will become unlimited as well, as soon as we deploy in-browser encoding.

Thank you so much,i will be sure to give it a shot

Great stuff, how is the monetization going? Do we need a different coin for videos?

Very excited to put our music videos up on

Have a look at our artists on Steemit

@edenmichelle @danshaw @leelektrik @owenkay @shaewebbmusic

Thanks @pandamama - going to be great having our videos up on - Well done @furion and the team of developers - you guys rock

This is fantastic news - thank you @furion - you guys are the best - thanks @pandamama

I used this this the other day, its pretty neat.

Spectacular @furion. Even better than DTube! Upvoted & resteemed.

Truly awesome... now we have great competitor for youtube that too on a blockchain... Thanks @furion for creating Viewly... All the very best.

Wow, i didnt knew about this... But it is only limited to 100 mb videos?... My videos use to be a bit larger than that...

Yes, but for YouTube cross uploads its unlimited.

Regular uploads will become unlimited as well, as soon as we deploy in-browser encoding.

Cool, i will try the cross uploads :)

I have hoped you would update the page quickly after you saw the DTube announcement yesterday. It is sooo cool to have two video platforms publishing on the Steem blockchain within days of YouTube demonizing all those YouTubers for their critical content. This is huge!

I love how viewly looks and behaves. Brilliantly done so far. I made a test video post about Viewly and I saw that the video is wrapped into a html span element. That needs to be removed when the post is manually edited later. Probably something that should be fixed.

Thank you so much for this. This is the best development for Steem since I joined two months ago!

Watch it on Viewly

Thanks to your post, I just found another issue. It turns out that editing a post on steemit will overwrite the json_metadata, and now the video is gone.

Right. I still had the video open and that link still works. So the video seems to be still there somehow. I updated the link in my comment and my post.

Unfortunately, its a flaw in the design. The video will die eventually, as none of the nodes will recognize it as such (it only lives as a cache on the upload server).

One way to rescue it would be to manually repair the json_metadata field in the post, however I'm not aware of an easy way to do it for a non technical person.

In any case, I need to upgrade the design to fix this flaw.

Ok, I am sure you guys can fix that. Awesome job so far!

Now we only need to change the payout system to make videos (and posts) profitable in the long run as well.

Great work man, I was waiting for this update. Now we can post our original videos here. One question, can we have some type of plagiarism into place so that people don't paste other people's work

Thanks for your work! I don't have any content to upload right now, but I'm sure there are a lot of people who do :-)
All kinds of video solutions for Steemit are coming up! This is great!

Cool stuff!

I also post quality content.
My blog just started so your suggestions will be very helpful.


Thanks and have a wonderful day. 😉

someone just annouced a steemit based platform for releasing videos. have you heard of it?

Thanks @furion. Posted first video today. Worked well. @ suggested features. Embed video so we don't have to leave steemit and allow to upload and change video preview. Thanks keep up the good work.

@chippyofdoom was asking how much Viewly is going to take as benefits in my below post ? @furion, do you know ?

Very informative article thank you for the post!

Great, Steemit is really developing and getting better and better.
One suggestion for improvement would be that I could easily save great posts like this. Same 'save this post' functionality would be great if possible.

A great imagination.
I am very comforted.
I have not seen anything like this before ..
When I see your post makes me laugh and amused.
I'm glad to see it.
You have an incredible imagination.
If I can advise you, do not waste your talent.
Maybe with that talent you will become a successful person.
I really like people who have special talents.
Thank you for entertaining me with your post.
I like you...

Great service, another good addition to the steemit economy.

@furion is one of the steady hands here who make great impact without making noice. He is one good guy I have never seeing abusing or bullying people like some few whales here do. Congratulations man. Your success is all our success.

wow thank you for this! I like having my options =) you are awesome!

Thanks @furion for your continued work on this. I haven't posted any videos to my Steemit blog because I have not wanted to use Youtube. I'm very glad options like Viewly exist. Supporting you with my upvote!

I don't understand though (im new) I have been posting my videos in my steemit blog ever since I joined a few months back. I have had no problem with embedding videos into my posts. Is there something different here I'm not catching onto? Sorry if this is a stupid question haha

I believe the only difference is that now you don't need YouTube to post the video to FIRST. YouTube has been known to censor material and this provides another repository for your video.

Apart from the answer that @happyme gave, you need to upload the video to YouTube, and then copy the URL and embeds in your post. However, if you are using viewly then you just upload in Viewly and it automatically becomes a Post. So your job is reduced.

Makes sense ? If not, then please raise questions. I don't think, any question could be stupid :) Its curiosity instead.

I uploaded several videos on Viewly and all went well.

Smooooth. Thanks for the great platform, I just posted my first video on directly to my STEEM account.

Is there any list of supported video codec or a any max video size to me uploaded. If there is, please what are those?

Could you give an example ? I'm not sure what that post is about. It's about posting screenshots of video and linking to an external link ?

I can now make videos of my belly!

Those will replace the cat videos as the most popular videos of all time!

Do you have github for

When clicking on the videos in the "Also on Viewly" section, the redirect goes to a "404 page not found." The problem seems to be %40 showing up in the URL, when it is removed the page loads properly:

It's a good idea to allow for separate options and allowing us end users to have an easier place to upload to.
Thanks for all the time and effort you have put into your project.

Can SteemIt get any better?

It certainly can, it all depends on us. We all need to bring up the culture to make it better.

I tried the other app DTube today, and the experience was good. Earlier I had issues with Viewly. So lets see, which one is better.

Hop on our telegram group, and send me the video you're trying to upload, and I'll debug the issue.

I just uploaded the video now, and it was uploaded. So seems some issue was there and its now fixed.

You can see it here. Earlier I was getting error when uploading the same one. I had asked many times, but may be you did not notice at all.

And I would also like to share my views on the comparison. To me it looks like the quality in viewly is better. Same video uploaded in both sites, but viewly renders it better when viewing. So end user experience will be good.

Good Job, Congratulations.

For those who are on this page and reading this conversation, here are both the links :

Please have a look at both and comment, which is better, I feel viewly is better. But lets weigh in your opinions.

can you tell me how to earn money from ?

Try viewly instead. Here is my comparison of Viewly vs DTube. But again its a personal opinion, and I don't want to hurt anyone. Just a honest opinion.

Great stuff!

This is excellent! Can we upload videos that we have already uploaded on Youtube? Like am I right to assume that there are no rules are broken?

yes, going to the viewly page you can add the link to your youtube video at bottom of upload page. paste your title and info into the optional boxes. viewly will upload video and add format. you can then plug your title, tags, description, and your private key and steem username.

Unless I am wrong, doing this way will degrade (at least a little) the quality of your video, for it has to be re-encoded. But I guess it is not very important for most people.

the degradation of resolution isn't all that bad for me since i'm on a really crappy wifi connection most of the time.

I've got to start using this sounds great, cheers

another nail in the coffin of yesterday's technology. I don't know whether to laugh or cry.. facebook and youtube are staring into the void.. next thing they'll be issuing steemit smart media tokens.. mark my words, one of the big social media channels will start issuing their own currency around Christmas this year and it's going to cause a MASSSIVE sh*t storm...

will it be freddit ? no
will it be twotter ? probably not
will it be Faceduck ? mmm, it could be instaspam !
will it be medium ? yeah probly


Thank you for this - I'm big on You tube - in volume of videos - not so much in views :0

I post about health and natural weight loss among other things and do not monetize over there since I am kind of alt-health. I self censor just to not have trouble as so many of my friends have had over the years. In alt health you can lose your channel very easily.

I will definitely give this a try with some of the vids I hold back now. Thank you. Resteemed to remind myself :)

nice post , resteem
If you have STEEM Power, you can power down to turn, help me.

Wow..once again nice post with good article and nice video from @furion
(1) your presentation and written skill is excellent sir....always you have earned my respect.
(2) you have got good command.
(3) I think you have more creative and different idea about steemit
(4) I think you have very good tips and tricks about using this platform
(5) your valuble ideas and knowledge is very useful to new me...
(5) Thank you so much sharing your valuble knowledge with us...
I have become ur fan.
will be regular reader of ur blog.
Happy steeming....resteemed

I hope soon I can but 1GB video up :))

I am very happy to see this! Thanks!


I look forward to start publishing videos using Viewly, I love the great work you've been doing, it's going forward at great speeds!

This is really cool. We tried it yesterday and it was far easier than we could have ever imagined.

If you want to see what your hard work inspired us to do, you can check it out here.

Thanks for providing this amazing tool!!!

Thanks for sharing this. I was just thinking of trying to do a video and was viewing some on Steemit. Wasn't sure how to do it and you posted just at the right time. Great job.

I can't wait for the day when viewly beats youtube. I'm diving in to viewly now! :)

So cool. There's tons of videos of my music I wanted to post on Steemit. Makes things easier.

This is awesome news!

Wow! Never knew about this amazing platform. Now we can publish videos on blockchain and say goodbye to middleman :D but there's limit of 100 mb for demo now. Hope soon it changes to unlimited soon.

Is this the same as DTube? Are the 2 of you working at the same thing? If you are working on the same idea but different projects, would it be worthwhile joining forces?

These are needed resources and greatly appreciated! Thanks so much!

These are different projects.

Anyone care to explain the differences between the 2 projects?
From my perspective as a lay-person, they look mostly the same except for the interface.

They're by different people. Main differences:

  1. DTube is free-for-now, but will charge in the future for video hosting.
  2. is free.

Thank-you! That is an important difference.

Oh snap!
I make tons of videos !!
I am checking this out !

This is great news. There are many videos that I would like to see get archived into the Steem blockchain, if for no other reason than so that they won't get "disappeared" later.

But a question though: won't doing that really clog up the blockchain?

Thanks so much for this useful tool.

Nice work guys!

you really work hard nice video sir

It's a welcome development on Steemit.
Thanks for sharing.

Great job....up

nice one, thanks for the info, :) upvote and i'm following you now, thanks
hope to see more of your wonderful and informative post...

amazing post

This is simply AWESOME @furion Between this and dTube, UToob is toast. Been waiting for this a loooong time. ... and you wait, then all of a sudden, two buses come at once, right?

Nice job. Got to try this some day!

Incredible! I follow all news on telegram and amazed by your work so far.
Thank you!

good work...i'll definitely try

hey man, I just signed up. But it's asking me to join telegram and it directed me to their site. It that supposed to happen? Thanks in advance! Good job on making this app. :-D

0% fees!! Seems like you will eliminate your recent competitor in one swipe!! You are savage man, real savage!!!

That's great news to hear and i'm sure it will be a huge success,thanks for sharing.

Thank Very much for this, much love!!!

Where can i buy viewly coins? what is it name?!

Super cool this time. Great Job @furion

Can we post video here anyone video??

YouTube may be in trouble now...I have enough strikes on my channel, thank you for share!!!

Thank you for creating this, will use it much I think!

So funny I literally did this with my last podcast post :)

great ! well done

This is great! YT has been demonetizing and censoring, as usual. We need a solution.

Once the in-browser encoding is rolled out, file sizes should be drastically reduced.

Great post. Its great having people like you on steemit. Upvoted, mind checking my profile too and feel free to upvote and follow back..
Here are some posts that might be helpful for you -
Regards- Steemit Community

You're the man. tip! 0.5

The reward will be in Steem or SBD ?

This is sweet! :)
Someday we don't youtube no more.
Something we can call our own. ;)

I will try!

A great feature to have, thank you.

I feel kinda bad about pushing dtube the want 25% of our earnings. Don't get me wrong I'm all for supporting the community... but 25% is way too much thanks 🙏🏽 for this post really appreciate the info resteeming

Now you can upload a video from DTube.Video!!! It's very simple, you can log in with your steemit account, and it's work under blockchain system!!

It's awesome i have one video that's i am going to try in next post
i am going to try

Great youtube alternative! Youtube are increasing the censorship, so we need a real alternative :D

hey @furion, does the video from viewly play in the steemit post like youtube?

I've seen videos from DTube being embedded into steemit posts, but it doesn't play in the post. Also is there much of a difference in what DTube and Viewly is supposed to accomplish?

Personally, I think Viewly looks better and the Youtube cross-uploading is an awesome feature.


This sounds like something I need to try. The 0% fee caught my eye. Is there any hope of installing a video editor into any of these new functions?

Youtube is taking the free editor away September 21st. Hoards of people are angry about this, but their complaints are falling on deaf ears.

Thank you for your contribution to Steem, and video content creators @furion

Steemit is really developing ! Great man

Has anyone tried ? Thanks

This makes things so much easier.

Finally , some change , like we needed . Steemit is becoming easier now for the platform , I like that @furion thank you

we are having a lot of options for video uploads, this is great. viewly and dtube.

Hi @furion, that's so nice, I will try to post videos now! ;)
just to let you know, I followed and voted you as my witness. I am quite new here and I would also appreciate if you could comment on what you think of my last post :)

Thanks for your hard work, really appreciated this one, very useful for us.

This looks interesting. Even cooler that there's no fees and rewards are kept by the user!

If it really is what I think it is, it will surely cross YouTube's popularity one day.

Wow, been waiting for this. Very useful

Thank you @furion!
Upvoted & resteemed

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