VERGE (XVG): "The Way to Make Money is to Buy When There is Blood Running on the Streets"..JD Rockerfeller

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VERGE (XVG) has corrected so deeply that such level can test the patience of any who might still be holding since the $0.29 peak. The correction is labeled as WXYXZ (blue) and the final Z wave is expected to mark a lower low. Per JD Rockerfeller's quote, s this the time to buy or sell?

The subwaves show the abc (red) placements, providing confirmation of current count. The final blue Z wave shows that the five waves of the last c wave could be in progress. While the lower low could target $0.024, it's important also to remember that a correction bottom is not necessarily an event but rather a process. In that process, there is also a scenario where price can continue going sideways. Discipline and patience pair the closest for traders during these near bottom times.

Legal Disclaimer: I am not a financial advisor nor is any content in this article presented as financial advice. The information provided in this blog post and any other posts that I make and any accompanying material is for informational purposes only. It should not be considered financial or investment advice of any kind. One should consult with a financial or investment professional to determine what may be best for your individual needs. Plain English: This is only my opinion, make of it what you wish. What does this mean? It means it's not advice nor recommendation to either buy or sell anything! It's only meant for use as informative or entertainment purposes.

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thats a Baron Rothschild quote my friend

VERGE (XVG): "The Way to Make Money is to Buy When There is Blood Running on the Streets"..JD Rockerfeller

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lol. true.

In the end it wasn't him, since Rothshild had quoted the local blacksmith, and the local blacksmith had quoted his mum, she was from Germany. Something like that, I'm not 100% sure. Beware, history is not mathematics.

the best way to earn money is to keep calm and do good research

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Or even better - do not visit exchanges, watch any market news or charts at all.

Smart money makes money (high five)!

Such a great quote. Hard to pull off for most

Still positive on XVG long term? Ive been holding for very long time.

Haejin why am I being downvoted on your blog????

because haters are going to hate. It has nothing to do with you, just some upset ppl ... upset that haejin posts get too much rewards

15% ... that's what he just said

i agree with this article

Remember that Haejin was telling people to buy when this coin was near its all time high.

I love XVG community and the idea of it as well, but I suspect it will hit 200 sats or lower. I hate to see this, as I was an early adopter of this coin. Only time will tell. Maybe some big news will revive it, who knows.

This is awesome, being trying to understand the WXYXZ concept for a long time now. This is not quite simple from the versions I have read. It will help my better understanding of the concept as I proceed with my research on it.
Thumbs up Haejin

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LOL. XVG is most probably dead!

It's possible. But I've also heard that being said about coins right before they go to the moon.

Not sure in this particular case. I would want to do more research before jumping to that conclusion.

@HAEJIN - You Should Watch This Video
I didn't make it. I found it searching "Haejin Video" on BING.

That's why you should not invest all your money in one coin and when you do invest then just hodl.

Volatility is my friend when you trade arbitrage get advice and learn 6 figure income from >

Buy during next days and you will be happy in Jun.

What's gonna happen in june?

Do you really think he knows what the fuck is gonna happen in JUNE?

Any and all knows the sun turns in June and days on the northern hemisphere starts getting shorter again 😉

In the Jun the Sun is highest on the sky.So will be Verge too.Probably you are new in crypto,and dont know,that in Jun cryptos reaching high prices every year.

That's only in the eye of the beholder. In South-Afrika june is wintertime!

always wait for the dip! can't wait this coin moon!.. as always, this type of coin will rise on the ber months. maybe november to december so keep holding..

Wow, I'm reading a lot of negative sentiment overhere! Must be the negative figures that are making the negative story's by now.
.............beware of that. You can 'feel' it on You-Tube too.


Nice quote! Check the financial crisis of 2008 when many are bailing out while others are waiting for this time to accumulate. Stocks that were down to almost nothing BAC, C, JPM, LVS, WFC, F, AIG etc...and look at them now..

That's 10 years ago

History repeat itself

history repeat itself if you cant figure that out! Stocks go through troughs and peaks, the same thing with cryptos

Wooo good

Great post my friend. I love the topic sounds scary at first. Smiles

No, it is not gonna happen.

Be in peak

🗣FACTS: The way to make money with crypto is to buy and HODL. If you are lucky your coin will rise in the next 5 years‼️

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great post

Wow excellent writing. Upvoted on your post . Thank you

@HAEJIN - You Should Watch This Video
I didn't make it. I found it searching "Haejin Video" on BING.

what happened to your baby flag, mommy flag and papa flag ? :)

XVG was founded by a known criminal. Research it yourself. It was a pump, and anyone who is still waiting for some magic reversal is wasting time and money. The reason it is making new lows, without any significant rises in between, is because it is slowly making its way to $0. For those who are holding, I hope i'm wrong.

Best thing you can do is sell all your XVG and never look at it again. Dont worry, we will take up the slack your void will cause. LOL

It's bring promoted by a CRIMINAL named @HAEJIN on #STEEMIT!!! What do you think about this @DAN?

Don't agree with you.

Thanks for the update Haejin; been testing my patience slightly; but I wouldn't entertain the idea of selling at this point.

Always a great time to buy in is at the end of a correction like this.

my guess is that as soon as there is a bull run on Bitcoin again, this will be one of the first alt coins to generate some really nice returns. I will monitor this alt coin while there is a bull run on BTC.

You mean pump-and-dump coin. 😀

Nice quote. I think waiting for the final Z can. E confusing, after y came another X which could make some people sell of from their peviois purchase. I will alway buy at the point Z and