You can now publish videos to your own Steemit blog

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For over a month, videos could be published on Viewly anonymously. As of today, it is also possible to publish them on your Steemit blog.

Screenshot from 2017-08-12 16-55-06.png

The video preview is positioned at the beginning of the post, followed by your regular content.

0% Fee

Viewly takes no posting rewards as a fee. When you publish to your own blog, 100% of rewards remain yours.

Improved YouTube uploads

The YouTube cross-uploading now also supports lower quality formats, and will fallback to the best possible quality automatically.

> Try Publishing a video with Viewly


Your hard work is appreciated. The content is in the works!

I'm looking forward to it :)

great! I have a video to use for the next post! going to try

Is the size of video limited to 100mb

Yes, but for YouTube cross uploads its unlimited.

Regular uploads will become unlimited as well, as soon as we deploy in-browser encoding.

Thank you so much,i will be sure to give it a shot

Great stuff, how is the monetization going? Do we need a different coin for videos?

Very excited to put our music videos up on

Have a look at our artists on Steemit

@edenmichelle @danshaw @leelektrik @owenkay @shaewebbmusic

Thanks @pandamama - going to be great having our videos up on - Well done @furion and the team of developers - you guys rock

This is fantastic news - thank you @furion - you guys are the best - thanks @pandamama

I used this this the other day, its pretty neat.

Spectacular @furion. Even better than DTube! Upvoted & resteemed.

Truly awesome... now we have great competitor for youtube that too on a blockchain... Thanks @furion for creating Viewly... All the very best.

Wow, i didnt knew about this... But it is only limited to 100 mb videos?... My videos use to be a bit larger than that...

Yes, but for YouTube cross uploads its unlimited.

Regular uploads will become unlimited as well, as soon as we deploy in-browser encoding.

Cool, i will try the cross uploads :)

I have hoped you would update the page quickly after you saw the DTube announcement yesterday. It is sooo cool to have two video platforms publishing on the Steem blockchain within days of YouTube demonizing all those YouTubers for their critical content. This is huge!

I love how viewly looks and behaves. Brilliantly done so far. I made a test video post about Viewly and I saw that the video is wrapped into a html span element. That needs to be removed when the post is manually edited later. Probably something that should be fixed.

Thank you so much for this. This is the best development for Steem since I joined two months ago!

Watch it on Viewly

Thanks to your post, I just found another issue. It turns out that editing a post on steemit will overwrite the json_metadata, and now the video is gone.

Right. I still had the video open and that link still works. So the video seems to be still there somehow. I updated the link in my comment and my post.

Unfortunately, its a flaw in the design. The video will die eventually, as none of the nodes will recognize it as such (it only lives as a cache on the upload server).

One way to rescue it would be to manually repair the json_metadata field in the post, however I'm not aware of an easy way to do it for a non technical person.

In any case, I need to upgrade the design to fix this flaw.

Ok, I am sure you guys can fix that. Awesome job so far!

Now we only need to change the payout system to make videos (and posts) profitable in the long run as well.

Great work man, I was waiting for this update. Now we can post our original videos here. One question, can we have some type of plagiarism into place so that people don't paste other people's work

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