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RE: Introducing DTube: a decentralized video platform using STEEM and IPFS

in #video3 years ago

Another amazing project that deserves resteeming and upvoting to help with the further development! It is fantastic for all those things coming to life. Week by week there are new projects starting that have the potential to not only grow steemit as the platform but to disrupt other already existing ones. Great job guys, following you now to give you some more support and to see what is the progress. Have a great weekend! Tomas


I second that! This deserves to be spotlighted and I for one will definitely follow (in two sense of the word) the development of this. This could be huge!

Great job, @heimindanger! This is as inspiring as it gets! Totally stoked!!!

Support with your comment 👍

Thanks for introducing DTube ...really awesome post !!

Yes! this is excellent! we need more projects like that with a dedicated team we can trust! Youtube is getting very fascist!

Great news, more appreciation for content creator, and creative profession. Bravo

This post is doing really well so far getting extensive support which is fabulous! I am sure we can do better guys! All the voters and people leaving the comments should resteem to get this even bigger exposure.... working as a team:).....

Amazing coment

Yay neighbour! Following :)

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