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RE: Introducing DTube: a decentralized video platform using STEEM and IPFS

in #video3 years ago

Hi heimindanger my name is Dan Dicks and I run an independent media outlet called Press For Truth (recently hit hard by Youtube) I would love to interview you about this awesome creation of yours! If you're available tomorrow that would be great but either way if you're up for it please message me at [email protected] and hopefully we can set something up!



emailed ;)

hi heimindanger, our company is setting up a complete ipfs cluster in China, could you email me [email protected] ,hope we can work together. thanks

Support Dan to keep bringing truthful reporting. Look forward to this interview.

Thanks @Pressfortruth, you are the reason I found this great platform, DTube, and @heimindanger. Keep up the great work both of you! I hope all the best for both of you.

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