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RE: Introducing DTube: a decentralized video platform using STEEM and IPFS

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Normies get switched off when you put things like decentralised, STEEM and IPFS in the subject title. Concentrate on what it offers them - the user experience is what's important, not how it's done.

At the moment it offers more for creators than viewers, and that's only because they get paid. I've suggested some user end fixes in another reply here.

The main reason people will go to it is because content creators they like have uploaded on it. I've been plugging it today, to:

Angry Pepe KNN network
Sargon of Akkad
Black Pidgeon Speaks

Previously, I've also mention to Lauren Southern to get on to Steemit so I guess I'll msg Rebel media later with the DT message.

Please support my efforts and let your favourite content creators know that you want to see them get paid and that DT/Steemit could be the combination they are looking for, and that they would be supporting the work of taking decentralization and control away from legacy webapps

Any thumbs up for the work I've been doing promoting this (including spending my steemits on promotion) would be appreciated.

Cheers -

You are doing good work on this front for sure! I would like to know how successful you are with this venture.

Thank you - we will know when we see the mass migration and famous names on the 'newly uploaded' list.

I was just wondering how to go about doing something like this. There are a number of youtubers (with large followings) that I enjoy, and they've all dropped the word "adpocalypse" at one point or another. So I'd image they're at least open to options. I'm just not sure how to put it in their face (i'm imagining the get a lot of messages regularly). Any advice?

I've just been posting to them either on twitter or in youtube comments, using steemit for and dtube dot video.

The people get millions of interactions so you can't be sure they've actually seen your comment, so I've left it on many of their videos.

The only one I've had a response from is Angry Pepe from Kek News Network who said he'd check it out. But imagine if just a couple of them made the move - it would start an earthquake.

I check Dtube nearly everyday and have seen the @corbettreport and @x22report are on there/here.

It would help if once the names are on here, they spread the word too.

So basically, just keep plugging. Maybe have a notepad template that you can copy and paste - just don't do it excessively. I would say one per video, so you don't get accused of spam, and don't include links, youtube doesn't like that you might recommend a site they don't approve of, and I'm pretty sure they won't approve of Dtube.

If you have a youtube account maybe make a review video to post on there.

Simple stuff, just be careful not to get flagged for anything.

This is some really great work you put together here @heimindanger. were you planning on open sourcing it as well? You may also want to check out the script I released a few weeks back, which helps you easily identify and upvote recent author comments on an expired post. This could be used to continually monetize popular videos and maintain their ipfs streams indefinitely, even after the 7 day post payout window expires.

Link: Minnow Post Vote Slider and Past Payout Monetizer Script... and next, here comes SteemTUBE! (or in this case... DTube!)

No plans for open sourcing it yet.

So you use a bunch of FOSS to make this thing, post about it on a FOSS platform but you have "no plans for open sourcing it yet"?

You might consider putting some thought into an open business model that works. There's nothing wrong with making money from your work, but if you deny users the Four Essential Freedoms you've voluntarily reduced yourself to a modern/digital slave trader. I hope you're better than that.

Also, all of you windows/mac users who think this is just great: do you think you free yourself by going from one master(youtube) to another(DTube)? How do you think youtube started out? It too, was nice and friendly slaveware. Where did that get everybody?

Why not throw your weight behind LBRY for instance. It's FOSS and respects your freedoms, even if it's the MIT variant and allows the type of leeching i'm complaining about with the current stance of Dtube.

Thanks a lot for the mean comment, I love to see people caring about open source. You know, I use Linux since I went to univ, try to do things open-source whenever I can, and I am a fanboy of Richard Stallman.

If I wanted to play on words, I'd tell you this is already open source. All the code is in the single .js file that your browser loads. Yeah sure it's minified and uglified so it's not really useful.

This is not truly open source, because of potential threats. Believe me I am not an enemy, but some people around here are. They would be quick to take the source code, and try to quickly copy it after a quick redesign, spend a couple grands on marketing and create some hype for their own wealth. At least this way, they have to spend some time to unminify the code before trying to understand it (and most likely fail at the task).

I don't want to spoil, but please give it a bit of time, I actually have a list of subjects I want to talk about this month, and open-source is one of them. It will probably be the last of the serie though.

I'm with cryptoreturn on this one - what are the potential threats? Unminifying the code - common editors can 'beautify' the code to make it more readable (it's built into Edge now), so the only thing being hidden are variable names.

Lbry is an existing platform, and openly accepts contributions - I don't see anything unique about this project, other than you're starting it yourself.

Here is my attempt at beutifying it . It looks like near the top it has the variable names displayed.

Could you at least maybe open source the front end design so we can spruce it up and maybe add suggestions. Then you can worry about the backend. Long-term I believe all of the code will be required by the community in order to trust it. There should also be a discussion of the auto tagging with the prefix of "dtube-". I'm not sure if this is the best route.

The tags I was unsure about how to do it. To make tag browsing possible. But I agree I wont make it this way and remove the annoying dtube- for tags.

The front-end is all there is. There is no back-end. I will open source it, give it time, and follow me on steemit :D

Here you do the world a favor and people bash you for it, unreal! Unfortunately, there's a lot of people in this world who have nothing but hatred for humanity and will complain about anything. For the record, I appreciate the work you did, and people shouldn't be so god damn judgemental, like you owe them something, its pathetic.

If they don't like the way you built DTube, then they should shut the hell up, stop complaining, and build their own god damn platform.

Is it available on IOS as app to be downloaded?

No, but it is doable and I plan to do it. Some details need to be figured out for the upload to keep working however, so it might take a while.

Also, I never posted anything on android store or iOS store and I think I will need to go through some validation process, which apparently is hard for any crypto-related project. We will see

I really want to use this and I tried 2 times and failed. It's time I shot video using the video option on daube and the second I shot the video and uploaded it. Both from my iPhone 7. You can see my two failed attempts on my page. I really want to use this but I don't want to keep posting post with videos that won't play. @heimindanger please help me out ... what did I do wrong? Thanks you for all of your hardwork. I love the idea of eliminating YouTube out of my video posts on steemit.

Hey! I've been working on a Android app, and think it would be great to implement DTube as well, figured the best way to get information of the API is by contacting you directly.

I know I sound like a tinfoil retard now... but i am almost certain reddit is hiding steemit-links...

see my comment below

This is really great. I can see this project taking over YouTube soon. If you have created video with this, do well to share. Want to read about my life story here

Reddit can be oblivious. Will post to a few subs I know. Be well Picard.

you hating(face palming) on reddit? I heard they didn't like steemit much :D so just don't use steem anywhere :D

Great coment. 👍


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